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07-06-2008, 18:12
Just a thought about the smileys, from an inept, elderly, computer dumbo....:-)

I'm having a devil of a job to get to the smiley codes when I'm actually in the middle of posting something......I keep losing my post and have to start again.....so I do a lot of these..:-)

I was wondering why they are in codes on a separate page, and not on the forum to be readily available?

Ang x

07-06-2008, 18:29
They are on every page Ange.

Whatever forum you are in, or thread, or even when replying to a post, you can scroll down to Posting Rules right at the bottom left-hand side and click on Smilies. Then copy and paste.

Most people memorise the codes they use alot like : followed by D for :D or : followed by ( for :(

07-06-2008, 19:18
Ah....I've just been having a play.....
then lost the post....so I'll try again......:-)



I get it......:laugh:

Ang x