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20-07-2008, 15:38
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Blessings Elven

First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is. Zen Aphorism

It is the ultimate wisdom of the mountains that a man is never more a man than when he is striving for what is beyond his grasp. James Ramsey Ullman
Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought. Basho

July's Capricorn full moon falls on the 18th and promises to be interesting and challenging and confronting and uplifting and cleansing - and probably all at the same time.

The Sabian Symbol for the full moon is Capricorn 27: A Mountain Pilgrimage, which brings a sense of spiritual retreat, striving for a destination or a desired outcome, wanting to surpass previous efforts, the desire to leave behind the complications and complexities of life in order to reach for something better, higher, purer, more rarefied perhaps.

The Mountain Pilgrimage is a wonderful image, especially for a Capricorn Symbol as it fits in with the archetype of the mountain goat, the image of Capricorn. (It's interesting to remember that Elsie Wheeler, the spiritualist medium who gave birth to the Sabian Symbols in 1925, did not have any conscious awareness of the sign or degree of the zodiac she was seeing when she described the images she saw in her mind's eye for the Sabian Symbols. This shows, again, how astoundingly amazing the Sabian Symbols and the method of their birth was).

It seems that, at this full moon, there is, or needs to be, a bit of "mountain goat" in all of us. We have to be sure-footed, persevering, able to withstand the rigors that life puts in front of us, prepared for our journey and taking it willingly, being and staying on the path, and, often, having to or choosing to go without some of the things or comforts we normally have in our lives. We are often asked to have expectations, but to let go of them at the same time - quite the paradox.

As I write this, I'm in Sydney's Blue Mountains, in a house right on the edge of a precipice - quite the place to be on this full moon. It feels quiet and secluded and far away from the maddening crowd, particularly as there are literally hundreds of thousands of 'pilgrims' from Australia and all over the world in Sydney right now for World Youth Day - a big gathering of the young and not so young, Catholics here for a big festival the focus of which is the Pope visiting Sydney. All over the media, on the front pages of the newspapers, in the news reports on television, etc, are references to the word 'pilgrim' - interesting in the light of this full moon. Huge numbers of people arrived in Sydney from all over the world, making this a very big event on Sydney's calendar.

The following is an excerpt of my take on Capricorn 27: The Mountain Pilgrimage from my book The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle -

In the situation facing you, there may be a need to strive and to learn more on your path to understanding and fulfillment. You may feel the desire to follow those who have gone before you in order to achieve a true sense of inner fulfillment and achievement. The effort that you have to expend is sometimes great, but, then, so can be the rewards. A keen sense of ambition that knows few limitations or boundaries, can lead to the top, even though it might be a steep climb. This ‘Pilgrimage’ can signal the need to get back to the purer elements of life and finding one’s spiritual grounding. The effort involved in the ‘Mountain Pilgrimage’ can take you away from friends and family, and those things that have been familiar and comforting to you.

However, you may be surrounded, sometimes above and sometimes below, by people who share the same hopes and visions. These aren’t necessarily the friends and family that you are used to sharing your life with, but people you meet up with on the journey. Still, this may be a lonely journey, whether you are with others or not. Regardless, keep striving – it may be well worth the time and effort as you work to reach your own ‘Mountain’ top.

Speaking of the Pope visiting Sydney and all the events surrounding that, Pluto now is on Sagittarius 30: The Pope Blessing the Faithful - of course, this is quite apt. Pluto was on and near that degree during the meetings over the last year or so between the Pope and President George W. Bush. For each of us, questions could arise over just who we 'bless' with our attentions, recognition and allegiance. Who is it that blesses us? We could find, with Pluto on that degree, that we are finding new depths to our relationships - longing to find those we bond with on all levels. There's a warning in this placement to not let others lord it over you - and to be aware if you find yourself doing it to others. Further, we need to take the charge out of minor issues of people 'recognizing' us for who and what we are. Do we really need the blessing of others? I guess we do, in the main, but relying on other's reactions is the down side of this Pluto placement.

always, I look to the degree of the Sun in a full moon to complete the picture. The Sabian Symbol is Cancer 27: A Violent Storm in a Canyon filled with Valuable Homes. The 'Violent Storm' sounds rather ominous, something hard to control, something difficult to contain. It will be interesting to see how this degree plays out as there is usually some kind of event that causes us to suck in our breath, often to halt and take stock of our lives, to clear out the old and outworn; to get rid of the cobwebs. Nine times out of ten, we see the 'Violent Storm' in events in the external world, yet they often give us a time for reflection, often to remember how lucky we are.

Following are some quotes and my take on this degree:
Try to relax and enjoy the crisis. Ashleigh Brilliant
Watch out for emergencies. They are your big chance. Fritz Reiner
A man is sometimes lost in the dust of his own raising. David Ruggles
It is your business when the wall next door catches fire. Horace

Commentary: ‘A Violent Storm in a Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes’ shows that a ‘Storm’ has released its fury on those in its path. The ‘Weather’ that has been unleashed can reflect actual weather, or psychological or emotional conditions. The ‘Homes’ need not be ""expensive", but are places that are 'Valuable' to the occupants, they usually feel protected and safe. Somehow, a ‘Storm’ has raged through. Exactly what will happen next may be rather uncertain.

Oracle: You may find yourself much deeper in a situation than you may have imagined, and now you are caged by the “walls” around you. There is probably no immediate escape from the turbulence that is happening. You may have had some forewarning that this ‘Storm’ was coming; with pressure piling up, threatening to explode at any moment. You may have had no intention or made no particular movements to invoke this ‘Storm’, however it’s out of hand in your environment nonetheless.

The best thing to do is to wait it out and protect yourself, and those around you. Although this may have been building for days, or years, many are often taken by surprise at the sudden turn of events or the intensity of what’s being unleashed.

An event or something that was said can let loose a torrent of emotional and physical energy that may be hard to contain. In fact, endeavoring to contain it may result in more damage. Things probably need to blow themselves out naturally.

A positive outcome may not come to light for awhile, but things will fall back where they are meant to, in the end. Look back to see what you’ve contributed, as it may help to see a way out, or at least reconcile what’s happened. It’s likely that a number of people have been affected. It may be a disaster, or it may end up being a blessing in some way. See if you can rebuild your community – some people may have to be left out of your life, however.

Keywords: Arguments and emotional confrontations. The “pressure cooker” environments of modern-day living. Psychic energy unleashed. Furious emotions. Changing the status quo. Bad weather and its consequences. Rebuilding from the foundations. Living in canyons. Being surrounded by mountainous peaks. The awesome power of nature.

The Caution: Wrongly believing that you are in control of the uncontrollable. Enjoyment of emotional storms and turmoil. Lots of noise that erupts out of nowhere. Whipping things up. Life-threatening behavior. Confrontations. Storm fronts. Social upheavals. Disturbing or violent reactions. Domestic violence.

The degree Symbols of this full moon were played out in Australia during the Pope's visit as a father of two girls whose lives were shattered and ruined and lost appealed to the Catholic Church for recognition for the pain and suffering that the family, and others, had experienced at the hands of a priest who raped the children when they were very young and attending a Catholic school. The church tried to cover up the abuse in so many ways, and, indeed, a spokesperson for the church said indefensible things about the family and their bringing up the story. Bashing the victim yet again.

Rather tellingly, perhaps, is Mars on Virgo 11: A Boy Molded in His Mother's Aspirations For Him. Taking the gender bias out, that could read A Child Molded in Their Parent's Aspirations. The 'aspirations' of the family that was ruined under the hands of that priest must be suffering such terrible pain. In our own lives we may find a resistance to being told how to act, how to be, how to react, what our limitations are, what our aims and goals should be. How to live our lives on every level. Mars can have a rather visceral reaction to expectations of others when it's on this degree. What and whose expectations are you living by? Do you feel fulfilled?

We're challenged at this full moon to keep our mind, heart and soul, not to mention body, intact and whole. Perhaps a good shattering and a big blast of wind is just what's needed to propel us from one situation into another, hopefully far better one. Perhaps we need to put up the shutters to protect ourselves from the outside world. However, as always, it's our inner world that is most interesting on this full moon.

The solution at this full moon seems to include the image of the pilgrimage; we should continue on our way, undaunted by storms and expectations and issues that other's project onto us. By ploughing onwards and upwards, we can make our own Mountain Pilgrimage a very special and rewarding one. Where is your mountain? What and who are you going to take with you on your ascent?

by Lynda Hill.

28-07-2008, 07:38
thank you for the post!

Hopeful Lynda will put a blog out about the upcoming eclipses too


29-07-2008, 06:48
Hi Marina!
I hope so!!
That Cap Moon was actually not too bad for me ... touch wood *Elven runs off to hug tree* :P


30-07-2008, 07:58
well yes we enjoyed a holiday to the Gold Coast - Byron and the hinterlands!
it was a journey and we all came back different people..
we went to the top of a mountain - where the Crystal Castle is

WE need to return ....



30-07-2008, 08:20
Ah! Thats sounds lovely Marina!
I hope the weather was nice for you and thawed you out too :D It been soooo cold brrrrrr!!
The crystal castle? Sounds wonderful! Im amazed you left! ;)

and yes, holidays are a repeat process - hope there's one looming around the corner again for you soon :D

Elven x

30-07-2008, 20:02
I prayed VERY hard that I would get to return to the crystal castle - it was something else
the people there was lovely the energy was - something else and I was in 7th heaven!

Did you see Lyndas take on 08 08 08 - my sun and north node are aspected on that date so Im looking for my own gold medal :)

30-07-2008, 20:26
No I haven't seen Lyndas take on this!
Is it on the boards?

Off to scout around!

Elven x

05-08-2008, 07:30
I also noticed that symbol - Canyons - often brings news of plane or air disaters ... I hope it doesn't come about, but I wonder if the mountain has anything to do with that as well. A plane crash atop a mountain?

I know this energy has passed, but it will be ineresting to see if this plays out.

Elven x

05-08-2008, 07:55
I agree- but Qantas HAS has 3 issues with their aircraft - with ONE big hole in one plane - which after talking to some experts should have bee a huge accidet - if it were not for the skill of the pilots AND some luck!
so maybe it was just averted - only just?


05-08-2008, 15:58
Oh good catch MCsea!
I havent been up on the news lately - well not home grown - been listening to the BBC world news ... they did mention this but I heard about the first one and caught up on the rest.
This symbol was also present with the London airport threats (last year?) - that's why I equate it with planes and explosions ... but Im wondering if it was deliberately done to cause a panic ... as you say - just averted ... Ive pencilled this into that symbol - its the 3rd time I have something similar about air planes ... I'll keep an eye for when i spot it coming up again.

Elven x

11-08-2008, 00:30
Elven slaps forehead ... this was also one of the symbols for the London bombings ... and now I hear there have been a few in China ... :)
Thats where the airport prompt comes from.

11-08-2008, 07:54
IM so glad you posted this too
last night I dreamt I was in a plane crash - but now I can 'see' how it all fits in...

I hope world peace starts to gather strenght in these times..


11-08-2008, 12:44
Oh thats amazing Marina. I havent dreamt of being in something like that for years. The last one was a black and white dream and a WWII plane I fell out of :bugeyed: ...

I hope for the World Peace too - now I hear of another war starting ... Russia ...

Praying for better days ahead!

Peace and blessings Marina
Elven x