View Full Version : long-term potential for lovers with these aspects?

11-06-2008, 18:29
Sun Conjunction Neptune 2.51 114
Mercury Trine Mercury 3.26 91
Venus Trine Mercury 1.28 112
Mars Square Mars 0.52 -137
Jupiter Trine Venus 1.12 82
Jupiter Conjunction Uranus 1.56 92
Saturn Square Venus 2.04 -95
Saturn Conjunction Mars 4.25 74
Saturn Conjunction Jupiter 1.41 102
Neptune Conjunction Neptune 2.23 68
Pluto Square Venus 0.54 -97
Pluto Conjunction Jupiter 4.39 54
Pluto Conjunction Pluto 4.23 45

i see mercury trine mercury, mercury trine venus as very positive in their long term fulfillment. also, his venus is capricorn, her mars is scorpio - a good water/earth combination. the ruler of her 7th house is sagittarius, he is a sagittarius sun. both are cancer ascendants which can be cause for some fluctuations due to moodiness but their desire for love and warmth should continue to pull them together. she is a leo sun, he is an aquarius moon. she is a gemini moon. so their sun/moon combinations are very harmonious. both have neptune aspecting their natal suns, her sextile, him conjunct... so there is a spirtuality that is sure to characterize their relationship.

contacts that are worrisome are the saturn square venus but this could be wrong as his birthtime is not known. also his mars is in aquarius, while hers is in scorpio, so she could be much more intense than him at times. although his moon is conjunct mars which gives him an intensity as well.

link to synastry chart: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/warmscars/oursynastry-kands.gif

16-06-2008, 14:36
Hi, since no one has replied to your post (and I also saw your other post re: Venus-Saturn aspect) I can give you my opinion for what it's worth.

I did not look at the chart (laziness), rather I'll give you my 2 cents based on your list.

First off, its not easy giving an opinion about a synastry chart without first taking into consideration the natal charts of each individual. It really makes a difference.

Being that the natals are not available, I can say this:

Venus square Saturn w/ a 2 deg orb is not exactly a cakewalk. Regardless of birth time (because if there is a 2 deg orb then Venus is not going to travel fast enough to be out of contact w/ Saturn within a day).

Also, you must take other factors into account: If Person As Venus trines Person Bs Jupiter, and Person As Uranus is conj Person Bs Jupiter, then that would possible indicate that Person A's natal Venus is trine his/her natal Uranus. And it would appear to be within a very tight orb as well. So if I were you I would ask this other individual (Person A) if they have ever really had a long term relationship? Perhaps you are Person A, in which case you could ponder that question yourself.

And further looking at the list you have posted, it would also appear as if Person As natal Venus is square to his/her natal Mars.

Also, (and without a birth time it would be difficult to determine this), but Person B's Jupiter sits right on person As Uranus with a relatively tight orb. So it would be important to know what house Person Bs Jupiter rules natally? That is very important. With an orb that tight, Uranus's influence can be disruptive to Person B, which may not make for a stable relationship.

A couple of other things, Mars conj Saturn in synastry is hell. There is no nice way to say it, it can be terribly frustrating. Again, you would need to look to the respective houses that those planets rule in the natals.

And last but definitely not least, Venus square Pluto, it can be tantilizing (at first), but after a while it could also be extremely emotionally draining. Maybe even more so than the Mars-Saturn conj. Actually, with the both of those contacts in one synastry chart, I would say it would definitely make for lots of excitement, but ultimately a burden may weigh very heavily on the both of the individuals.

Oh, lastly, two fixed Mars squaring eachother within less than 1 degree, hhhmmm. I can say this, there's definitely not a dull interaction btw these two.

Hope I helped a little bit.