View Full Version : uranus transits - breaking up or intensification of feelings?

26-06-2008, 19:48
i am about to go visit my lover in a week and we have several issues that need to be hashed out regarding our future together (is he moving back to california - where i live and where we met - or is he not). he is finishing school on the east coast and has several job offers from cities there and has not had much luck with jobs in california. around the time of my visit he will be going through several hard uranus transits through his mars and saturn. uranus transits tend to be very exciting, exhilarating, are often present during intense love affairs... but the hard transits make me worry as it signals some kind of break. and i wonder if it will be from me or from his ideas about being responsible and going where he gets a job offer. the transit of uranus through saturn particularly seems to be connected to work... and it may be a time of upheaval in a sense that he decides to throw caution to the wind and come to california?? mars ruling desire though i wonder if uranus will shake up his feelings for me??

29-06-2008, 01:50
Did you factor in Uranus Retro till Nov?

29-06-2008, 05:49
uranus mars can mean taking risks going for what you want despite what is expected of you - taking a plunge and to heck with consequences

uranus saturn is bit different - its still liberating but it makes you think of your whole life structure - how it traps you how it sustains you - its definitely dilemma material

the first aspect is kind of selfish, the 2nd factors in other people, other things

i think it looks good on the whole and that he could well move back to your area - so much depends on his natalchart and disposition/upbringing
just my opinion