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  1. Reading with fairy cards
  2. Medicine Cards
  3. Hawaiian Mana Cards
  4. Animal Spirit Knowledge Cards
  5. Help With Oracle Decks
  6. SOUL CARDS 1& 2
  7. Bought My Oracle Deck!!!!!!!
  8. reading w/a deck of card
  9. Goddess Knowledge Cards
  10. healing w/angels & faeries: KEWL!
  11. Tikar Spider Cards
  12. The Celtic Tree Oracle
  13. Book of doors
  14. Mah Jongg cards
  15. Just purchased Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards
  16. Philosopher's Stone De Es Card Deck
  17. Just bought Linda Goodman's Star Cards!
  18. favourite divination oracle
  19. oh cards
  20. druid animal oracle
  21. healing fairies
  22. fortune teller's deck by jane lyle
  23. Card Captor Sakura Clow Card Set
  24. The Four Agreements
  25. angel oracle - sulamith wulfing
  26. *bounces around*
  27. Faerie Decks - I Don't Get It
  28. new angel deck coming in april!!!
  29. Angel Decks
  30. Oracle of Fortuna, anyone?
  31. wolfpack tarot
  32. Mage the Ascension and a 'regular' deck ?
  33. Mah Jongg Deck
  34. Spanish Fortune Telling Cards?
  35. fairies decks: wich one?
  36. phoenix past life cards
  37. Anyone made their own Angel Deck?
  38. Goddess Oracle
  39. Goddesses Of The New Light
  40. power deck?
  41. The Fairy Ring Oracle
  42. Chinese horoscope deck
  43. Lord of the Rings Oracle
  44. I love Angel cards anyone else?
  45. Redefining Oracle Cards
  46. the new "angel" deck--got it, then lost it...
  47. Oracles- tarots poor cousin!
  48. awareness cards kit
  49. Oracle of the Radiant Sun
  50. Druid Animal Oracle
  51. past life oracles?
  52. oracle transforming dragons
  53. Oracle of the Dreamtime
  54. Marvin Hill
  55. kellinator, et al: the "messages from your angels" deck...
  56. Book of Doors
  57. Psycards >>>
  58. non-traditional: NatureSpeaks
  59. wisdom of the four winds
  60. Three-suit minor arcana
  61. Celtic book of the Dead?
  62. Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck
  63. Does anyone own Goddesses of the New Light?
  64. voyage of mael duin deck.
  65. A weird deck... Morgan's Tarot
  66. Angel Oracle Cards
  67. Does Anyone Have The Sacred Geometry Deck!!?
  68. Oracle of the Mayans by Bonewitz
  69. I got it! I got it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  70. I Ching cards - Holitzka
  71. Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards
  72. Sabian Symbols as an Oracle
  73. The Wicca Pack - Cards and book
  74. Fairy Ring Oracle is available!
  75. Surprise Deck Came and Bit Me- The Fairy Ring
  76. Russell Grant Deck
  77. Celtic Book of the Dead
  78. Soul Card Readings
  79. anyone have the Medicine Cards?
  80. oh cards
  81. karma cards
  82. awareness cards
  83. soul cards: book?
  84. soul cards, how are you using them?
  85. knowledge cards: animal and goddess
  86. Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney
  87. Self Care Cards
  88. Wolf Pack
  89. Fairy Ring Oracle/Froud Faeries
  90. soul tidings deck
  91. White Eagle Medicine Wheel cards
  92. Mana Cards
  93. Sibilla Oracle Cards
  94. Animal Spirit and Goddess Knowledge Cards
  95. In search of elusive deck
  96. Celtic Shaman's Pack
  97. I just received
  98. The Tree of Life Oracle, Woww!!
  99. New oracle deck by "Osho Zen" artist
  100. The Fairy Ring
  101. i-ching card systems
  102. Wisdom of the Maya
  103. Phoenix Cards for past lives
  104. black angel cards
  105. Buckland "Gypsy F/T" (NOT Romani) Deck OOP
  106. Vertical Oracle
  107. Goddess Oracle
  108. Moon Oracle
  109. myriorama deck
  110. asking the goddess
  111. Anyone here use the Dreamtime Oracle?
  112. I not very patient...Just opened my Tao Oracle
  113. First Russian Gypsy Reading
  114. Myriorama Deck
  115. Fairy Ring Oracle
  116. Difference between Tarot and Oracle
  117. Tree of Life oracle
  118. daily oracle draws?
  119. ancient egyptian oracle
  120. Reverse cards for healing with the fairies oracle
  121. goddess deck
  122. sacred geometry oracle
  123. The Moon Oracle
  124. healing with the Faeries Oracle Spread
  125. Tibetan Gemstone Oracle
  126. interesting, but not on the list..
  127. Oracle Cards
  128. Ahhhh!!! I hate it!!!!! [Fairy Ring Oracle]
  129. Celtic Oracle by Gerry Maguire Thompson
  130. beasts of albion
  131. stargate deck
  132. Oracle of Alma Bose..(who?)
  133. Doreen Virtue's Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Cards
  134. Tea Leaf Fortune Cards
  135. Doreen Virtue's angels oracle
  136. Glastonbury Torat Oracle
  137. Celtic Book of the Dead..WOW..
  138. Crop Circle Cards
  139. Mermaids & Dolphins
  140. metasymbology
  141. Orishas deck...
  142. Angel oracle decks; Please could anyone explain
  143. crystal/gemstone cards
  144. Madame Endora's Fortune Cards..
  145. PsyCards
  146. Nature Speaks tarot
  147. Symbolon Deck
  148. Any suggestions for an Animal Oracle?
  149. "Fortune Telling" Cards - Lenormand etc
  150. oooh, me too!! The Parlour Sibyl
  151. Using Fairy Ring without the book.
  152. Fairy and Angel cards
  153. Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards
  154. Oracle v's tarot
  155. gem deck? which is it?
  156. Messages from the Angels Deck
  157. does the symbolon have tarot influeces .
  158. sacred geometry oracle(s)
  159. a new fairy oracle
  160. Medicine Cards
  161. "Tarot d'Auramour" oracle deck
  162. Edward Gorey's Fantod Deck
  163. Fairy Cards Doreen Virtue
  164. La Magica Sibilla!!!
  165. My First Oracle Deck..........??
  166. Lord of the Rings Oracle
  167. Help - Magical Mermaids and Dolphis
  168. Psy Cards
  169. What is the difference between an oracle and tarot?
  170. Oracles in Tandem
  171. Branching out
  172. Oracle Decks on Aeclectic Tarot
  173. Working with Sulamith Wulfing´s Angel Oracle
  174. Harmony Angel Cards/Angela McGerr
  175. Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams -- a barrage of questions
  176. Oracle of the Radiant Sun-- Caroline Smith, John Alsop
  177. New Oracle Deck Review on Aeclectic Tarot
  178. Wolf Song Cards
  179. Need info on LOTR.
  180. Can anyone from Lo Scarabeo help?
  181. Does anyone know...
  182. first oracle deck.. need suggestions
  183. Tao Oracle?
  184. I've added Sacred Path to use with my Medicine Cards
  185. Help! Tanga Talle cards??!?!?!
  186. Oracle of Fatima
  187. Australian Animal Oracle
  188. Lovely Madame Endora
  189. Unbelievable !!!!!
  190. The Gita Deck
  191. Le Carte Delgi Elfi
  192. Anyone creating an oracle deck?
  193. Oracle spells
  194. Angel Cards
  195. Fairy Ring Oracle Deck
  196. Angel Voices Kit
  197. Magical Mermaids and Dolphins - pics
  198. Goddess Oracle
  199. Egyptian Pyramid Oracle
  200. New Oracle Decks on Aeclectic Tarot!
  201. Spirit Oracle
  202. Intuitive decks?
  203. "Karten der Liebe" by Toni Carmine Salerno
  204. Angel Messages Cards
  205. The yu-gi-oh oracle
  206. Mysterious oracle deck
  207. Archangel Oracle
  208. Messages from your Angels: oracle cards
  209. Dream Cards - Intuitive Readings - Strephon Kaplan-Williams
  210. Shaman Oracle cards
  211. Oracle Tarot Cards
  212. New oracles
  213. Druid Animal Oracle
  214. Oracle of the Saints
  215. Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards (Touchkoff)
  216. Farschian fortunetelling cards
  217. Angel Tale Oracle
  218. Irish Fairy Cards
  219. Synchro-Signs
  220. fairy decks
  221. Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss
  222. Oracle/Tarot Difference ?
  223. code of the goddess
  224. Reading with the Symbolon Deck
  225. Celtic Animal Oracle - Anna Franklin
  226. The Mayan Oracle Boxed Set
  227. Die Bachblueten-Devas - Bach Flower Remedies
  228. the oracle of the triad?
  229. Cards of Alchemy deck
  230. The Fairy Pack by Claire Nahman
  231. Oracle Decks: Why am I so fickle?
  232. Celestial Wisdom=Universal (angel) Cards?
  233. Looking for I Ching cards
  234. I Ching Tarot
  235. Dream Cards
  236. Oracle de Belline
  237. Hawaiian Mana Cards
  238. Crystal Ally cards
  239. q about fairy ring oracle
  240. Rune Cards Tony Linsell
  241. Angel Cards Oracle
  242. "The Gift" movie, what is that deck?
  243. Odin's Journey cards
  244. Farschian Fortune telling deck
  245. Soul Cards
  246. Shamanic Oracle Deck
  247. Sacred Geometry Oracle
  248. Archetypes Storytelling Cards
  249. Dream Power by Tony Crisp
  250. Using the Tao Oracle
  251. The Angels Script Cards - Does anyone have these?
  252. Going home again: a return to my Healing w/the Angels Oracle...
  253. Reiki insight cards?
  254. Pretty I-Ching Cards
  255. Combining tarot and oracle decks
  256. Goddess Knowledge Cards
  257. Oracles Instead of Tarot????
  258. Tantric Dakini Oracle
  259. Celtic Oracle (Pennick/Jackson)
  260. Faery Wisdom Book & Card Set
  261. Wisdom of the Four Winds
  262. Fairy Ring - Scary or Not?
  263. Dharma Cards
  264. The Love Pack, Chuck Spezzano
  265. What Oracle Deck are you waiting for?
  266. Rainbows
  267. Oracle Belline Gold
  268. Tarot and Faerie Decks?
  269. Mahjong oracle
  270. the Tao Deck - I ching oracle
  271. The Oracle Tarot by Lucy Cavendish
  272. New Oracle Decks on Aeclectic Tarot
  273. Who has The Moon Oracle?
  274. Two new I Ching Decks from Blue Dolphin and Lo Scarabeo
  275. Oracle lovers vs. Tarot lovers
  276. Healing with the Angels
  277. Mah Jongg deck in trading forum
  278. dream readings
  279. A Doreen Virtue Goddess Deck.. on the horizon
  280. Lo Scarabeo 2004 Catalogue
  281. paracelsus oracle
  282. Nahualli Animal Oracle
  283. healing with angels?
  284. Tao Oracle by Ma Deva Padma
  285. Sacred Path Cards
  286. Symbolon anyone??
  287. Oracle of Creative Abundance
  288. Oracle Deck Highlights on Aeclectic Tarot
  289. Green Man Tree Oracle by John Matthews
  290. Morgans
  291. i ching
  292. The Healing Cards by Caroline Myss
  293. Why do many I Ching decks come with coins?
  294. Found another animal deck...
  295. My struggles with the "Healing with the Angels"
  296. The Alchemist by Amy Zerner
  297. Good Witch Bad Witch
  298. My New Oracle Deck
  299. Oracle of the Goddess
  300. The Celtic Tree Oracle
  301. Healing With The Angels (again)....
  302. Archangel Oracle Cards By Doreen Virtue
  303. angel's oracle deck (A.W)...need help understanding plz =o)
  304. Alma Bose
  305. Belline Oracle (images of all the cards)
  306. what cards are being used in 'the Gift'
  307. The Answer Deck...anyone have it???
  308. the cards in The Gift movie
  309. Helena Ambrosia deck
  310. just ordered -- Bamboo Oracle
  311. What Oracle decks do you consider must haves?
  312. Nahualli Oracle - Magical Workings & Sacrifices
  313. Where Can I Get The Witches Garden Fairy Oracle?
  314. wisdom well ...where?
  315. Wääh!
  316. Druid animal oracle: what kind of animals would you like to see on the blank cards?
  317. The i ching of the goddess by Barbara Walker
  318. Inner Outings-33 Cards and Book
  319. Goddesses of the New Light
  320. Relax Deck and the Perfect Calm Deck
  321. New decks Universal Love and Angels
  322. The goddess knowledge cards by Susan seddon boulet
  323. Lo Scarabeo Success Cards
  324. madam endora's fortune telling cards
  325. Gods and Goddesses
  326. The Oracle Of Elves
  327. The rune oracle by Lo scarabo
  328. Dolphins and Mermaids Oracle
  329. The Love Spell Box
  330. Medicine Cards & Fairy Ring
  331. Silent Stones Colour Oracle - Diana Cooper
  332. Awareness cards-where can I get the book?
  333. The Ocean Oracle...
  334. Selina Fenech's Oracle Cards
  335. Oracle of Kabbalah by Richard Seidman ?s
  336. A Conversation Seed [CARTOMANCY/POKER]
  337. 4 Agreements Oracle ideas
  338. My Witches are jealous!
  339. Power Deck Re-Print!
  340. Native American Cards
  341. To Luna, about TF cards!
  342. Art and Educational Cards as Oracles
  343. Triple Goddess 'Tarot'
  344. I Ching Holitzka Deck
  345. TAO of my heart.......
  346. Sulamith Wulfing anyone?
  347. Chakra Mandala vs Chakra Arcana Decks
  348. Fairy Ring Oracle Deck
  349. Similarities & Differences of Reading With Oracle Decks
  350. Poet's Corner Knowledge Cards
  351. Mandala Oracle by Heita Copony
  352. Chakra Energy Cards by Walter Luebeck
  353. About 80 Fortune telling decks
  354. Morgan's Tarot... an odd little deck and a reading
  355. psycards
  356. Love Pack Reading for Katie_Here
  357. oracle pics??
  358. Psy cards-where can I get these?
  359. can you use them differently?...
  360. Runic "Tarot"- Caroline Smith
  361. what oracle decks are discussed here ?
  362. Dreaming in Color: Etheral Deck
  363. Awareness cards, anyone have these?
  364. Can someone help me locate deck images?
  365. Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards - Does anybody have them?
  366. Which Archetype Deck?
  367. Oracle of the Radiant Sun, what do u think?
  368. Messages of Light Cards
  369. Universe Cards
  370. Doreen Virtues Goddess Cards
  371. making your own deck?
  372. What makes an oracle deck?
  373. Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck
  374. Lakota Sweat Lodge Oracle
  375. Does anyone know what happened to them?
  376. Faery Oracle Decks?
  377. On another note: I just bought the Cards of Alchemy!
  378. Tarot des Fleurs by France Cartes
  379. Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms
  380. Sacred Woman Cards
  381. Triple Goddess Usage
  382. Fairy Oracle card missing
  383. What deck is this?
  384. Nifty Morgan's tarot revelation
  385. what is a good Kabbalah deck?
  386. has anyone herd of the the Ocean Oracle deck?
  387. Mermaid Decks?
  388. The Compass of Fate
  389. Moon Oracle - Caroline Smith
  390. I Ching of Love LWB
  391. I should have bought the isis when I could!
  392. Awareness cards...anyone have these, again?
  393. Tea Leaf Fortune Cards/How Accurate?
  394. Creating Oracle Decks
  395. The Magical Menagerie - this looks cool!
  396. Mirrors of the Heart - Self-Published Deck
  397. Ships Ahoy! Ocean Oracle and Sea Shells...
  398. Seinfeld Oracle? LOTR oracle?
  399. relationship cards
  400. Marvin Hill's Oracle Deck now viewable online
  401. Voices of the Saints Tarot - NEW
  402. Tree Magick by Gillian Kemp
  403. Oracle of the Dreamtime Q's
  404. Joy of Relationship Cards
  405. cards with shapes
  406. Medicine Cards by David Carson & Jamie Sams
  407. does this deck exist
  408. Healing With the Angels Oracle Cards-Christian??
  409. Shaman Wisdom Cards...
  410. differences
  411. La Vera Sibilla: Imeneo
  412. Need help on choosing an oracle deck...
  413. Mirrors Of The Heart
  414. Fairies and Goddess
  415. the power of the rune cards
  416. Unknown deck (Reflections)
  417. mystery pack?
  418. Star Song Oracle-Gateway Above card-Fetus
  419. Well-Being Cards and Other Inspiration
  420. Looking for advice
  421. Cartouche deck, does anyone have it?
  422. Druid Animal Oracle Blank Cards: Interesting turn of events….
  423. New Virtue Deck - Magical Unicorns Oracle
  424. Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue!
  425. Goddess Oracle
  426. Druid Animal Oracle - reversals
  427. Oracle Deck for Beginners
  428. The Messages of the Angels cards by Doreen Virtue
  429. Spreads for all
  430. celtic shaman's pack by john matthews and cheska potter..........
  431. Chuck Spezzano's Love Pack - Oracle Deck Review
  432. oracle of the radiant sun..........
  433. New Fairy Oracle deck by Selina Fenech
  434. Buddha Discovery Deck by Osho
  435. Kabbalah cards by Paul Egland
  436. Ever heard of these?
  437. Reading an Oracle
  438. For Us By Us - Witches Deck!
  439. The Gaia Matrix Oracle
  440. Using Oracle Cards With a Tarot Deck
  442. Madame Endora's Fortune Cards
  443. Magical Tattwa Cards?
  444. Best Oracle Deck Award
  445. Very exciting day today!!!
  446. Tree Magick : Fifty-Two Magical Messages for Inspiration, Protection and Prediction
  447. Touched by a Horse Oracle Deck
  448. 5$ sale
  449. Saints and Angels
  450. Titania's
  451. Dreaming in Color - Help please
  452. "Gypsy" style decks
  453. TAO Oracle - okay, I need help
  454. Parfum de Vie or L'Oracle de Pierre Yonas
  455. The Green Man Tree Oracle; whats it like?
  456. Farschian Fortune-Telling Cards - What to do?
  457. Farschian Fortune Telling Cards???
  458. Archetype Cards
  459. Angel Oracle
  460. Magic Mirror Oracle
  461. Druid Animal Oracle
  462. The Goddess Oracle
  463. fav deck advice ?
  464. Lemony Snicket Cards
  465. Clow?!? What is it?
  466. Healing With The Fairies Oracle
  467. feminitude
  468. Art Deco Fortune Telling Cards
  469. Fairy Godmother - made me giggle anyway!
  470. 'Oracle Decks' forum expansion, or; Hey! Where did my thread go???
  471. Psycards & the book(s) to get
  472. Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards
  473. Pheonix Past Life Cards
  474. Aeclectic Tarot & Bandwidth
  475. What deck should I get? opinions pleeease
  476. Mexican Loteria
  477. russian gypsy cards
  478. Card Measurements
  479. Angles Oracle Deck from Lo Scarabeo
  480. Has anyone seen this oracle deck?
  481. Ogham cards
  482. Lady bug oracle
  483. Which spreads?
  484. Upcoming oracle deck - The Well Worn Path
  485. Dream Inspirational Cards
  486. Oracle bargain find and more...
  487. angel oracle deck?? anyone
  488. russian gypsy help
  489. Power of Flowers
  490. Missing Card Helen Walker I Ching
  491. Karma Angels deck
  492. The Universal Love Healing Oracle
  493. oracles or tarot with mary magdalene
  494. worst deck
  495. where do you find this deck?
  496. I Ching of the Goddess by Barbara G. Walker
  497. Oracle Bellini By Grimaud
  498. the fortune teller's deck
  499. Amulets of the Goddess
  500. University Books: I Ching Cards 1972
  501. Angelic Abundance set
  502. Fortune Teller's Mahjongg Cards. How many?
  503. book of doors?
  504. Ancient Egyptian Oracle
  505. The Goddess Oracle: Have it? Use it?
  506. How useful are gemstone/crystal oracle decks?
  507. The Oracle of Magdalene
  508. 'Wisdom Well" - ???
  509. My latest buy: The Ocean Oracle
  510. Soul Cards
  511. Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards
  512. Tibetan Gemstone Oracle
  513. Doreen Virtue Decks
  514. opinions sought re 'different' oracle cards.
  515. Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards
  516. well worn path?
  517. Oracles I Could Use For Past Life Readings?
  518. Hello...
  519. Doreen Virtue's Mermaids and Dolphin Deck
  520. Is using Clow Cards like Tarot possible?
  521. My 2 new deck, Mme Lenormand astro & Symbolon
  522. Madame Endora's Spreads?
  523. Crystal oracle
  524. my new toy - the Bamboo Oracle
  525. What is this oracle ???
  526. Grandmothers wisdom cards
  527. The Phoenix Cards for Past-Life Readings?
  528. Tattwas cards and instruction Include
  529. Goddess Oracle by Thalia Took
  530. Eastern European Oracles?
  531. Healing with the angels oracle
  532. Can I use the Majors only out of a deck in some instances?
  533. Dorreen Virtue's Unicorn
  534. Attuned - A moon cycle deck
  535. Goddess Guidance Oracle deck
  536. oracle cleansing??
  537. Water Crystal Oracle
  538. need guidence
  539. this is amazing!
  540. Maybe it was an error - but if it was, it was a lucky one
  541. Druid Animal Oracle
  542. *Combining Tarot and Oracle
  543. Whats the Pearl of Wisdom for the Tao Oracle?
  544. Universal Wisdom Oracle
  545. A Story
  546. Wiccan Cards (LS)
  547. Mini decks?
  548. Jeu de la Conscience de Ioana
  549. French Constellation Cards
  550. Oracle Alma Bose
  551. who has the answer deck
  552. Dog & Cat Wisdom
  553. Universe Cards
  554. Animal decks
  555. Medicine Cards - Faulty Edge Finish or Normal?
  556. Looking for an oracle Deck to purchase
  557. Well Worn Path deck???!!!!
  558. The Fairy Ring Oracle
  559. Isa Donelli I Ching Set
  560. Universe Cards and William Blake Tarot
  561. Gaia Star cards
  562. Hi there! thanks for your answers! More info and more questions for ya!
  563. Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards by Julia Parker
  564. Gypsy Witch Cards
  565. Hodges astronomical cards
  566. LS Dream Cards
  567. Madame Endora anyone?
  568. .. Am I the only one?? ..
  569. Magical Unicorn Oracle - Virtue
  570. Healing with angels
  571. Sacred Path Cards...
  572. ? about The Key - Well Worn Path Oracle
  573. Fairy Ring (Franklin/Mason) question
  574. someone have the Toltec Oracle ?
  575. Recommend an angel deck for a Christmas present?
  576. went shopping...
  577. Can tarot spreads be used for oracle decks?
  578. The Answer Deck question....
  579. Green Man Tree Oracle by John Matthews
  580. Has anyone heard of?
  581. Oracle Belline anyone?
  582. My clueless brother was in posession of an oracle deck and never told me...
  583. Atlantis cards
  584. A Survey of Oracle Deck Users
  585. The Tea Leaf Fortune Cards
  586. Le Carte Wicca out or not
  587. Doreen virtue's new "Saints and Angels Oracle"
  588. looking for a deck
  589. Hana Fuda & Divination...
  590. Teen Oracle
  591. Amy Brown Oracle Deck!!!
  592. Oracle of Rama
  593. the wicca divination kit
  594. Masters of Magick by LS?
  595. What do you all think of these two decks?
  596. Attuned Moon Cycle Oracle
  597. Does anyone know/own this? : LS Cards of Nostradamus
  598. Need to make a choice between some of Doreen Virtue's Angel Oracle Decks!
  599. Selena Fenech's "Fairy Philosophies" deck
  600. The Time to let a deck go...
  601. any gems or crystal oracle???
  602. Gita Deck, & Gods and Goddesses
  603. Amy Brown Tarot/Oracle Deck now out!
  604. Tantric Dakini Oracle
  605. My boyfriends' nan just passed away & my bf has passed down these decks to me...
  606. Blending Madame Endora and Gothic Tarot
  607. More about Oracle Readings?
  608. Messages from your angels
  609. Mexican Tarot?? Loteria deck
  610. question
  611. the tree of life oracle set...
  612. Anyone out there use the Symbolon deck?
  613. The Angel-y-n-x Oracle
  614. Goddess Knowledge Cards
  615. Universe Cards
  616. Flower Spirit Cards
  617. Cat Comfort Cards
  618. Doreen Virtue - positive or just too fluffy?
  619. Star+Gate: A Tool for Intuition, deck/book set from the '80s
  620. Misfortune Telling Cards by Lemony Snicket
  621. Clow/Sakura Card divination.
  622. Madame Endora Cardstock?
  623. Madame Indiras fortune telling cards.
  624. Gypsy Fortune telling cards
  625. "Power of the Runes" Deck
  626. Kryoncards
  627. ESP-Cards for...divination?
  628. The Art Of War
  629. Opinions Please
  630. please help me understand oracle cards
  631. Angel Journey Cards??
  632. Goddess Power Deck
  633. Universe Cards by our Leo62
  634. Zigeuner WahrsageKarten
  635. wondering if somebody can help
  636. Gold and Silver Guardian Angels by Angela Mcgrerr
  637. Question on Spreads
  638. Anyone have...
  639. Magic cards of the Russian Sybil (LS)
  640. Best Faery Decks
  641. Maya Oracle
  642. Graven Images Oracle (Soon To Be Published!)
  643. New Animal Deck... you've got to see it!
  644. Oracle decks-how do YOU use them?
  645. got it!!
  646. Osvaldo Menegazzi Mah Jongg Deck
  647. Druid Animal Oracle Deck
  648. Back with several new decks
  649. Moon Oracle cards
  650. Angel Oracle?
  651. Oracle for 13 yr. old Girls
  652. Patton on Leadership Card Deck
  653. Celtic Oracle - John Matthews
  654. Just ordered two new decks
  655. Tao Oracle
  656. Good Witch Bad Witch
  657. Information and value for 68x The Nile Fortune Cards 1897-1904
  658. Thank you and goodbye, zorya
  659. Welcome New Moderator!!!
  660. Welcome New Moderator!!!
  661. Wisdom of The Elves & Fairies Deck
  662. Richard Seidman's Oracle of the Kabbalah - Experiences?
  663. Oracle of Rama
  664. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards
  665. Healing With the Fairies
  666. The Oracle of the Grail Code
  667. Deck mystery: Rune Vision Cards
  668. Meanings mystery: Runes Oracle Cards by Helene Saltarini
  669. Soul cards?
  670. Aperol vintage 46 cards think from 70's Help
  671. DIC: confusion on expectations
  672. Triangle Of Life cards.
  673. Suggestion for a Oracle Creation board
  674. The Language of Letting Go Cards by Melody Beattie
  675. Cards of Winds and Changes
  676. Trust Your Vibes Oracle Deck
  677. What´s the difference between Buckland´s 2 versions of the Gypsy Fortunetelling cards
  678. hi what about amy browns deck
  679. hi i have question
  680. Tree Magic Oracle ~ Gillian Kemp
  681. the tree angel oracle by fred hageneder and anne heng.............
  682. New Decks came Yesterday
  683. Animal Messages by Susie Green
  684. Clow Cards
  685. Difference between Oracle and Tarot
  686. Oblique Strategies
  687. Anyone still using Symbolon?
  688. Cute but outta my price range !
  689. My first oracle
  690. Which oracles do you have?
  691. Rain Ring Cards ?
  692. Baum Engel Orakel
  693. Transference healing, animal magic cards.
  694. Crystal Oracle.. I just bought it does anyone have it ?
  695. Messages from the Star Systems cards ?
  696. which deck??
  697. Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms
  698. Loteria cards
  699. Miniature Titania's Fortune Telling Cards
  700. MYO oracle deck
  701. phoenix card copyright infringment
  702. Totem Animals
  703. Which Wiccan...
  704. Goddesses of the New Light?
  705. Help Needed: Magic Cards
  706. New Celtic Oracle
  707. The book of African Divination?
  708. Anybody tried soul collage?
  709. The 13 Moon Oracle
  710. tealeaf
  711. The Victorian Flower Oracle, with Companion Book by AT-er!
  712. madame legna's fortune cards
  713. Tree Angel Oracle
  714. Wolf Song Oracle
  715. Gentle Wisdom of the Faries?
  716. Fairy Ring Oracle or Faery Oracle
  717. Ocean Oracle, how is it?
  718. Oracle Gé?
  719. The 5 Keys to Happiness Oracle Deck..does anyone have it ?
  720. Those little devils !
  721. Italian Sibilla Book - a quest :)
  722. Chakra Energy Cards
  723. A Voice from the Earth by Judith Pintar
  724. Secret Path
  725. Can Oracle Cards be used on Tarot Spreads?
  726. Le Grande Oracle Celtique d'Alan Borvo
  727. O Baralho Cigano (Brasilian Lenormand)
  728. query re Captor Sakura Clow Cards
  729. Rune Cards
  730. The Victorian Flower Oracle Kit
  731. Native American Cards
  732. Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards - laminate??
  733. Flower Speaks Deck
  734. Prophet fortune telling cards
  735. A Big Thank You to Llewellyn!
  736. Deck Opinions...
  737. Destiny Cards? any ID Info?
  738. THANK YOU and welcome!
  739. NEW ORACLE DECK in creation - cards for feedback!
  740. The Saint Deck
  741. Tree Magick oracle, Gillian Kemp
  742. Masculine oracle deck??
  743. Pls explain oracle decks?
  744. online oracle readings...
  745. The Celtic Book of the Dead
  746. Pure & Simple
  747. fairies, mermaids or angels?
  748. Heads up:Celtic Shaman's Pack $8
  749. what is it about doreen virtue?
  750. fairies or angels - which one is more 'grown up'?
  751. tea leaf cards- anyone seen these?
  752. My cartouche(Egyptian) reading
  753. doreen virtue - goddesses and angels
  754. artwork in healing with the fairies
  755. Astrological Oracle
  756. what's missing from your oracle decks?
  757. MYSTERY SOLVED! Thanks to LittleBuddha!
  758. Questions about the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards
  759. Hooked on Oracle Cards now !
  760. Favourite Oracle deck
  761. New Glyph Oracle Deck - Cards for feedback!
  762. The Hawaiian Oracle: Animal Spirit Guides from the Land of Light
  763. Asking you deck if it wants to go...
  764. Delphi Oracle - Greece (The Original!)
  765. Gypsy Fortunes Oracle
  766. got my fairy ring oracle! but i have a question
  767. Just trimmed Madame Endora
  768. Any news on the Goddess Oracle ?
  769. Coming out of the closet... and I need your help
  770. Which Doreen Virtue Oracle?
  771. il vostro destino
  772. Druid Animal Oracle
  773. Psycards--how do i love thee?
  774. Creation of the art in the Well Worn Path
  775. The four agreements oracle deck
  776. What is oracle (from a newbie)
  777. Goddess Oracle to Rise Again
  778. I Ching of Love (LS deck)
  779. Faery Wisdom deck by Amy Brown
  780. Helen Holroyd Rune Cards - Beautiful Designs
  781. My first deck :)
  782. Does this Deck Exist?
  783. Jennifer Sands - Fate, Destiny cards
  784. Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards.
  785. The difference between tarot and oracle cards?
  786. Can anyone help?
  787. Looking for Oracles with meanings on card
  788. Jung-The Wisdom Well
  789. Any info on? jung-The wisdom well and The answer Deck
  790. Clow cards. Brilliant!
  791. I'm hooked!
  792. Thomson-Leng Romany Fortune backs
  793. Angela McGerr's heart and soul angel cards......
  794. The Lemurian Fortune Deck
  795. Do you read the oracle decks professionally?
  796. Readings with more than one deck
  797. Doreen Virtue decks??
  798. Olympus Oracle deck 36 cards by Murry Hope advice please
  799. Radiant Sun: A couple of questions.
  800. New Deck: SOUL CARDS
  801. Viking Cards by Olafur G. Gudlaugsson OOP
  802. Ogham: The Celtic Oracle
  803. Wisdom of the Four Winds...?
  804. Phoenix Cards
  805. grandmothers wisdom cards
  806. Doreen Virtue: Messages From Your Angels Deck
  807. Wisdom of the Crone cards
  808. Is there a God Oracle deck?
  809. which deck?
  810. Water Crystal Oracle Cards?
  811. Angel Voices Oracle
  812. Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards
  813. Angel Voices Oracle
  814. Green Man Tree Oracle?
  815. Madame Endora's Fortune Cards
  816. Mah Jongg Deck
  817. spanish fortune/oracle deck......?
  818. Ask An Angel Oracle ~ Toni Carmine Salerno!
  819. TAO Oracle Deck
  820. good witch bad witch-awesome!
  821. Virtue Deck Q's
  822. Best Oracle cards for life direction and relationships
  823. buffoonery a l'Italia
  824. 360 Degrees of Wisdom
  825. Oh no - the Goddess cards aren't working!
  826. For Card (And/Or Flower) Freaks!
  827. universe cards - has anyone read with this deck?
  828. I really like it
  829. Wisdom for healing cards by Caroline Myss
  830. The Moon Oracle?
  831. Oracle Tarot - Does anyone have it?
  832. Druid Animal Oracle
  833. ask and it is given....
  834. Oracle Dessuart
  835. The Tibetan Oracle
  836. Ask Your Guides Oracle & Hardcover Book>>>>>Know any best place to purchase them?
  837. Astrological Oracle
  838. Wisdom of Faeries byGillian Kemp
  839. Fortune Telling Deck - Unknown
  840. vedic deck??/
  841. Congratulations to our newest AUTHOR ~ MCsea!!
  842. greenman
  843. Some Help
  844. Water Crystal Oracle ! ?? any input??
  845. Anyone seen 'The Mirror Cards",
  846. The 13 Moon Oracle
  847. Good Oracle Decks for a newbie
  848. dream cards by lo scarabeo
  849. the Mayan Oracle
  850. Dream Inspirational Cards
  851. The New Universe Cards
  852. help with oracle tarot by lucy cavendish, plz
  853. Decks with sabbat cards?
  854. The Tree Angel Oracle
  855. angel blessings NON-DV
  856. help with identifing the deck pls
  857. Maybe I should say goodbye - and WELCOME to a new moderator!
  858. Any news about the See of Logos Oracle?
  859. native american cards - lo scarabeo
  860. Fortunetelling deck on ebay....
  861. Gipsy fortune telling cards 2
  862. Nigel Jackson oracle...
  863. Spirit of the Wheel Meditation deck
  864. Anyone familiar with the Marseille ORacle Cards?
  865. Madame Dora's Fortune Telling Cards?
  866. Yin and Yang
  867. Does anyone know this oracle deck? (Goetic)
  868. Can you identify these cards
  869. Can you help me with my Sakura's Card ?
  870. little czech oracle deck..........
  871. MahJongg oracle...
  872. The book of paintings in the Goddess Knowledge Cards
  873. Doreen virtue's ascended mastters oracle deck....
  874. What's Your Favorite Oracle Deck?
  875. Georgia O'Keeffe Cards??
  876. Watch out for Russian knockoff of Voenix rune deck
  877. HELp:Gypsy witch oracle deck
  878. Have You Made Your Own Oracle?
  879. Timing????
  880. Graven Images oracle
  881. Gypsy Witch
  882. Quick Oracle Deck Question
  883. Do my cards hate me?
  884. Zener cards online test
  885. Qwan Yin Goddess Oracle
  886. Branching out into Oracle-?-
  887. Anyone have an oracle deck recommendation?
  888. My first oracle decks!
  889. Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards - card mix-up!!
  890. need help - oracle question
  891. I Ching Pack - Clark/Gill
  892. Hellenismos Cosmology Oracle Deck (Classical Mythology Deck)
  893. Zener cards?
  894. Suggest an Oracle for Romance Readings Please
  895. Power Animals deck
  896. QUIZ: What Clow Card Are You?
  897. Anyone Up For a Clow Study Group?
  898. Sonia Choquette Oracle Decks
  899. for those of us who use tarot and oracles
  900. Oracle Ryl
  901. Oracle Bleu
  902. Women's Bodies/Women's Wisdom cards
  903. Faery Wisdom, or Fairy pack?
  904. Belline replace Tarot after 10 years of practicing!!!
  905. Fortune Telling Cards
  906. Crystal Oracles
  907. Doreen Virtue show
  908. My cards arrived
  909. I Ching Tarot by Cheung Kwong Yin
  910. I Ching Cards - Muller/US Games
  911. Hawaiian Manna cards??
  912. Irish Fairy Cards and I Ching
  913. Where are the decks for the Gods?
  914. Lord of the Rings Oracle, anyone?
  915. Soul Lessons & Soul Purpose Oracle Cards - Sonia Choquette
  916. Touched By a Horse
  917. My own Clow Card Meanings (Card Captor Sakura Deck)
  918. Zodiac (Moda 90)
  919. Oracles and Numbers
  920. I-Ching Holitzka - WOW!! Feedback needed !
  921. What's The Deal With The I Ching Holitzka?
  922. Victorian Flower Oracle
  923. Army of Water Meaning
  924. gipsy
  925. Can someone help me? What is this deck?
  926. The Love Pack --- Help!
  927. Deste deck
  928. How do you use your oracle?
  929. Fairy Ring Oracle
  930. Tim Biskup Lucky Stack Deck in tin
  931. Native american cards LS
  932. Symbolon Deck
  933. Has anyone heard of a relationship deck?
  934. native american cards LS
  935. Can you do this?
  936. My First Time: Universal Love Oracle Gets Chopped!
  937. The Luman Deck
  938. ISO info on The Astrological Tarot ~ George Muchery
  939. fairy ring oracle season courts
  940. Different Language Versions that include differences in Art & Amount of Cards?
  941. The Infinite Tarot
  942. Sibylle des Salons/Parlour Sibyl Question
  943. Lady Morgaine Moon Cards
  944. Medicine and Sacred Path Cards
  945. l'Oracle Bleu - I finally got it! :)
  946. Using gemstone oracles
  947. My creation - Oracle of the Energy Healing
  948. I just got Madame Endora's!!!
  949. Oracle des Dames by Etteila?
  950. Looking for a new oracle deck different to what I have.
  951. anthony clark rune oracle?!?
  952. Brian Eno
  953. non-expencive oracles?
  954. Please help identify this Oracle deck (video in French)
  955. Pics of entire oracle decks
  956. Universal Wisdom Opinions
  957. New: Animal Dreaming Oracle by Scott Alexander King.
  958. Translating Italian I Ching
  959. Selena Fenech - Fairy Philosophy deck
  960. Just bought...Any advice?
  961. Anyone ever tried this with the DIC?
  962. Angel deck by Doreen Virtue
  963. Sonia Choquette's decks
  964. Mermaids and Dolphins by Gillian Kemp
  965. Aboukra Deck
  966. Cigarette Cards
  967. Goddess on the Go deck
  968. LA PIERRE DES PHILOSOPHES - Anyone Know this?
  969. Weather Cards
  970. Baba-Prague Victorian Flower Oracle
  971. Celtic Shaman's Pack
  972. Anyone know anything about the Faerie Gem Oracle?
  973. History of the Piatnik Zigeuner deck
  974. Essential Meditations Deck
  975. The Angel Oracle Deck - Ambrika Wauters. Any opinions?
  976. Once Upon A Time Cards
  977. what spreads to use?
  978. Mexican Loteria Cards
  979. Susan Woldman Decks
  980. Color Ink blot oracle. do you know of any good one?
  981. Wisdom Well
  982. Bird Oracle
  983. Favorite Combo
  984. Nostradamus Oracle from Germany
  985. readers of Doreen Virtue decks
  986. Buying Oracle Decks From Insight Books
  987. looking for a companion deck
  988. ? About the Victorian Flower Oracle
  989. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards / Madame Endora's Fortune Cards
  990. Postcard Oracle
  991. Madame Endora's Fortune Cards
  992. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Oracle Cards
  993. Poppy's Love Cards!
  994. If you've used Madame Endora's Fortune Cards...
  995. for those who have Madame Endora
  996. Deciding which oracle deck
  997. Oracle of the Radiant Sun OOP?
  998. Well Worn Path sequel: The Hidden Path
  999. Thinking about making an undead oracle
  1000. Kabbalah Cards (Paul Roland's)
  1001. I am a believer
  1002. Horoscope Belline
  1003. Flower Wisdom cards
  1004. Karma Card Question
  1005. Mayan oracle deck
  1006. Kipper Cards
  1007. Sibilla Keywords
  1008. Gypsy Cards
  1009. Bodhran's Sibilla Keywords
  1010. Graven Images Oracle availability info :)
  1011. Ladybug Oracle?
  1012. Amy Brown Faery Wisdom Deck
  1013. Tao Oracle to be released again
  1014. OUIJA Oracle card game
  1015. Sweet Dreams (36 bedtime wishes)
  1016. Living Flowers
  1017. Universal Love Cards?
  1018. Pages of Shustah cards
  1019. Can Someone Tell Me What This Oracle Is?
  1020. What I Should Be Doing...
  1021. Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards
  1022. The Celtic Oracle (Matthews)
  1023. Talecraft Oracle?
  1024. Shaman Wisdom Cards....book??
  1025. Madame Endora's Fortune Deck
  1026. Every Day Oracle by Lo Scarabeo
  1027. Nature Speaks Oracle-Ted Andrews-Dragonhawk Publishing
  1028. Angels Oracle Cards LS
  1029. Please Join Me in Welcoming a New Moderator!
  1030. Anyone got this: Star Song Oracle: The Original Lemurian Devination Amulets
  1031. Dream Cards by LS
  1032. where can i find this deck?
  1033. Goddess Inspiration Oracle by Kris Waldherr
  1034. moon oracle and radiant sun
  1035. Which Deck Was This?
  1036. The Runes of Elfland?
  1037. Good oracles for Autumn/Halloween?
  1038. Good Witch, Bad Witch...
  1039. Green Man Tree Oracle
  1040. I need to find this angel deck!
  1041. How do you choose an Oracale Deck
  1042. Rainring Cards
  1043. ISO Mystisches Kipper Oracle
  1044. Tarot, I Ching, Rainring: the verdict of the Unconscious (Pt 1)
  1045. Tarot, I Ching, Rainring: the verdict of the Unconscious (Pt 2)
  1046. Tarot, I Ching, Rainring: the verdict of the Unconscious (Pt 3)
  1047. Graven Images Oracle available in TWO WEEKS!
  1048. Messages from the Wee Folk
  1049. printed oracle deck
  1050. The Celtic Oracle
  1051. The Sanskrit Oracle
  1052. Are there any oracle cards focused on Dragons?
  1053. Guardian Angels
  1054. Fey or faeries oracle
  1055. Rainring cards: Solandia's review
  1056. Gypsy Witch
  1057. Crocheted Runes
  1058. Flowers Speak
  1059. Shaman Wisdom Cards
  1060. Rainring explores tarot
  1061. Need Info on 2 Decks Please
  1062. help? ISO Attunement Moon Cycle deck!
  1063. GaiaStar Codex
  1064. Gorey Fantod deck!
  1065. Sibilla della Zingara
  1066. Looking for the Right Oracle Deck
  1067. "Way of the Horse"
  1068. The Sybil's Leaves
  1069. Wisdom of Avalon!
  1070. How to use a Sabilla Oracle Deck...?
  1071. English Oracle Deck...
  1072. Luman,anyone?
  1073. Deck Creation-alteration
  1074. "Dark" Oracle?
  1075. Fun little Oracles!
  1076. Using Rainring
  1077. Philosopher´s stone self-awareness pack
  1078. Loteria, the $2.49 "oracle deck"
  1079. Best Doreen Virtue deck?
  1080. Can anyone recognize this deck
  1081. Question on a deck
  1082. Anyone familiar with the Oracle Deck by Ana Cortez and CJ Freeman?
  1083. Atlantis - Diana Cooper
  1084. Biedermeier Aufschlagkarten
  1085. OOps on oracle deck..big Oops!
  1086. Power Animal Oracle Cards
  1087. Poppy's Love Cards: Instant Answers to Your Love Life!
  1088. Size of Wisdom Well Cards
  1089. Good Witch, Bad Witch - the spells
  1090. The Druid Animal Oracle and the Otherworld
  1091. Ancient Feminine Wisdom: Of Goddesses and Heroines Oracle
  1092. Lenormand's "cousin decks"
  1093. Magical Messages from the Fairies
  1094. OMG! Can someone please tell me about this deck?
  1095. Osiris cards
  1096. An oracle deck for the Halloween Tarot
  1097. Magical Spell Cards-Lucy Cavendish
  1098. Healing With The Fairies Oracle Spreads
  1099. This is amazing!
  1100. Which oracle deck do you use the most?
  1101. fortune telling decks
  1102. Druid Plant Oracle
  1103. Urgent!!!! Lenormand Oracle Cards
  1104. magic mirror oracle
  1105. Elemental Magick & Fortune Cards
  1106. The Parlour Sibyl (La Sybylle Des Salons) VS. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards
  1107. The Hungarian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards
  1108. Little Czech Oracle
  1109. Tony Carmine Salermo decks
  1110. NEW!!! Oracle Deck
  1111. The Wisdom Well.
  1112. Jewel-toned Colors
  1113. Can anyone recommend a good animal oracle deck?
  1114. Im new.....
  1115. A Good Dark, easy read Oracle?
  1116. 2 Everday Oracles
  1117. Sabian Symbols question
  1118. I have been looking..
  1119. what about these deck
  1120. Create Your Own Oracle?
  1121. Any views on The Fairy Ring Oracle?
  1122. Eros Oracle
  1123. Angels oracle cards (Lo Scarabeo)
  1124. Looking for more information on some decks
  1125. Victorian Flower Oracle
  1126. Flower Fairies
  1127. Graven Images Oracle
  1128. New spreads??
  1129. Egyptian Scarab Oracle
  1130. Sibilla/Oracle Card Combinations
  1131. Animal Messages oracle, Susan Green
  1132. Which deck is this card from ?
  1133. SARK's Juicy Living Cards
  1134. grail code meditation and what it showed me
  1135. "Mandatory" Cards In An Oracle Deck?
  1136. The Parlour Sibyl meanings
  1137. The Eye of Horus- David Lawson
  1138. L'Oracolo Della Sibilla
  1139. Serious doubts about animal oracles ...
  1140. Horse themed oracles
  1141. Cards of Nostradamus
  1142. Celtic Messages by Joules Taylor
  1143. What is the difference between oracle and others
  1144. Wyrocznia celtycka by Matela Leszek
  1145. Cosmic Ordering Wish cards
  1146. Pros & Cons needed for Soul Cards 1 & Luman Deck (Dreaming in Color)...please!
  1147. Help: has someone got the "Oracle Alma Bose" booklet?
  1148. Need assistance....
  1149. Healing with Angels
  1150. Wise Birds Oracle (Orphalese)
  1151. See of Logos
  1152. Answer deck - images please ?
  1153. Reversed Madame Endora cards?
  1154. Eros Oracle ... anyone have it yet?
  1155. Has anyone got this book?
  1156. Third Eye Oracle
  1157. What Oracle Deck Are You Using?
  1158. Help with Tarot / Oracle deck
  1159. A pairing of decks
  1160. russian gypsy fortune
  1161. "The Celtic tree oracle" :your opinions and experiences.
  1162. I think this is an oracle...
  1163. Other angel oracle decks?
  1164. Help Me Identify A Deck?
  1165. Oracles from the maker of the Ironwing Tarot
  1166. Has anyone trimmed the Druid Animal Oracle?
  1167. For those of you that read professionally--->What Oracles do you use?
  1168. LS Eros Oracle.....
  1169. Oracle decks in a game: The Transformation Game
  1170. Oracle of the Dragonfae.....anyone interested??
  1171. Ascended Masters - Yea or Nay?
  1172. Mother Nature Oracle
  1173. Osho Deck (oracle, not Osho Zen)
  1174. symbolon?
  1175. "Personal Ascended Masters" - your own list!
  1176. magical messages from the fairies,new by doreen virtue!
  1177. Madame Dora's Fortune-Telling Cards
  1178. My very first Oracle!! A few questions...
  1179. Research: Why do you make your own oracle deck?
  1180. Mini Oracle decks?
  1181. Amy Brown's Faerie Fairy Oracle?
  1182. Masters of Magic
  1183. NEW Chuck Spezzano deck!- "Archetypes and Shadows"
  1184. What about Oracle Decks?
  1185. Gorey Fantod Pack: Original or Reprint?
  1186. oracle noobie
  1187. Online Angel Oracle
  1188. short term oracles???
  1189. Wicca Pack by Sally Morningstar
  1190. Way of the Horse
  1191. Soulmate oracle by John Gray
  1192. The Healing Flower Color Card Set
  1193. Harmony Angel Cards
  1194. Lo Scarabeo's new Gypsy Oracle cards....
  1195. Emma Garner's (Good Witch Bad Witch) illustrations....a list and fan club!
  1196. anyone have poppys-love?
  1197. The leaf oracle
  1198. The Parlour Sibyl / Sibilla Oracle Cards
  1199. Sasha St John - Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms
  1200. Help finding the name of a deck
  1201. Dreaming in Color Luman Deck
  1202. Difference between Tarot and Orcale Decks
  1203. Two new decks
  1204. Symbolon Astrology Software
  1205. Medicine Cards
  1206. Gypsy Witch & Lenormand Diffrence
  1207. 2 Back Cover The Parlour Sibyl / La Sibylle des Salons
  1208. Looking for a deck with Reiki symbols
  1209. Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck
  1210. La Sibylle des Salons Booklet
  1211. Another Luman Thread
  1212. Zener cards
  1213. mentorspirit & sacred journey cards
  1214. Looking for a Deck (Horses)
  1215. Gypsy Witch Question
  1216. Dream Decks
  1217. Bird Cards
  1218. Wisdom of Avalon: Yay or Nay?
  1219. Oracle or Tarot....
  1220. How important to you is the underlying system of a given oracle?
  1221. Géomancia - Le Tarot de la Terre by Chantal Mehiel
  1222. can anybody help me out...
  1223. Aora Gemstone Oracle
  1224. Trimmed Celtic Messages (in a tin!)
  1225. Box of Dreams (dream interpretation set)
  1226. Oracle of The Pharaohs
  1227. Noob-question
  1228. Victorian flower deck
  1229. JJ Grandville and Lenormand
  1230. Search for the perfect oracle....
  1231. Soul cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin ?
  1232. Grand Jeu Lenormand- constellations & flowers?
  1233. Well Worn Path my own version
  1234. Anyone Have Oracle Le Mithra from Grimaud?
  1235. Question about Oracles
  1236. Tigers Domino Cards
  1237. Oracle one deck wonder
  1238. I got My Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards! Yayyy
  1239. Old World Fortune Telling Deck
  1240. Looking for Medicine Cards Just for Today Deck
  1241. Oracle One Deck Wonder Support Thread
  1242. Can anyone identify this oracle?
  1243. If You were to make your own oracle
  1244. Healing with the angels and messages from your angels!
  1245. Unknown Lo Scarabeo Oracle Decks
  1246. Le Carte delle Streghe
  1247. Madame Boskey's Fortune Telling Kit
  1248. Oracle decks
  1249. Which deck is the best of the best?
  1250. Having rotten luck
  1251. Nigel Jackson Witches Runes vs. Rune Oracle
  1252. To trim or not to trim?
  1253. Little Reminders: The Law of Attraction
  1254. Nature Speak link.
  1255. Osiris Cards: Anyone Know Anything?
  1256. Putting the book down
  1257. Who's reading the cards you or me?
  1258. Trimming Tips for the Druid Animal/Plant Oracles
  1259. The Best Goddess Oracle?
  1260. Oracle Spreads?
  1261. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards INFO...!!!
  1262. A Fresh Perspective!
  1263. Help with my Druid Animal Oracle :(
  1264. Druid plant Oracle:The backs of my cards have different colours!!!!
  1265. Lost Zodiac
  1266. A new oracle available first at FaerieWorlds
  1267. Grimaud "Petit Etteilla"
  1268. Fatima Oracle
  1269. Hugin and Munin Rune Cards
  1270. Le Jeu du Destin Antique by Piatnik
  1271. Das Germanischer Gotter Orakel
  1272. Psychic Interactive TV...Doreen Virtue Deck.
  1273. Victorian Oracle
  1274. Online sources for oracles in US?
  1275. Ancient Feminine Wisdom: Of Goddesses and Heroines
  1276. Two new decks
  1277. Just bought my first Oracle Deck
  1278. Haindl Rune Oracle
  1279. mysterious, teasing oracle...
  1280. Learning the Tarot d'Eltynne / Oracle Belline
  1281. Angel Therapy Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook?
  1282. Linda Goodman's Star Cards
  1283. Celtic Tree Oracle
  1284. Goddess Guidance Oracle
  1285. Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky
  1286. Hidden Path and Well Worn Path
  1287. Ditching the LWB?
  1288. Angel Inspirations
  1289. the deck i want-Rainbow Bridge
  1290. L'Oeil de Lotus deck
  1291. Amy Brown deck...
  1292. Goddess themed oracles
  1293. Basic meanings of sibilla cards - site or book
  1294. Symbolon ~ Love at first sight!?!
  1295. La Facile Sibilla Regionale - Meaning of Card
  1296. Druid Plant Oracle
  1297. Enchanted Oracle
  1298. Any experiences with Magic Mirrors deck?
  1299. Doreen Virtue
  1300. Doreen virtue- the lightworkers way book
  1301. Australian Animal Oracle
  1302. Oracle artist Danuta Mayer
  1303. Attuned a Moon Cycle Deck
  1304. Soul Cards...
  1305. Pathfinder's
  1306. ISO Angel oracle with an animal card?
  1307. Hugin & Munin Cards
  1308. spreads for oracle readings
  1309. The Sibilla oracle cards
  1310. Antique LeNormand Style. Help/Info
  1311. LOOKING!!! 4 Le Petit Cartomancien
  1312. Jesus Speaks Cards
  1313. Anubis Oracle
  1314. 3 Oracle Cards...
  1315. Some more Doreen Virtue decks...
  1316. Lo Scarabeo decks- just ordered!
  1317. Need help finding a suitable oracle deck...
  1318. identify- Sibilla deck samples
  1319. Anubis Oracle
  1320. The Green Man Tree Oracle
  1321. Does anyone recognise this card
  1322. RPG: Ravenloft Tarokka deck
  1323. Black Cat Oracle deck in the works
  1324. Tree Affirmation Cards
  1325. Cartouche Cards
  1326. Goddess Inspiration Oracle? ~ Kris Waldherr
  1327. The Angel Insight Pack
  1328. Jackson Celtic Oracle
  1329. Reincarnation Cards: Awakening Far Memory
  1330. Love Pack Tarot...
  1331. LS Dream Card meanings...
  1332. Help identifying two cards?
  1333. Sulamith's Angel Oracle
  1334. equating Card Plates with Major Arcana
  1335. New Sonia Choquette Deck out in January
  1336. The Dragonfae Tobias
  1337. Clow Cards/playing cards
  1338. Book of Destiny Grimauld..layout??
  1339. Amy Brown VS. Enchanted Oracle
  1340. Blue Oracle Cards?
  1341. Use of Spreads with the Radiant Sun Oracle
  1342. Oracle De-enabling
  1343. Rune oracle card.
  1344. Messages from your animal Sprit guides by Steven Farmer
  1345. Oracle cards in movie, The Gift
  1346. oracle noob confused
  1347. Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path~ Francene Hart
  1348. oracle card fairy!
  1349. The Unicorn Cards - Diana Cooper. Anyone use these?
  1350. Mystisches Kipper Cards~ where can I find them?
  1351. Bella Sara Cards
  1352. Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck
  1353. Angels & Madonnas
  1354. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards
  1355. Gypsy Oracle Cards
  1356. *sniff* what happened to the new oracle threads?
  1357. ideas for a Neopets TCG-based deck
  1358. versions of Blum's Rune Cards ??
  1359. Path of the Soul
  1360. Any animal oracle decks with a bear card in them?
  1361. Tao Ooracle By Ma Deva Padma
  1362. Ask your Guides.....anyone
  1363. anyone read Russian? publisher/info help
  1364. Reiki Vision Cards
  1365. Help me date an oracle deck please
  1366. African Animal Messages
  1367. Feathered Omens
  1368. Gypsy Witch without novelty backs???
  1369. Storing Oracle Cards
  1370. Graven Images, Friday the 13th
  1371. Deste or Katina's love fortune telling cards
  1372. Le Petit Cartomancien Instruction Booklet
  1373. The various decks by Toni Carmine Salerno
  1374. Is Ebay Crazy? Old Gypsy Deck
  1375. Water Crystal Oracle
  1376. Magical Menagerie Misprint?
  1377. Tea Leaf Fortune Cards
  1378. Oracles and Layouts for Healing
  1379. Kris Waldherr's new oracle in progress
  1380. Lichen Oracle and perhaps another, too.
  1381. Looking for a French Oracle Deck
  1382. Interpreting the Goddess cards
  1383. Rumi decks
  1384. Symbolon Oracle
  1385. Getting my first Oracle deck today!!
  1386. Gypsy fortune telling cards Piatnik Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten No. 1901
  1387. Multiple Deck Spreads
  1388. Eagle or Bird of Prey Deck?
  1389. Goddess Oracle Spread
  1390. Lakota Sweat Lodge question......
  1391. oracle of the grail code wont answer questions
  1392. Pictures of "Animal Messages" ???
  1393. A nice new deck! :)
  1394. Chuck Spezzano decks
  1395. Madame Endora
  1396. 'The Answer is Simple Oracle Cards'
  1397. Oracle Decks: originally titled Tarot Decks
  1398. Book of Doors
  1399. a really daft query- Psycards
  1400. Yantra Deck
  1401. entire deck, one animal, other than dolphin and horse
  1402. Oracle Help!
  1403. Need opinions on gypsy fortune telling cards.
  1404. Question
  1405. Anyone Have Mystiches Kipper?
  1406. Good Witch, Bad Witch cards
  1407. List of Faerie Oracles?
  1408. Question The Novice card Wisdom of Avalon
  1409. Psychic Tarot Oracle
  1410. Astrological Oracle cards
  1411. King Solomon Cards- anyone used them?
  1412. Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Info Cards
  1413. Creating an oracle deck?
  1414. The Essential Guide to Astrology : Oracle Card
  1415. Odin's Journey
  1416. Can you help me to identify this deck?
  1417. Just bought my first Oracle Deck...
  1418. Oracle on the Web
  1419. confusion
  1420. ISO a Dragon Oracle !!!
  1421. Defect Druid Animal Oracle
  1422. What Oracle Deck are you working with now? 2009
  1423. Looking For An Oracle Deck For Timing/Predicting Events
  1424. The Fortune Teller's Deck
  1425. Endangered Ark Oracle
  1426. "Le Carte delle Driadi" by Tizianna Mattera
  1427. Cards that traumatize you
  1428. 12 Step Oracle
  1429. Enchanted Oracle's Guide
  1430. Used Bookstore/ Celtic Tree Oracle
  1431. Mythic Oracle
  1432. Bird Signs
  1433. I'm looking for a new oracle..
  1434. WHat deck is this?
  1435. Archangel Michael Oracle Deck :D
  1436. Animal Wise...the white package!
  1437. Wizard's School of Magic Cards
  1438. Crystal Skull Message Cards
  1439. New Bird Deck - Feathered Omens
  1440. Gypsy cards
  1441. Pairing 2 decks.
  1442. These $2.00 I Ching Cards
  1443. Mystic Glyphs
  1444. Oracle Deck Bags
  1445. daily guidance from your angels oracle by doreen virtue
  1446. Help Figuring Out What This Is?
  1447. Egyptian Pyramid Oracle
  1448. The Gift
  1449. What oracle deck is this?
  1450. Konxari Cards
  1451. one card kind of ruined.
  1452. Answer Deck
  1453. Madame Endora Fortune Cards
  1454. I have just recieved my first Oracle deck!! :D
  1455. what cards are these?
  1456. doreen virtue is coming up with another deck
  1457. Lo Scarabeo Love Cards Mini Kit
  1458. Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess
  1459. doreen virtue reading circle
  1460. Which deck?
  1461. OpenWindo Cards
  1462. children's flash cards
  1463. Is There an Organization for Oracle Deck Readers?
  1464. Sacred Mirrors Cards by Alex Grey
  1465. What are your thoughts on these decks?
  1466. Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle
  1467. Fun Ebay find!
  1468. Deck Recommendations
  1469. Hello Friends!
  1470. To French Oracle Belline / Tarot d'Eltynne Readers!
  1471. Wisdom of the Hidden Realms
  1472. how does one pick an oracle deck to use
  1473. ORACLE of the PHARAOHS
  1474. Goddess on the Go
  1475. French Fortune Cards - anyone use them?
  1476. The Oracle of Rama: A Divination Deck
  1477. The Oracle of the Radiant Sun by Caroline Smith & John Astrop
  1478. Enchanted oracle...Opinions please?
  1479. Goddess guidance oracle in SPANISH???
  1480. Nahualli Animal Oracle
  1481. Celtic Book of the Dead images?
  1482. Deck ID? Driving me crazy...
  1483. A good oracle that has to do with astrology??
  1484. Nahualli Animal Oracle
  1485. The Love Spell Box - Gillian Kemp
  1486. FORTUNE TELLING cards
  1487. Can anyone tell me what this deck is?
  1488. My Spiritual Reading Cards
  1489. Well Worn Path and Hidden Path
  1490. Oracle Cards in a music video
  1491. Help me choose an oracle deck please! Enable me! :)
  1492. ~the Deck Of Shadows~
  1493. I-Ching Tarot: By Cheung Kwong Yin
  1494. Booklet for Le Jeu du Destin Antique (Fortune Telling Cards) No. 1944 by Piatnik
  1495. Tea Leaf Fortune Failure?
  1496. Working with the Dragonfae
  1497. symbolon tarot deck
  1498. Dream Pack...any one have this?
  1499. Druid Animal Oracle
  1500. list of tree oracles
  1501. The Psychic Tarot Oracle by John Holland
  1502. Sibilla question
  1503. Universal Laws of Conscious Creation
  1504. Circular crop circle cards - anyone else ever seen these?
  1505. Medicine Cards by David Carson
  1506. The DREAM deck
  1507. Le Carte Delle Streghe/Les Cartes des Sorciers/Las Cartas de las Brujas
  1508. Oracle for a newbie
  1509. Gentle Rituals (not spells) Using Oracle Cards
  1510. Deste Katina cards
  1511. hungaryan gypsy tarot
  1512. Storyworld cards - Matthews
  1513. Marseilles Oracle (LoS)
  1514. Intriguing 1920s style cards
  1515. Secret dakini oracle cards?
  1516. Definition of an Oracle deck?
  1517. Winds & Changes
  1518. Good Witch Bad Witch/Halloween/Archetypes
  1519. Which Oracle? Faery, Victorian Flower, Dragonfae, Mystiches Kipper, Hidden Realms
  1520. Lisa Williams' deck
  1521. Stuck On A Desert Island: You Can Only Choose One Oracle
  1522. Any Halloween Oracles
  1523. Faerie Sightings In The Real World!
  1524. Wow! I just got the L'oracle Bleu cards
  1525. Marseille oracle cards - Anyone has it?
  1526. CloudDancing cards
  1527. King Solomon Cards
  1528. Unknow oracle deck
  1529. Hidden Path deck?
  1530. My three Doreen Virtue Oracle Decks
  1531. The Celtic Oracle: Exploring the Inner Worlds by John Matthews
  1532. Runes
  1533. oracle vs tarot
  1534. Angel Oracle by Sulamith Wulfing
  1535. Cat Comfort Cards?
  1536. Me, Me, all about Me, decks
  1537. Sacred World Oracle
  1538. Well Worn Path: Wand and Athame, air and fire
  1539. Cards of Alchemy
  1540. Quick question about the Good Witch Bad Witch book
  1541. Ingalls Wonderful Zodiac Fortune Telling Cards
  1542. Tao Oracle | Spreads
  1543. How do you really use these?
  1544. Source for Haindl Rune Cards
  1545. Raven Cards Oracle by Gabi Bucker
  1546. Your Personal favorite deck.
  1547. As The Crow Flies Oracle by Donna Huntriss
  1548. Choosing a deck for the Samhain period
  1549. Deck with one Green Man.
  1550. Lucy Cavendish Faery Oracle Card Deck
  1551. Gaia Matrix Oracle
  1552. Moon Oracle (Lorena Moore)
  1553. Wisdom of the Hidden Realms: how do you use them?
  1554. looking for an Oracle
  1555. Using Druid Animal and Druid Plant Oracle together
  1556. Oracle identification, please
  1557. Archangel Michael Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue
  1558. Star+Gate Cards by Richard H. Geer
  1559. What the heck is this Oracle stuff?
  1560. Petit Oracle des Dames by Grimaud
  1561. Crystal Journey Cards~Janeann Dow
  1562. The Druid's Oracle Card Deck and Book
  1563. The Jesus Deck.. Agmuller
  1564. Need suggestion for first Oracle Deck
  1565. Luis Royo; Dead Moon Oracle
  1566. 2 Astrology Oracle Decks
  1567. Soul of Dragons Oracle
  1568. Harcover or Paperback?
  1569. My dream Oracle deck
  1570. Transparent Oracle open for pre-orders!!!
  1571. Color Wisdom Cards
  1572. Cupid Cards-Monte Farber
  1573. Cosmo Astrotaro by Carol Herzer
  1574. LoS Voices of Saints Deck
  1575. Creating own animal deck...help please!
  1576. Best Oracle Decks for Soul Coaching
  1577. How does The Victorian Flower Oracle read?
  1578. Writer's I Ching book with cards (JP Morrell)
  1579. Oracle card spreads?
  1580. DreamStones Oracle
  1581. Oracle deck from Ciro!!!
  1582. Oracle Decks with Kitcheny Scenes
  1583. symbolon help
  1584. 2010 What Oracle Deck are you working with?
  1585. unknown Goddess oracle; ID for GC
  1586. Bite Sized Learning
  1587. Rainring: new lamps for old
  1588. Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams
  1589. The Shaman's Oracle by John Matthews
  1590. Kaleidoscope Oracle
  1591. Madame Endora's - How's the cardstock?
  1592. Pages/Knights? Which do you choose?
  1593. Sibilla meanings
  1594. THE FANTOD PACK Tarot
  1595. Under-rated Oracle Decks
  1596. Oracle deck where all the cards make one picture
  1597. Symbolon
  1598. Storyworld Cards
  1599. Where to buy Clow/Sakura Cards
  1600. ID help; possibly seeking a LWB translator
  1601. Power of Flowers Deck
  1602. Can someone help me ID these rune cards?
  1603. Writings of Ki'usha Cards
  1604. Celtic Shaman's Pack
  1605. The Oracle of Shadows and Light
  1606. FAVORITE ORACLE decks as of now...
  1607. Archetypes
  1608. oracle/tarot decks ???
  1609. psychic/tarot/oracle deck.
  1610. Dixit, an inspiration game or an oracle???
  1611. Looking for an Oracle Deck
  1612. Dog Oracle?
  1613. Devils Advocate
  1614. Angel deck with specific angels
  1615. anyone know of these cards?
  1616. Earth Magic Oracle Cards
  1617. Opinions on Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards?
  1618. Princess & the Frog oracle deck
  1619. Oracle Decks History?
  1620. Found an oracle of the goddesses by Elle and Estèe Lauder
  1621. Oracle Help, Please
  1622. Oracle Question
  1623. Morgan's Tarot has no purple backs!
  1624. Well Worn Path deck what's your experience with this Oracle deck?
  1625. Easy Astrology Oracle Cards: Unlock Your Inner Guide
  1626. 360 degrees of wisdom - where to buy in Australia?
  1627. Pippoglyph Cards (Ben Crenshaw)
  1628. large on-line tarot and oracle deck supplier in Germany?
  1629. LEAST favorite oracles?
  1630. Old Witch Fortuning Telling Cards
  1631. shamans oracle or heart of faery
  1632. What is it like to read with Sibilla decks?
  1633. Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
  1634. Transparent Oracle by Emily Carding
  1635. oracle deck for beginners?
  1636. Secret World of Crystals Oracle
  1637. The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Deck
  1638. Reading Oracle and Tarot At The Same Time
  1639. Gypsy Fortune Telling Tarot Cards - Buckland
  1640. l'Oracle de Venise by Colette Silvestre
  1641. altering your deck? / leaving out a card?
  1642. If you were....
  1643. What is the name of this deck?
  1644. Reincarnation Cards, Awakening Far Memory
  1645. I Ching Card Study Spread
  1646. Help please with getting this deck
  1647. La Sibylle des Salons (Parlour Sibyl)
  1648. A hidden Gem
  1649. Trimmed Ask Your Guides?
  1650. Has Anyone Trimmed Healing with the Angels?
  1651. Magical Spell Cards
  1652. Soul Cards - how "dangerous" are they ?
  1653. Dori Midnight's Dirty Tarot
  1654. Deck of Shadows
  1655. rounding out amazon.de cart- help!
  1656. Most Unusual Oracle?
  1657. Astro-Tarot Pack
  1658. The Golden Beetle Oracle
  1659. Meeting the Self
  1660. If you were an oracle...
  1661. Does ANYONE have this deck? Wizard's School of Magic
  1662. The Magus Oracle?
  1663. oracles vs tarot
  1664. Celtic Book of the Dead: to cut or not to cut?
  1665. Spiritual Oracle Cards by Patrick Gamble
  1666. Little Czech Oracle Deck - booklet
  1667. History of oracle traditions
  1668. Dead Moon I-Ching
  1669. Crystal Deva Cards
  1670. Users of Sabian Oracle?
  1671. Tin tarot / oracle cards?
  1672. Must haves oracle decks
  1673. Clow Cards Manual: English Translation
  1674. Ogham decks uses?
  1675. How to Read?
  1676. Tea Leaf Fortune Cards to be published by US Games
  1677. books on designing own oracle cards?
  1678. New Deck - Trials
  1679. Dream Cards by Lo Scarabeo
  1680. Neapolitan cards (Carte napoletane)
  1681. Bird Signs Oracle: Great Spirit guide or angel deck
  1682. No More Sites That Show the Whole Deck Thread
  1683. Public Apology
  1684. Birthday treat
  1685. Druid Animal Oracle
  1686. Dirty Tarot
  1687. Help need~ name of oracle tree deck
  1688. Not feeling it
  1689. Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards and Lenormand
  1690. ISO The Astrological Tarot?
  1691. Bach Flower Inspirational Cards
  1692. Bach Flower Remedies Inspirational Cards
  1693. A deck for young girls
  1694. What to get?!
  1695. Bachbluten Karten -- Haindl
  1696. What deck is this?
  1697. Tranparent Oracle deck arrived!
  1698. Re: Long Journey Back
  1699. The Ultimate Oracle Deck
  1700. Plot Twist Cards
  1701. Symbolon Cards
  1702. Using The Guidebooks
  1703. Morgan's Tarot
  1704. Jamie Sams Medicine Cards - Missing Card!
  1705. Le Tableau du Tirage Astral
  1706. Angels Oracle Cards
  1707. Karma Cards
  1708. L'Horoscope Belline, Who ?
  1709. Hidden Realms
  1710. Tea Leaf Fortune cards
  1711. Welcome to a new moderator! Happy to have Wendywu!
  1712. Temple of the Twelve Oracle Deck
  1713. Gothic/Dark Oracle Decks
  1714. Deck of Skulls
  1715. Oracle of Initiation
  1716. Cards of Alchemy -- any info?
  1717. Gypsy Tarot
  1718. Healing with the Angels.
  1719. Hi all ! I am VERY NEW here! Oracle Deck?
  1720. The Anubis Oracle
  1721. picture-less Oracle I.D
  1722. Loteria Cards
  1723. NOVA Oracle
  1724. Transparent Oracle - Beginner Friendly?
  1725. Missing 'Career' card - Tea leaf fortune cards
  1726. Any idea where I can get "Flowers Tarot"
  1727. Erotic Oracle
  1728. Persian Tarot
  1729. Regarding the Angel Voices Oracle
  1730. Oracles and Tarot...
  1731. How do you use Oracle to receive messages from loved ones in spirit?
  1732. Enchanted Oracle
  1733. Chinese style deck
  1734. Deck of Skulls & Post Psychedelic Cyberpunk Tarot
  1735. Godess on the Go & Creatix Oracles by Melissa Harris
  1736. Path of Soul Destiny Cards
  1737. A'HA Oracle
  1738. Oracle book.
  1739. Le Jeu Divinatoire anyone?
  1740. Konxari cards?
  1741. New Moon The Movie Card Game - possible oracle deck?
  1742. U.S. distributor for this deck?
  1743. Sarah Lawless Ogham Deck for Judith Crow
  1744. Nature Speak.
  1745. Fallen Angel Oracle
  1746. Nature's Wisdom Oracle
  1747. Earth Magic Deck
  1748. The number of cards for your Leormand / Gypsy Witch or similar Playing Card oracle?
  1749. druid animal oracle companion book
  1750. A'HA Oracle competition now closed. :)
  1751. Gaia oracle
  1752. A deck similar to Madame Endora
  1753. Madame Endora's Fortune Cards
  1754. Power Animals Deck
  1755. Moon Hare Oracle
  1756. Star+Gate lives!
  1757. Oracle X
  1758. The Journey Oracle by Adrienne Trafford
  1759. AboraMana: Channeled Goddess Wisdom Cards by Neithard Horn
  1760. How To Use?
  1761. astrological (art nouveau) oracle
  1762. Hidden Realms Oracle
  1763. Haindl Rune Oracle
  1764. The Shakespeare Oracle
  1765. Decks you don't really like... but want all the same
  1766. The Oracle Deck Itch...
  1767. Contact Cards: An Extraterrestrial Divination System
  1768. Amy Brown Faery Wisdom Oracle
  1769. Inexpensive Decks!
  1770. Creature Teacher Cards
  1771. Do you or do you not...
  1772. Angel Blessings Revised
  1773. Blue Angel Publishing - US Games Inc.
  1774. russell grants astro tarot
  1775. WISDOM WELL - Fav Oracle
  1776. Oracle Wish List for 2011?
  1777. phoenix cards, an easier way?
  1778. New Oracle Decks
  1779. 2011 What Oracle Deck Are You Using?
  1780. The Wisdoms of Gaia Oracle
  1781. Help Me Choose a New Oracle Deck
  1782. Miniature Decks
  1783. L'Oracle de mes propres
  1784. You Are Clairvoyant Oracle Cards by Belinda Grace
  1785. Grand Jeu Layout
  1786. Mah Jongg Oracle Cards
  1787. Any Vampire Oracle Decks?
  1788. The Oracle of Visions
  1789. new to oracle decks
  1790. Cosmic Guides Message Cards
  1791. ocean oracle
  1792. What is this deck? Scan coming tonight.
  1793. Andean Healing Energy Cards
  1794. I'm new to oracle. Which oracle should I buy?
  1795. Fays Message cards
  1796. Voice of the Trees
  1797. A new approach to alternate decks... fallen angel
  1798. Help Please?!
  1799. Input on a Oracle Review?
  1800. Saints and Angels Oracle Cards
  1801. Psycards free iPhone App
  1802. def. of sibilla deck???
  1803. Keywords
  1804. Removing a card?
  1805. ~New~Celtic Wisdom Oracle
  1806. victorian flower oracle: basic spreads.
  1807. Gypsy Oracle Cards
  1808. Victorian Flower Oracle Cardstock
  1809. Oracle of the Shapeshifters
  1810. Tao oracle
  1811. Gypsy "Tarot" Deck?
  1812. Gods and Titans Oracle
  1813. MKITKHAVI: Fortune Teller Of The Caucasus
  1814. Belline Oracle - blue card
  1815. L'Oracle de la Triade / Oracle of the Triad
  1816. Readings for others
  1817. The Love Pack
  1818. Oracle-x
  1819. Mystic Art Medicine Cards
  1820. Bones Black Cards
  1821. The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards
  1822. The Clow
  1823. Elemental Hexagons deck
  1824. Oracle of the Shapeshifters
  1825. Tarot Des Fleurs
  1826. Messages from Your Angels: question about the angels
  1827. Witches Rune Kit?
  1828. Life in the Garden
  1829. Oracles with Tarot
  1830. Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle
  1831. What deck is this ? Can you help ?
  1832. zolar's astrological tarot
  1833. What Deck Is This?
  1834. Anyone? - Doreen Virtue's Archangel Oracle
  1835. Some New Oracle Spreads
  1836. 2011 what is in your oracle collection?
  1837. Angelynx Cards
  1838. Deck of Shadows
  1839. Oracle X cards anyone?
  1840. Hawaiian Oracle
  1841. who has put these 3 oracles together and worked with them?
  1842. missing website? - Lee Simmons - Crystals
  1843. Which Oracle back-ups do you have?
  1844. Intuitive decks
  1845. oracle of fallen angels, thoughts
  1846. Sphinx Fortune Telling Cards
  1847. Oracles of Eight "The octegons of fate" (reading dice)
  1848. looking for a "dark" themed Oracle?
  1849. Ancient Magick Divination Cards??
  1850. Gods and Titans Oracle Cards
  1851. Sybilla (Gypsy Oracle) numerological correspondences
  1852. ~I need help!~
  1853. Greek(?) oracle deck! Help!
  1854. Comparing L'Oracle Ge & L'Oracle de la Triade
  1855. Le Jeu du Destin Antique
  1856. Finally Got Me a Deck
  1857. Deck ID please ?
  1858. Help me splurge on an Oracle Deck :D
  1859. Blue Angel Oracle
  1860. Oracle of Shadows and light
  1861. CLow Card Games
  1862. Got an oracle deck after 9 years with tarot! Baffled! Help?
  1863. Cards for Blue Moon game
  1864. Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery - 40 cards and book set
  1865. Mother Teresa Inspirational Deck (50 cards)
  1866. Marseille Oracle Cards
  1867. Rackham Deck
  1868. Can you help me choose a deck x
  1869. X-karten by Malkiel Rouven Dietrich
  1870. idiot's guide to oracles....
  1871. Did you ever succeed at using the Psycards?
  1872. Shadows vs. Light
  1873. Shadows & Light or Wild Wisdom of the Faery?
  1874. from Tarot to Oracle
  1875. Spirit of Archetypes Cards by Roi Solberg
  1876. The ACTION card in an unknown deck
  1877. Ciro Marchetti new Oracle ofVision
  1878. Life Purpose Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue
  1879. New Oracle of Shadow & Light?
  1880. New Pet Oracle coming on the market
  1881. Devas of Creation Deck - Cilla Conway
  1882. Oracle Deck Enabling
  1883. Help! Found a Grand Jeu Lenormand at an antiques market!
  1884. New Oracle Decks
  1885. Messenger Oracle by Michele-lee Phelan
  1886. Zigeuner Wahrsage-Karten
  1887. Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards
  1888. Goddesses and Sirens
  1889. Talismans of Success - Lo Scarabeo
  1890. Oracle cards vs Tarot Cards
  1891. What is the postman bringing you?
  1892. Angels of Atlantis Oracle
  1893. The Gypsy Witch Playing Cards
  1894. Need help to figure what deck it is
  1895. Who invented Angel cards?
  1896. Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
  1897. The Answer Deck
  1898. Pathfinder's, the Animal Totem Deck
  1899. Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards by Margaret Ann Lembo
  1900. Little Ted Psychic Fortune Telling Deck by Pete Wood & S Wintle
  1901. Relationship oracles?
  1902. Qualities/criteria for an Oracle deck
  1903. 32 card sets similar to Piquet - pattern "match" circa 1860-1870
  1904. Deck Creation
  1905. Sulamith Wulfing Oracle Decks
  1906. Emanations an Oracle by RM/RA 2011
  1907. Using Gods and Titans
  1908. Rune Cards - Tony Linsell & Brian Partridge
  1909. Which Deck for Past Life?
  1910. Crystal deck recommendations
  1911. Gaia Oracle
  1912. Rune Cards by Tony Linsell
  1913. Celtic Shaman's Pack
  1914. 99 names of God deck
  1915. Goddesses and Sirens Oracle
  1916. combination deck
  1917. oracle cards for beginners
  1918. Illuminara Intuitive Journal with cards
  1919. La Carte Della Fortuna - pig in a poke??
  1920. The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards
  1921. Oracle of Shadows and Light & Oracle of the Shapeshifters
  1922. Alternative Explanations
  1923. Help identifying a deck with very little to go on!
  1924. Italian 40 card deck question?
  1925. Discordian Tarot - any experiences?
  1926. Oracle of Shadows and Light
  1927. Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards John Holland
  1928. Well Worn & Hidden Path
  1929. Aboriginal Spirit Dreaming Oracle Cards
  1930. Magdalene Oracle?
  1931. The Joy of Relationship Cards
  1932. Oracle Deck Spreads
  1933. Hindu oracles -- do you know any of these?
  1934. Can someone tell me what this tarot pack is?
  1935. numbers, letters, and colors on konxari cards....
  1936. Symbolon Deck Help
  1937. Camelot Oracle
  1938. heard anything new about the Konxaris??
  1939. Twelve Days of Christmas Oracle Stones :D
  1940. Insignt story card set
  1941. The Simple Wisdom of the Household Dog Oracle by Albus Dumbledog.
  1942. Sticky Transparent Oracle
  1943. Dog Pack Oracle Cards
  1944. Power Animals
  1945. Steampunk Fairy Oracle by Mary Hoy
  1946. Any Oracles Like This?
  1947. Animal Messages by Susie Green spreads?
  1948. My Interpretation of Animal Messages by Susie Green
  1949. Lo Scarabeo Egyptian Oracle
  1950. How to shuffle Russian Gypsy cards
  1951. Sabian Symbols
  1952. an Index or Listing for Oracle Apps?
  1953. Magical Times Oracle Deck (Jody Bergsma)
  1954. Recommendations for a good oracle deck?
  1955. Gloom Cards as Oracles anyone?
  1956. Need advice on how to study oracle deck
  1957. Messenger Oracle
  1958. Inrah Cards
  1959. Oracles for healing (diagnosis/prescription)
  1960. Oracle-X anyone?
  1961. Discworld Ahnk-Morpork game cards
  1962. Intuition cards
  1963. Love & Light Angel Cards
  1964. Shadow Cards (A deck)
  1965. Working with the four elements
  1966. Rock and Roll Oracle Cards
  1967. mystery rune cards deck
  1968. Druid Oracle Cards
  1969. Way of The Horse
  1970. Is anyone familiar with The Spirit Wheel Shamanic Healing Deck?
  1971. Wisdom of the Golden Path
  1972. Dream Fairies Oracle
  1973. Tea Leaf Fortune Cards by Rae Hepburn
  1974. Oracle of Shadow and Light
  1975. I Ching?
  1976. Bach Flower 'Divination' Cards by Creature Comforts
  1977. Shaman Wisdom cards help
  1978. Need advise for an angel oracle cards for beginners
  1979. Ouroboros Deck
  1980. The Fool's Wisdom Oracle Cards
  1981. Identify this Deck? (from a cheesy 80s video)
  1982. Psychic Tarot vs Enchanted Map vs Heart of Fearie?
  1983. Does anyone else have Animal Messages by Susie Green?
  1984. Have these decks?
  1985. Old Style Conjure Reading Kit
  1986. Atlantis Cards
  1987. I am looking for an Oracle deck that really moves me
  1988. Hedgewytchery method
  1989. Oracle-X: Series 2
  1990. Competition: Goddess Oracle Giveaway!!!
  1991. Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards OUT MAY 1 !!!
  1992. Pros and Cons Thread
  1993. Keijuoraakkeli oracle deck
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  1995. konxari cards with 'traditional' spreads??
  1996. Dream Cards - LoS/Donelli/Di Giammarino
  1997. Where can I see a list of affirmation decks?
  1998. My chakra deck - 104 cards!
  1999. Oracle Decks (Recommendations)
  2000. The Enchanted Map Oracle
  2001. Fairy Ring Oracle Deck
  2002. Newly published: The Mother's Wisdom Deck
  2003. Horizon Oracle
  2004. The extra cards in the clow cards
  2005. Oracles for predictive readings?
  2006. The Book of Knowing (Ana Cortez)
  2007. Angel cards!
  2008. Mystiches Kipper vs. Lenormand
  2009. Uta Garuta
  2010. The Love Pack : Chuck Spezzano
  2011. Gateway Oracle
  2012. A bit disappointed with Legacy of the Divine cards. Any advice please
  2013. KARMA CARDS... Astrology tarot. Anyone?
  2014. Lo Scarabeo Dream Cards...
  2015. Symbolon Tarot...
  2016. Wisdom of the House of Night cards
  2017. Angel Messages by Vanessa Lampert
  2018. Sibilla deck help
  2019. current top ten oracle decks
  2020. Beasts of Albion Oracle- thoughts?
  2021. Other ways to use the tea leaf fortune cards (Rae Hepburn)
  2022. Naipes Cards?
  2023. Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards
  2024. Paulina Cassidy's Faerie Guidance Oracle
  2025. Does anyone knows this card?
  2026. Regarding Reviews
  2027. New STUNNING Oracle from Etsy
  2028. Oracle of Rama?
  2029. Anubis Oracle
  2030. The Art Tarots of Parrish
  2031. Oracle Decks with brief, descriptive text
  2032. Konxari response time
  2033. Wisdom of the Golden Oracle
  2034. Oracles des miroirs
  2035. Winged Enchantment Oracle (Lisa Hunt)
  2036. Oracle des Miroirs - Meanings
  2037. YOUR five star oracle decks
  2038. Unicorn oracle deck?
  2039. Pet Psychic Oracle Cards
  2040. Ciro's Oracle of Visions
  2041. PEEP - Amazing Astrological Cards by Dalzini
  2042. The Wisdom of Trees Oracle
  2043. Oracle Decks: Personal Experiences
  2044. What the heck??? Victorian Flower Oracle -- is it made of gold?
  2045. Medicine cards
  2046. Best Egyptian Oracle card decks
  2047. Helping choosing an oracle...
  2048. Dog Tarot by Heidi Schulman
  2049. The Dreamdance Oracle (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law)
  2050. The Original Dog Tarot, by Heidi Schulman and Marty Blake
  2051. Piatnik Gypsy Decks
  2052. I am the only one?
  2053. Chakra cards?
  2054. what's this oracle?
  2055. Looking for oracle spreads to use
  2056. Please help me find this animal oracle deck
  2057. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
  2058. missing card in Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper
  2059. Fantod Deck
  2060. Muzoracle
  2061. The new heart cards for love and relationships
  2062. Is there a daily draw for oracles?
  2063. What the Heck is this Deck
  2064. Rainbow Bridge Oracle
  2065. What was your most accurate oracle deck for 2012
  2066. Question about oracle card
  2067. Victorian Flower Oracle - No Book
  2068. Internet - Links to free oracle readings
  2069. Le Tarot Céleste de David Phild
  2070. 2013 What Oracle Deck Are You Using?
  2071. Flash interpretations when using Oracle deck but...
  2072. Wings of Desire blog -- invite only?
  2073. Way of the Horse
  2074. "Easy reading" oracle decks
  2075. J.C. Jegel Fortune Telling 1870 Reprint?
  2076. Lady Lorelei's Gypsy Fortunes
  2077. L'Urne du Destin / Belline Oracle
  2078. The Oracle Orisha or Oraculo de los Orichas cards?
  2079. an opportunity to create a book for Konxari cards
  2080. Magus Deck
  2081. Absolute Favorite Oracle Decks
  2082. Ego: Game of Prediction
  2083. favorite I Ching??
  2084. Australian Wildflower Oracle
  2085. Grandville, Grimaud, La Sibylle des Salons
  2086. Favourite Deck from Colette Baron-Reid
  2087. Ioshi Oracle, anyone?
  2088. Gaia Oracle
  2089. Enchanted Map Oracle Deck
  2090. Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle
  2091. Breath of The Night Russian Oracle by Berenika
  2092. Oracle Deck Apps for Android
  2093. The Daemon Tarot
  2094. What Oracle Deck is This?
  2095. Oracle of the Shapeshifters - Green writing version
  2096. Please welcome a new moderator in Oracles!
  2097. Difficulty getting the Aus version of the Oracle of Shadows and Light
  2098. Oracle Deck Structure.
  2099. Curious
  2100. Looking for Unicorn Oracle Card Deck NOT by Doreen Virtue
  2101. Something Neat. :-)
  2102. I-Ching Holitzka - Quality control !!!
  2103. I Ching Holitzka or I Ching Dead Moon deck?
  2104. The Enchanted Map Oracle
  2105. My Victorian Flower Oracle has measles !
  2106. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards Box Variations?
  2107. Best Dog Oracle Deck?
  2108. I Ching translations - your favourite.
  2109. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards Question...
  2110. Buckland Gypsy Fortunetelling deck
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  2112. random deck i've aquired.
  2113. Supply issues with Oracle of the Dragonfae 1st edition - Advisory message!
  2114. Kuan Yin Oracle
  2115. Intuitive Cards
  2116. The answer is simple card deck.
  2117. Dreaming in color lumen deck.
  2118. Advice needed on reading oracle cards.
  2119. Oracle of the Mermaids- Lucy Cavendish
  2120. Looking for a deck with images like these !
  2121. Voices of the Saints?
  2122. American version Oracle of the Shapeshifters
  2123. Piatnik Oracle Deck - Help identify?
  2124. help with oracle of the dragonfae
  2125. Wisdom of Trees Oracle
  2126. Aboriginal Spirit Oracle
  2127. Combining Oracle Decks?
  2128. Conscious Spirit Oracle
  2129. seeking a missing modern deck...
  2130. Help!!!!! Got a dilemma
  2131. Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards by Madeleine Walker
  2132. Just got the wee folk oracle deck
  2133. Celtic Shaman Pack
  2134. Oracle Card Suggestion
  2135. Cartouche Oracle set
  2136. First Oracle Deck Suggestions?
  2137. Tea leaf fortune cards
  2138. Terry Pratchett Oracle - free
  2139. Gaia Oracle
  2140. Crystal Orcacle by Toni
  2141. Any Angel decks out there NOT Doreen Virtue?
  2142. top 10 oracle decks...
  2143. Once Upon a Time Game
  2144. NEW crystal deck by Judy Hall
  2145. Moon Oracle + Radiant Sun
  2146. Magdalene deck
  2147. The Oracle of Dr John Dee
  2148. Hold old is this one?
  2149. Disappointed ;(
  2150. Oracle GE (Barbier) Buy from where?
  2151. The Witch Oracle 2014
  2152. Sweet oracle :)
  2153. Derek Walters Mah Jongg Oracle Set (confused)
  2154. He-Yo-Ka cards
  2155. Endora doesn't like me :(
  2156. Making a deck!
  2157. Deck question! Grand Oracle Celtique by Alan Borvo?!?
  2158. Animal Spirit Knowledge cards, do you have them?
  2159. Place to introduce foreign or unique oracles
  2160. The Rainbow Bridge Oracle
  2161. The Rainbow Bridge Oracle +book published
  2162. Carola Riss-Tafilaj's book on Kipper
  2163. Oracle GE (People cards)
  2164. Tea Leaf Fortune Cards & Other oracles ( Questions and Curiosity :D!)
  2165. Old Gypsy Witch/Witches Fortune Cards
  2166. Wisdom of the Golden Path by Carmine Salerno
  2167. oracle instead of tarot
  2168. Oracle Lumière - do you have it?
  2169. Isis Oracle Deck
  2170. le jeu divinatoire by yaguel didier
  2171. Sibilla?
  2172. Whispers of Love Oracle (art by Josephine Wall)
  2173. new cards
  2174. Any recommendations?
  2175. tarot d'eltynne
  2176. king solomon oracle deck
  2177. About these Sakura Cards that I recently bought..
  2178. Tea Leaf Fortune cards or The Enchanted Map Oracle
  2179. Need help in choosing oracle deck(s)
  2180. BrightEye's Oracle [Deck Creation Thread]
  2181. ORACLES you will use for Samhain?
  2182. Cavendish - Shadows & Light and Shapeshifters
  2183. ORACLE WISHLIST 2014
  2184. Soul Coaching cards by Denise Linn
  2185. Russian Deck Help?
  2186. oracle of the shapeshifters Australian version
  2187. Gaia Oracle- Bad Feeling? Has this happened to you with any other decks?
  2188. Decks To Build Up Intuition
  2189. Energy Oracle Cards Sandra Anne Taylor - Split from new cards
  2190. Kipper Karten - Need help with Grosse Tafel
  2191. What deck is this?
  2192. Mah Jongg Oracle
  2193. Arcane Bullsh*t
  2194. Why do you like Oracle cards?
  2195. Maya Deck - Dr Ronald Bonewitz
  2196. The Druid Plant Oracle OR Animal Oracle
  2197. The Messenger Cards-Guidance from the Animal Spirits
  2198. Francine Hart Sacred Geometry cards
  2199. Cats Inspiration Oracle
  2200. Exclusively Oracle users
  2201. Les Vampires - New Lucy Cavendish & Jasmine Becket - Griffith oracle
  2202. Whispers of Love
  2203. New oracle coming out in 2014 ....
  2204. Faerie Guidence Oracle
  2205. Welcome to a new moderator: Glass Owl
  2206. Inspirations for survivors deck
  2207. Les Vampires on pre - order now
  2208. Discovery of a New Oracle "Lexicon" Deck of Cards 1935
  2209. Oracle of Proverbs
  2210. Liquid Crystal Oracle Deck?
  2211. Less twee oracle deck wanted..
  2212. Using The Origin of Expressions game cards as an oracle deck
  2213. who know this deck?
  2214. The Circle: A Guide for the Inner Explorer
  2215. Oblique Strategies Cards
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  2217. Finding Specific Oracle Website
  2218. Which oracle decks do you plan to buy in 2014?
  2219. Reading Sibilla cards.
  2220. Earth Power Oracle - Atlas for the soul
  2221. DV Archangel Michael Oracle
  2222. Deck ID, Please
  2223. Cards that seem to have nothing to do with the reading?
  2224. Oracle Gypsy Deck from movie, The Adventurer?
  2225. Decks that aren't cohesive
  2226. Which deck is this?
  2227. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards?
  2228. Lenormond vs Sibilla
  2229. Druid Plant Oracle
  2230. Two Decks of Gypsy Cards (Zigeunerkarten, cigánykártya)
  2231. A Colourful Deck
  2232. Mystical Kipper
  2233. Help with Choosing My First Oracle Deck
  2234. Eco Heart Oracle Deck
  2235. HELP!! In Need Of Oracle Spreads
  2236. Which method should I use for my deck?
  2237. Which deck for relationships & finances
  2238. Journey of Love Oracle by by Alana Fairchild ill. by Rassouli
  2239. oracle de la triade!
  2240. Need reassurance :/
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  2260. Sybilla/Lenormand
  2261. Lucy Cavendish Decks - How Many Do You Have?
  2262. Suggestions
  2263. Symbolon
  2264. Does anyone use Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss
  2265. The Sh*t Happens Tarot Deck by Dawn Kelly (cards contain obscenity)
  2266. Someone else using Healing with the Fairies by Doreen Virtue?
  2267. Mystical Kipper ~ Spreads.
  2268. General question about Cards, Spreads, and Reading
  2269. What deck is Miss Cleo using here?
  2270. Energy Oracle Cards
  2271. Help identifying two decks
  2272. Chakra Wisdom Oracle
  2273. False Person Card: Mystical Kipper
  2274. Enchanted Oracle by Jessica Galbraith
  2275. Animal Messages--worth buying the bigger book?
  2277. Deck ID?
  2278. The Mixed Emotions Deck
  2279. Ogham the Celtic Oracle Tarot Deck
  2280. Some upcoming editions of decks by Lucy Cavendish
  2281. Doreen Virtue is putting out a Past Life Oracle
  2282. The Golden Moth Illumination Deck
  2283. Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco
  2284. Are ORACLES the next trend?
  2285. Help me pick out a new oracle deck
  2286. Trying to identify...
  2287. Energy Oracle Cards
  2288. rescue mediums just announced completion of their new oracle
  2289. Info on African-themed deck....
  2290. Spirit Elements Oracle Cards
  2291. What do you look for in an Oracle Deck?
  2292. Psychic Tarot Oracle deck - love triangle card
  2293. What's YOUR reading style?
  2294. Do you recognize this deck ?
  2295. Russian gypsy fortune telling cards
  2296. Magic of nature oracle readings x 3
  2297. Amy Brown Fairy Wisdom deck.
  2298. Petit Etteilla deck in English by Eric Bowers
  2299. Is "Oracle Tarot" an oracle or tarot deck?
  2300. "Oracle Tarot" Deck - Corner of Cards Chipping?
  2301. Mystical Kipper
  2302. Using oracle cards to study fiction or write stories
  2303. It's The All Singing, All Dancing Oracles Enabling Thread
  2304. Mme Duberckowski - Sooooo interesting
  2305. Sacred Rebels - Alanah Fairchild
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  2307. Asking A Deck For Advice About Whether To Buy Another Deck
  2308. Long distance questions
  2309. The Frankenoracle
  2310. Myths & Mermaids: Oracle of the Water by Jasmine Becket-Griffith
  2311. Wonderland Oracle
  2312. Fairy Tale Oracle by Jasmine Becket-Griffith and Lucy Cavendish
  2313. Why is Tarot "true" but other cards aren't? Or: "The Fantod Pack"
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  2315. ORACLES that have spoken LOUDLY OR been surprisingly...SILENT
  2316. What is your preferred Oracle Deck? 2014
  2317. Madame Endora deck
  2318. Fortune-telling decks
  2319. The Crystal Wisdom Oracle by Judy Hall
  2320. Enchanted Map Oracle
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  2322. I'm surprised...
  2323. phonics flashcards for kids as oracle--really!
  2324. Would you use a deck with art like this?
  2325. Favorite Oracle CARDS, not decks :)
  2326. anyone knows about this deck?
  2327. Sacred Rebels Oracle
  2328. card size
  2329. gilded edges
  2330. The Hidden Path on Ebay UK
  2331. Symbolon Deck
  2332. Conscious spirit oracle
  2333. Teacup Fortunetelling cards by P. DeBono
  2334. Circus or Carnival Oracle deck?
  2335. Oracle de Babylone
  2336. Spirit Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno
  2337. Path Through The Night Spread
  2338. Opinions on ORACLE BLEU
  2339. The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle
  2340. Blessings from the Heart of the Rose
  2341. A Vintage English Fortune Telling Deck
  2342. I need help
  2343. Introducing the new Mods on the Block!
  2344. Useful Links
  2345. Gods and Goddesses of Japan
  2346. We Can Have Images In Our Posts Now!
  2347. Oracle of Shapeshifters and Oracle of Shadows and Light.
  2348. Witchlings Deck and Book Set
  2349. Angel Prayers Oracle by Kyle Gray
  2350. Loteria?
  2351. Sustain Yourself cards by James Wanless
  2352. Hi! I recently released a digital oracle deck
  2353. The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards by James Van Praagh
  2354. Soul Cards
  2355. "444" Oracle- Valenza
  2356. Looking for a Publisher for Oracle Cards Printed Version
  2357. Wicca Deck question
  2358. New to Oracles.
  2359. Dreamdance Oracle by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
  2360. Just bought Magical Times & need help
  2361. Oracle Deck Recommendations? Opinions?
  2362. Gods & Titans Video Review
  2363. Angel Card Deck Recommendations
  2364. The Moon Oracle
  2365. Chronicles of Destiny cards - Schiffler
  2366. Finding Graven Images Oracle
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  2368. Offering one card
  2369. Fairy Tale Oracle
  2370. Mahjong Oracle
  2371. old gypsy witch fortune telling cards card meanings?
  2372. New Years Spread (with several decks)
  2373. Russian gypsy fortune telling cards
  2374. The psychic tarot
  2375. Oracles which include the goddess Inanna?
  2376. An oracle deck for my Labrador
  2377. Goddess Guidance by Doreen Virtue
  2378. Oracle Decks in Your Collection - 2015
  2379. Symbolon Card Meanings -- An English-Translation of the Official Guidebook!
  2380. L'Oracle de Belline
  2381. Transforming the Toltec I Ching into an oracle deck
  2382. Playing cards with divinatory designations?
  2383. Used Sonia Choquette oracles
  2384. Favorite Oracle decks for Meditation/Insight over Divination
  2385. Help, connection to words only not images
  2386. The Silver Gypsy Oracle
  2387. Seeking Oracle Deck Suggestions Similar to...
  2388. Does any one use "Angelic Whisper Oracle Cards"?
  2389. Chronicles of Destiny Pros and Cons
  2390. Playing Card Oracles ~ Alchemy Edition
  2391. Titania's and The White Magic Oracle books
  2392. The Illumination Oracle
  2393. Wizard of Oz Playing Cards
  2394. New to Using playing cards
  2395. Recommend your favourite Oracle?
  2396. the Druid's Oracle Card Deck Etsy
  2397. Waterhouse Oracle
  2398. Anyone used Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards?
  2399. The Southern Cross Oracle Card Deck.
  2400. Deste Cards...anyone here read with them?
  2401. What is your 'go to' deck?
  2402. What's a deck similar to Healing with Faeries?
  2403. Intuitive decks
  2404. Intuitive reading vs picture on the card
  2405. Hawai'ian Mana Cards
  2406. Heart of Faerie Oracle
  2407. Caravan of SEE'ers Fortune Telling Playing Cards
  2408. Sibilla Originale 1890
  2409. Inspiration please!
  2410. Picture only decks - Searching!!!
  2411. Zigeuner (Gypsy) Wahrsagekarten Equivalents to Lennormand
  2412. Creature's Secrets: Animal Divination Card Deck
  2413. Alchemist's Oracle
  2414. Anyone interested in an Oracle de Belline study group?
  2415. Card Numbers
  2416. Mystic Art Medicine Cards
  2417. From the creator of the Wooden Tarot
  2418. Journey to the Goddess Realm by Lisa Porter
  2419. Enquiry re the Victorian flower oracle kit
  2420. The Sassy She Oracle
  2421. Ana Cortez's New Book is Available!!!
  2422. Mythology Oracle?
  2423. The Devas of Creation Deck
  2424. Playing Card Kickstarter campaigns
  2425. Titles . . . Or Not?
  2426. Over The Moon oracle
  2427. Fallen Angel Oracle - Nigel Suckling
  2428. DIMENSIONS of the Playing Card Oracle -pocket Alchemy Version?
  2429. Arcana playing card deck - Chris Ovdiyenko
  2430. Playing card deck from Patrick Valenza
  2431. StoryWorld!:))
  2432. Lost & Found: Oracles
  2433. Kabbalah Cards?
  2434. Mickie Mueller--Voice of the Trees
  2435. Bird Lovers ~ Playing Card Lovers
  2436. Looking forward to the WILD Kuan Yin Oracle!
  2437. Pairing Oracle decks with Tarot decks
  2438. a specific yemaya. HELP :(
  2439. Deck ID please?
  2440. Spirit Wolf Rune Deck
  2441. Connected & Free the Alchemists Oracle
  2442. Anyone use Marvelous Oracle of Oz?
  2443. White Rabbit Oracle
  2444. Looking for Recommendations
  2445. Soul Cards
  2446. Duality Deck
  2447. Kuan Yin <3<3<3
  2448. A Voice from the Earth - Opinions Please - :-)
  2449. I'm just not feeling these decks...
  2450. Earth Magic by Farmer is gorgeous.
  2452. Wide range of messages in one deck?
  2453. Recommendations for good oracles for personal introspection
  2454. Oracle decks with many cards?
  2455. Omnia - An esoteric symbology deck of playing cards
  2456. Vibrational Oracle
  2457. Anyone Recognize this rune card set?
  2458. Guidance Dogs Oracle -- Is it still available?
  2459. Fractal oracle decks
  2460. Power Animal Oracle
  2461. Sacred Sites Oracle
  2462. Archie McPhee Super Awesome Future! Fortune Cards
  2463. How to read a card with 4 written sides (gypsy lore fortune cards)
  2464. Astrology Oracle - New Deck in the Works
  2465. Opinions on the Harrow deck?
  2466. How do you choose a deck?
  2467. "Shaman" Oracles
  2468. Soul Cards study group
  2469. Tao Oracle
  2470. PLAYING CARD ORACLE DECKS...preference?
  2471. Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck
  2472. Holitzka I Ching LWB
  2473. Moon Oracle (Astrop-Smith)
  2474. Game of Thrones Cards
  2475. I was gifted the Sacred Geometry. :3 Any Guidance?
  2476. The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle
  2477. Enable me please
  2478. The Witch's Oracle
  2479. Australian Wildflower Reading Cards
  2480. what "dark" oracles are there?
  2481. The Stone Circle Oracle Deck!
  2482. SoulCards are too Intense?
  2483. Help Choosing an Oracle deck!
  2484. Oracle Tarot by Lucy Cavendish
  2485. Moon in "The no false prophet oracle deck"
  2486. Goddesses and Sirens/ Gods and Titans - Aus. Vs. U.S.
  2487. Where Can I Get the "Tea Leaf Fortune Cards" by Rae Hepburn?
  2488. Wild Kuan Yin Oracle
  2489. Finally stepping into the world of oracle cards
  2490. "Love Your True Colours" oracle cards
  2491. The Brownies: Their Oracle
  2492. Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Harfield.
  2493. Oracle of Dreamtime vs Dreamtime Reading Cards
  2494. I'm Looking for an Oracle Deck, Can You Help Me Find One?
  2495. I was blown away by this mechanical oracle....
  2496. The Enchanted Map Oracle
  2497. Non-Western Mythology Based Oracles
  2498. Could Dixit (and similar) be used for Tarot?
  2499. Favorite Goddess oracles (and ones you decided to pass on)
  2500. Decks from Rockpool Publishing in Australia
  2501. Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards: Colette Baron-Reid
  2502. Kipper "Fin de Siécle"
  2503. Oracle cards to recommend me?
  2504. Animal-Based Oracle Decks?
  2505. Antiguo Juego del Destino Oracle Need Help
  2506. Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracle
  2507. Australian Aboriginal Idea of The Dreamtime
  2508. New Rumi Oracle
  2509. Moon Oracle Book updates?
  2510. Turning tarot into Oracle?
  2511. Belline
  2512. Looking for an oracle deck.
  2513. Gypsy Witch card deck ~ meanings of 2 cards ~ opinions please
  2514. Divination with plain playing cards
  2515. Got my Sibilla Oracle today!
  2516. The Little Sage oracle cards
  2517. Oracle and Tarot reading combined...
  2518. Celtic Shaman's Pack--2015 Edition--The Good and the BAD
  2519. Lenormand or Kipper
  2520. Favorite Oracle Spreads
  2521. Sibilla Diploma Course
  2522. Rackham By Duck Soup
  2523. Animal Kin Oracle - kickstarter
  2524. True Love Reading Cards
  2525. Art Through The Starstream Oracle?
  2526. Crazy sexy love notes anyone?
  2527. The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud
  2528. Victoria Frances Oracle Cards
  2529. Mother Mary Oracle
  2530. Halloween-Themed or just Gothic Oracles?
  2531. Inspirational Wisdom from Angels and Fairies unboxing
  2532. Good oracle decks for daily draws?
  2533. Giant oracle cards?
  2534. Oracle for introspection and personal growth?
  2535. Playing Cards
  2536. New deck coming out from Lucy Cavendish
  2537. Zauberkarten cards?
  2538. Imagining the oracle version of Circo
  2539. Duality Deck
  2540. Daily draws - How many cards?
  2541. Revelations Oracle on kickstarter
  2542. Best Kipper Deck for Beginners?
  2543. The Connected and Free Oracle
  2544. Words and Whispers by Linda Ravenscroft
  2545. Out of Print "Words of Truth" Oracle
  2546. Kabbalah Cards by Roland and Gainsford
  2547. Tarot in Thyme
  2548. Crystal Wind Oracle App
  2549. ORACLE decks you've gone BACK and FORTH on
  2550. The Hermes Playing Card Oracle
  2551. New Alana Fairchild oracle on Blue Angel site
  2552. Cost of getting decks from Oz
  2553. Looking for a Beginner's Angel Deck
  2554. the Oracle of E
  2555. Moderator Announcement
  2556. Butterfly Oracle Cards For Life's Changes by Doreen Virtue???
  2557. Sibilla deck recommendation
  2558. SoulCards 1 and 2
  2559. My Kipper Has Arrived!
  2560. Alice in Wonderland Oracle
  2561. The Hermes Playing Card Oracle by Robert Place
  2562. recommendations for nature based decks
  2563. Spirit De La Lune
  2564. Original printing of The Playing Card Oracle
  2565. Anyone else love the Shaman's Oracle deck?
  2566. Tarot d'Eltynne/ Oracle Belline
  2567. The Chronicles of Destiny anyone?
  2568. New deck - The Minoan Oracle
  2569. New Stephanie Law Oracle
  2570. Arthur Rackman Oracle Deck
  2571. New to Oracles
  2573. Oracle of vision
  2574. Joy and Sorrow new deck coming
  2575. Diana Cooper Decks 1st editions
  2576. Trees card description in Past Life Oracle deck.
  2577. Believe in yourself more or don't discredit the oracle?
  2578. Fin De Siecle Kipper Significator?
  2579. Oracle of Destiny - The same cards for a different question!
  2580. Insight, Please
  2581. Which Oracle and why?
  2582. "Color" oracle decks?
  2583. The Avalonian Oracle
  2584. Angel Answers Oracle Cards ~ Doreen Virtue
  2585. Gypsy cards in a New Light book
  2586. Enchanted Map vs. Wisdom if the Oracle!?
  2587. Kipper Resources for the bad at German ?
  2588. Creating an oracle system -- What to study?
  2589. Please help me identify these cards?
  2590. Viewing the Fin De Siecle Kipper Cards using the Aurasma Application
  2591. The Moon Deck: an intuitive oracle set
  2592. The Oracle of E?
  2593. CONFLICT Oracle Deck on Kickstarter
  2594. Sibyl of the Heart oracle
  2595. Tarot reading from Spanish/Mexican playing cards
  2596. Reading playing cards - Duggins-Briggs method
  2597. Mme. Loviise's Scorned Oraakel
  2598. Translation from French to English of the original Belline Oracle LWB
  2599. Mystery Deck ID
  2600. trimming blue angel alana fairchild decks question
  2601. oracles for guys from late teens to early 20s
  2602. Spirit Cats Inspirational Card deck on Kickstarter
  2603. Mystical Wisdom Card Deck
  2604. DV Michael, Raphael, Gabriel
  2605. The Illuminated Shadow Oracle
  2606. Deck Recommendation for minimalist living/housecleaning?
  2607. As the Crow Flies Oracle & Druid Oracles
  2608. Smaller Sized Oracle Decks?
  2609. Symbolon
  2610. Soul Trees Oracle
  2611. Tea Leaf Reading Cards by Karin
  2612. Isis Oracle
  2613. Green World Oracle
  2614. Deck ID
  2615. Anyone Know What Cards Are in This Set?
  2616. The Color Mage Oracle Deck
  2617. The competition in Soul&Spirit magazine.
  2618. Please help ID this deck!
  2619. Perfect deck for Job/Career readings
  2620. Certified Angel Card Reader course
  2621. 'A Curious Oracle' deck
  2622. How do people read tarot/oracle combinations?
  2623. Moon Tarot Selena
  2624. Is it an Oracle deck or a Tarot deck, or ...
  2625. Norse or Anglo Saxon decks
  2626. Difference between the two Editions of Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle
  2627. 'The Wyrd of Sarah Howard' new from Gabi Angus West
  2628. Awakened Soul Oracle Deck on Kickstarter
  2629. Connecting with Oracle Decks-am Confused
  2630. Something New from Kim Krans and the Wild Unknown
  2631. Decks with hidden images
  2632. Learning to Read Oracle Cards
  2633. Wild Harmonic Divination Deck
  2634. Why are they stalking me?
  2635. Past Life Oracle
  2636. Do you know this deck?
  2637. Oracle of Oddities
  2638. Waterhouse Oracle Deck Update
  2639. Oracle Spreads
  2640. Wild Unknown Oracle
  2641. Hello...confused
  2642. New PookieCat deck release!
  2643. Has anyone heard of Astro Cards by Tibet Domani?
  2644. Earth Power Oracle Stacey DeMarco
  2645. New Divination of Ancients deck
  2646. New Ceccoli oracle
  2647. The Secret Language of Color Oracle
  2648. Energy oracle deck
  2649. Faeries Oracle (Brian Froud) or Healing with the Fairies (Doreen Virtue)
  2650. Blue Angel Oracles from Llewellyn?
  2651. Beginning With Oracles!
  2652. the Journey Oracle by Kristen Sweet
  2653. Isis Oracle?
  2654. Starting my Oracle journey!
  2655. Favorite Decks
  2656. Favourite deity oracles?
  2657. Thoughts on Lucy Cavendish Oracle
  2658. Odd deck ID
  2659. Looking for a Oracle deck
  2661. Which decks for young children?
  2662. Druid Animal Oracle - which version?
  2663. The Secret language of color cards by Inna Segal
  2664. Help identifying this deck
  2665. Oracles and Reiki
  2666. Oracle affirmations
  2667. How do you use playing card cartomancy?
  2668. Sacred Path Cards no book
  2669. olympus cards? set -anyone familiar with them?
  2670. What are some 'deep' oracle cards that you would recommend?
  2671. What do you do with decks you no longer want to keep
  2672. Looking for an Angel Oracle Deck
  2673. Legend of the Northern Journey Runes deck
  2674. What deck is this??
  2675. Preliminary Study and Research of The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle
  2676. Animism and the Animal Spirit Oracle
  2677. The Floret Oracle
  2678. Gospel of Aradia by Stacey Demarco
  2679. Looking for 2007 Angel kit
  2680. Question about Kipper cards
  2681. Help identifying - Lacrime (10 of spades) from Unknown Oracle deck?
  2682. Sacred Sites Oracle Cards
  2683. How to work with Soul Cards?
  2684. Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti
  2685. Joy and Sorrow Released
  2686. Eternal Crystals oracle
  2687. Maya Goddess Oracles
  2688. Oracle of reflections
  2689. Mini Fin de Siecle Kipper Cards
  2691. Looking for victorian
  2692. Wild Kuan Yin Oracle Pocket Size
  2693. Cards of Chaos by Aya Rosen
  2694. Which Kuan Yin Oracle do you prefer?
  2695. Divine Cirus Oracle by Alana Fairchild
  2696. Need Suggestions for Pairing an Oracle with my Tarot Decks
  2697. Earthly Souls and Spirits Oracle
  2698. How to Tell Fortunes: 1902 book with playing card meanings
  2699. Identification of an old French oracle
  2700. German playing cards?
  2701. A Zodiac Oracle?
  2702. Soulflower
  2703. Medicine Cards spreads
  2704. Shaman's Wisdom Oracle
  2705. Psycards Oracle versions
  2706. Oracle of illumination
  2707. L'Oracle Perfume de Vie
  2708. Rassouli's Rumi Oracle vs his Journey of Love Oracle
  2709. Card prices?
  2710. My Fluffiest of Decks...
  2711. Revisiting and Old Friend
  2712. Kickstarter deck - Faerie Enchantments
  2713. Identificatiuon of mystery oracle deck, please
  2714. Jeu Épître aux Dames
  2715. All purpose oracle deck
  2716. Lee is now moderating Oracles
  2717. Snapshot Oracle
  2718. What Oracle Deck is the Postman Bringing
  2719. Life path cards
  2720. Need your help to identify this deck.
  2721. Unidentifed Deck
  2722. Revised John Waterhouse Oracle
  2723. THE BOOK OF DOORS divination deck!
  2724. The Gospel of Aradia Stacy Demarco
  2725. Tarot & Oracle
  2726. The Kabbalah Cards AGM Muller
  2727. Playing Card Oracles - Alchemy vs Conventional one
  2728. Have you created your own oracle?
  2729. Playing card oracle
  2730. Enchanted Wisdom Oracle Cards - Suggestions please?
  2731. Combining oracle
  2732. trying to find an oracle
  2733. Seeds of Shakti--2nd Edition!!!
  2734. Joy and Sorrow images
  2735. Chakra Energy Cards by Walter Lübeck
  2736. Systems comparison
  2737. Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland and John Matson (and Ann Hentz?)
  2738. The Raggedy Oracle
  2739. Le Scarabée d’Or or The Golden Beetle Oracle
  2740. Vessel, Affirmators
  2741. Moon Phases Oracle
  2742. Kipper---Ciro's Kipper is beautiful and I got it for my birthday!
  2743. The High Deck by Wald Amberstone and Arthur Amberstone
  2744. Kipper discussion in general
  2745. Harvest moon Oracle
  2746. Lost with "Oracle Celte des arbres" Ogham alphabet
  2747. Clearing an Oracle Deck
  2748. Angel Therapy: extra card "Manifestation Power"
  2749. Collected Memories Divination Deck
  2750. Useful Links
  2751. Elements of Recovery Deck
  2752. Oracle Of Echoes Pre-Orders
  2754. Suggested first Oracle?
  2755. Need feedback on my Egyptian cartouche app
  2756. The Plutonian Oracle
  2757. Sedona Deck and Oracle
  2758. Gong Hee Fot Choy spread?
  2759. Question about Faerytale Oracle by Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith
  2760. Shamanic Healing Oracle
  2761. Which decks are on your wish list right now?
  2762. Secret Arcana by Oliver Hibert
  2763. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
  2764. Fallen Angels Oracle
  2765. The Earthbound Oracle
  2766. Kipper Instructional Book(s) For Beginners
  2767. The Dragon Oracle boxed set
  2768. Vintage "Old Gypsy Fortune Cards": Anyone have any info?
  2769. Law of Attraction Affirmation Deck
  2770. Gypsy witch .. and how to use them
  2771. Making my own oracle deck
  2772. The Art of Kipper Card Reading (Book)
  2773. What oracle cards do you recommend to go with this tarot...?
  2774. Lovers oracle "My beloved."
  2775. Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild
  2776. Joy and Sorrow Oracle APP coming soon
  2777. Does anyone know what oracle deck this is?
  2778. Courses by the card geek on Etsy
  2779. Flip trought Seeds of Shakti Oracle 2nd edition
  2780. focus and charging one card/deck (ideas, pros, cons)
  2781. pros of using the reversals with your oracle,kipper, lenormand. etc
  2782. New Romance Oracle
  2783. Sibilla Oracle vs Every Day Oracle
  2784. Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck
  2785. Wisdom Keepers by Rosy Aronson--color edition!
  2786. How do you guys use the Original Dog Tarot?
  2787. Pairing the Thoth with an oracle?
  2788. Visionary Cards
  2789. Which deck is this?
  2790. Sacred Creators Oracle
  2791. The pros and cons of an oracle deck
  2792. Zen Witch oracle cards
  2793. Asking for info on Sabian Symbols
  2794. The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards
  2795. Dream lady - oracle version [emoji177]
  2796. Spring/Summer Oracles..
  2797. Paracelse Oracle
  2798. Oracle of Toy Classics
  2799. #createthisoracledeck ....... a diy challenge on instagram
  2800. Does anyone own the Gaia Matrix Oracle.
  2801. Earth Wisdom Oracle by Barbara Moore
  2802. book for; Le Jeu du Destin Antique!
  2803. the Carot
  2804. Best Bird Decks?
  2805. How do you work with the Fallen Angel Oracle?
  2806. Shadow work with the Clow cards
  2807. Deviant Moon Oracle
  2808. Poll: Your Favorite Arthur Rackham Oracle Back Design
  2809. Joy and Sorrow Oracle App update
  2810. Forces Flora + Fauna by Colleen Hardy
  2811. Favorite oracle decks sold on Etsy
  2812. angelarium oracle
  2813. How to do angel card readings
  2814. angel answers oracle cards
  2815. Paul Klee jumbo oracle deck
  2816. "Ghostbusters" cards
  2817. Path of the Soul Destiny Cards by Cheryl Lee Harnish
  2818. Direction of the Kipper People Cards (Moved from Lenormand)
  2819. Numbered Zigeuner Cards.
  2820. Decks or divination compatible with Alan Watts' ideas?
  2821. Reading Oracle Decks
  2822. Universal mind oracle deck on kick starter
  2823. Druid Plant Oracle (W. Worthington- Stephanie Carr-Gomm)) reissue !!!
  2824. How to read cards with personcards in Kipper?
  2825. Divine Feminine and masculine reunited oracle deck on Kickstarter
  2826. Magic of Nature Oracle
  2827. Are people scared of Playing card readings ?
  2828. Doreen Virtue's Conversion
  2829. Viking Oracle
  2830. The Oracle of Dr. John Dee
  2831. Russian Gypsy Fortunetelling Cards
  2832. Sneak Peek @Joy and Sorrow Oracle App
  2833. Kickstarter deck- inner compass cards
  2834. Symbolon deck, thoughts?
  2835. Oracle deck Suggestion to use as Clarifyer Cards
  2836. Learning to trust my cards
  2837. Help with Kipper Reading
  2838. Lichen oracle by Lorena Babcock Moore
  2839. Seeds of Shakti Oracle
  2840. Illuminated Tarot
  2841. Compendium of Constellations
  2842. Dilemma!!
  2843. Release of Joy and Sorrow App today!
  2844. Books
  2845. Froud Faerie Oracle Decks - Both or Just One?
  2846. Rich Oracle Decks
  2847. nature whispers,whispers of love and mystical wisdom
  2848. chronicles of destiny
  2849. "go to " oracle deck
  2850. free oracle reading course
  2851. Froud's Faeries' Oracle- memorization vs referencing the book
  2852. help- wisdom of oracle or chronicles of destiny?
  2853. Whispering Woods Inspiration Cards
  2854. Beasts Of Albion Miranda Gray anyone familiar?
  2855. Hidden Forest Oracle Deck
  2856. WHICH ORACLES resonate for you and WHY?
  2857. How often do you read oracles?
  2858. DRAO Oracle Deck on Crowdfunding :)
  2860. GENTLE vs KICK IN THE PANTS Oracles?
  2861. try it for FREE
  2862. Baba "reading cards"
  2863. 'Nothing Is As It Seems' oracle
  2864. The Samadhi Oracle
  2866. My Journey Totem Deck (animal guides)
  2867. IF you were going to make your own special oracle
  2868. P.C. SPADES ALL BAD?
  2869. Oracle of the unicorns in an enchanted Realm of Magic and miracles .
  2870. Creating I Ching oracle cards
  2871. a kipper question
  2872. Angels of Abundance by D.V!:)
  2873. New Uusi deck June 20.
  2874. A Near-Perfect Match?
  2875. Tarot Oracle Deck
  2876. Cosmic reading cards by Nari Anastarsia
  2877. Fuzzy Prism Oracle Preorders
  2878. Would like some recommendations
  2879. Directional cards and kippper
  2880. First time angel deck buyer. Recommendations?
  2881. Can you help identify this deck?
  2882. Oracle cards vs Tarot: what's more difficult?
  2883. Should I buy it???
  2884. Dolphin Divination Cards
  2885. Can anyone identify this Aztec(?) themed deck?
  2886. Flowers of the Night Oracle
  2887. Kick starter deck "Supra" beyond the other worlds an oracle.
  2888. Caroline Myss' Archetype Cards
  2889. Healing Oracle the hand written note I found in my second hand cards
  2890. Self-collected Oracles
  2891. can oracle cards be haunted? madame endora creepy post beware!
  2892. OMG!!!! Secret Dakini Oracle for $25!!!!!!