View Full Version : Crystals and Herbs for the Flu

22-07-2008, 13:22
I have had a case of the summer flu the last few days. It is horrible. I have had the sweats, chills, pukes, and all the other "fun" that goes along with it. Does anyone have any ideas on what crystals and herbs work best to treat this?


22-07-2008, 13:34
Fluorite, labradorite, and moss agate...unless it's food poisoning then it would be emerald....you haven't been eating jalapeno peppers have you?

28-07-2008, 06:58
wanted to say hi hope the flu is getting better. Im at the end of it too and finding aquamarine is helping me sleep:-)

28-07-2008, 19:05
Any cool-coloured stone will bring down the fever; and avoid hot-coloured stones. Place stones directly on the body - head, chest, stomach. If you are shivering and they fall off, tape them. Cleanse them in pure clear cool water regularly - every hour or so - with the intent of filling the stone with the purity and coolness of the water. Blue lace agate works particularly well.

For chest pains, mallow flowers and thyme (infused) or mallow root (decoction) work wonders. The root is stronger. Thyme on its own is powerful too and you can drink it by the pint, especially with real honey - make sure the honey is pure and directly from the beekeeper. Commercial honey is just sugar.