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25-07-2008, 01:07
Just caught a glimpse of something cool on Yahoo. I am sorry I am not very good with the computer so I don't know how to post a link. Maybe someone here could post a link. They have found a riverlike base of crystals in New Mexico. I think it is called Snowy River. Can you imagine standing on a River of tiny crystals.
Had to share. :)

25-07-2008, 05:19
there you go


25-07-2008, 05:48
That is impressive. :bugeyed:

25-07-2008, 15:43
"Calcite Crystal Healing Properties

Varying in colours, this stone is a good balancer. Helps to alleviate stress and enhances memory, making us more energetic and enthusiastic. Regulates calcium in the bones, stimulates the metabolism, alleviates skin and intestinal complaints and strengthens the heart." [ from frannie ]

And after you walk though the calcite caves ... ?

And now, apparently, as well as crystals and minerals having healing properties, they can generate new life forms wich eat the minerals and give off by-products which might be used as pharmaceutical drugs !!!

From the above site; "Dr. Penny Boston, director of the cave and Karst studies program at New Mexico Tech, said her studies of the passage's microbiology have revealed several species of microorganisms that were previously unknown to exist. The species live in this isolated environment by essentially eating the rocks, creating chemical byproducts in the process that could have pharmaceutical uses."

25-07-2008, 16:02
That area of the world is rather well-known for its calcite - check out these puppies:


Blew my mind when I realised there were people STANDING ON THE CRYSTALS!!!

\m/ Kat

26-07-2008, 00:27
best not send superman there he might melt Thor. Shakes head superman and thor in one sentence.te-he-he. still lovely specimens of calcite.

26-07-2008, 13:23
Shakes head superman and thor in one sentence.LOL

Selenite (calcite, gypsum) is one crystal to which I'm super-sensitive - I love it to bits, but I have to be careful with it. It's great for when my mind is whirling and I just need to stop the endless cycling of thoughts. In that sense, I think that Crystal River would be wonderful, draining all the tension and worry away . . . *sigh*

\m/ Kat