View Full Version : tarot for jewelry trading sites?

08-07-2008, 03:23
Has anyone heard of any sites online that trade tarot decks for jewelry? if so let me know. cause i am always interested in that sort of thing and i have never seen it anywere. like i m always making jewerly and then do not use it or people trade me jewelry for other things(ie i make clothes and they trade me jewelry for them)

08-07-2008, 07:28
Hi Oni,

Well, I don't know of any but sometimes people who are clearing out their tarot decks in the Tarot Trading section will accept an equitable trade (bags, jewelry, books, etc.) for a deck. I can't remember if you have to be an AT subscriber or not.

If you're a subscriber, I do know that you can post in the Advertisements section (I think) and offer your jewelry for trade...but don't quote me on it. :cool:

Good luck!