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Guiding Cauldron
23-07-2008, 08:23
can anyone explain to me what it means when you see an "imprint" in your crystal?

I@ll try to explain....i have a beautiful quartz crystal, that was a gift from someone. When i see it i sence a bit of sadness from teh stone but also love holding it as its peaceful.

last night i was looking at it and destressing really before bed but i noticed that this crystal at its pointy tip end amongst the facets are lil triangles, on side has LOADS of them i never noticed before! You cant feel them, but you can defiently SEE them. But each side has at least one triangle "imprinted" in tne crystal. The side with teh most triangles reminded me of a kinda of motherbnoard when you see the inside circuits of a computer, very detailed, mapped out really and specific looking in its arrangment. Also I have noticed tonight that one side of tip HAS a slightly raised square on it, that you can feel on eth crystal. I was just flabergasted when i noticed it all.

I dunno how many times i have held this crystal but have only just now really seen it and felt it vibrations.

does this kind of crystal imagery have a particular purpose? Is it a record keeper or something? I have always felt the body sides of this crystal are like barcode scans...a type of key really. I love the cloudy inclusuions within this body ut now these triangles really have me wondering what i've stumbled across!

thanks for any help xoxo

23-07-2008, 09:52
Sounds like you have a phantom quartz crystal - how lovely!

23-07-2008, 10:00
Are these triangles on the surface of the pointed face of the crystal?
Or are they, inside, like the phantom shown in link above?
Inclusions in crystals are typically internal. What is on the surface is something else, I believe. I do not know of the metaphysical properties of said triangles, but if these are on the surface like I think, then they are very cool no matter what they mean. Geologically, these are, I guess one could call them, 'birthmarks'? LOL. I have a crystal that has triangles on it's point as well, I'm curious to see what others have to say about them.

morticia monroe
23-07-2008, 10:35
They are called library crystals, and also go by another name that does not spring to mind...

anyways, here are some types of quartz crystals...


23-07-2008, 11:07
That kind of crystal is called a Record Keeper.
They symbolize the perfect harmony of mind, body, emotions and spirit and the all-seeing eye.
Record keepers hold the imprint of all that has gone before and are portals to spiritual wisdom.
They are a good stone for exploring your inner self.
They act as a catalyst for growth and help to remove obstacles from your path so you can see progress in your life.
They reenergize you whole being and help prevent burn out.
There are two ways of meditating with them...by placing it on your third eye it helps open your personal or collective past or reatune your own wisdom...also gently rubbing the triangles as you meditate helps to "open the book" to spiritual wisdom.
Congratulations that is a very special crystal!

Guiding Cauldron
23-07-2008, 20:34
Can one crystal have several features to it? Because all of the below seem to work, but in different ways that are combined?

THIS IS AT THE BASE AND WITHIN MY CRYSTAL- Dendritic Crystal This is a crystal that contains branch-like inclusions, which resemble a MOSS or a plant like form. It facilitates closeness with nature and stimulates recall of past lives relative to this earth.

Devic Crystal A crystal that contains a lot of fairy frost, fractures(rainbows), and INCLUSIONS This crystal helps us to communicate with the Devas and Elfin folk, or nature spirits that cohabit this earth with humans.

Etched Crystal This crystal appears to have ABRASIONS or frosting on the outer layer resembling hieroglyphics. These crystals are a personal meditation tool and can assist in opening many doors.

**MINE HAS THIS TOO! Key Crystal This is a crystal that has an indentation that is usually three or six-sided and appears as though a point or side of a crystal was once imbedded. They facilitate the unlocking of doors to healing concepts.

I've always felt like this was blasted apart or missing a piece now I know it actually is! :)

**This defiently seems like it regarding eth images I see on the faces of my crystal!! LIBRARY CRYSTAL A crystal that has many record-keeper triangles on the main face of the termination. These are very old crystals that contain wisdom and knowledge that will be needed in many many areas of concern.

Record Keeper Crystal This is a crystal with one or more raised or etched perfect triangles on one or more of the faces. These triangles have also been noted on amethyst and garnets also. These crystals contain the wisdom and knowledge needed for the future, as well as, information about the past.

yes, these are all defient characteristics of my crystal, very interesting!!

Ok this is all uncanny! 2 nights ago I had a vision of being given a silver KEY from the stars.

The next night I was woken up by a brilliantly white/silver light shining on my face from my window. My window is not near street lights that can shine in and my eyes were closed as I was woken from a bright light. when i opened my eyes i saw light coming from only the upper half of my window the bottom half was still black as night. I have no coverings on my window.

Then move onto me noticing these things about my crystal, searching for info about it.

Now move onto I started reading a book yesterday on a healing path. It includes faery healing- not whimsy fairies, but actuall faerys I even had a vision of a maple tree faery last night before falling asleep!

Well this is certainly opening my eyes thank you again for all teh help :) Bright bless xx