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01-07-2008, 04:35
Ok has anyone had this happen to you? I used to be drawn to Labradorite, and like years ago like probly 10, i brought a large ring and a large pendant. Ok like then for some reason every time i wore ither one of those i had like bad luck and like just an over all bad neg feeling. so i got rid of both of those and never wore the stone again. and i started wearing the darker stones like black diopstide and like onyx. ok like resently hmm like within the past few months, 2008 really i have really been into the stone so much again. i brought a large ring that i wear all the time(wich is saying something cause i wear amber all the time like i have tons of amber i love and rarely do i have on other stones) and i want anouther one and a pendant and just i m drawn to it. also i have brought some moonstone jewelry and orbs, and i used to hate moonstone and i love it also. and now i really do not like dark stones anymore, i m even starting to dislike amethyst.

has anyone has like stone changes like that?

morticia monroe
01-07-2008, 05:15
I love them all........each and every one, even the little grey uglies in the driveway. :) (Diamonds in the rough just waiting to be tumbled, they are.)

But I do know what you mean about the jewelry. I get a craving to wear certain types for awhile, then whim changes and I reach for something else. Nothing happens to make me feel differently, and I might wear a certain piece for ages, then one day, I just don't feel like wearing it any longer, and my mind says "I want the "blank" today".....

02-07-2008, 08:55
I tend to buy loose stones every now and then for no particular reason, and have them around the house. Then someone comes and is drawn to a particular stone and can't put it down - so I give it to them. Then they ask what it is and the stone is always one that they 'need' at that time, and we often discuss their worries and find they have been drawn to a stone that can help. Stones talk to people even if the person has no knowledge of their attributes. You will always pick the right one.

You change stones as your own needs change - they are working for and with you. It is natural for this to happen - you might enjoy looking into what each stone brings you if you haven't already :love:

05-07-2008, 11:21
i love all my stones yet when friends come and see me, i always check my collections if there is something that suits their needs. first i just started out with my crystal rosary and my opal ring but now its so amazing that i have collections of different stones though in a form of pendant or bracelets. my husband and children had sets of necklace and bracelets too which we personally designed it. i am so happy that my family appreciated and started to have interest in stones. sometimes i reminded myself to stop buying stones especially that money is scarce but i cant stop thinking of what stones to buy though NOT ALL for me But to my friends and family because i want them to enjoy the benefits from this beautiful gift from mother earth.