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04-08-2008, 22:51
Hi All,

I cast my chart - fairly easily but I have no idea where to start to decipher it. Will someone help me sort thru this? I will trade a tarot reading or an oracle reading or both whatever you want - Seriously.

I can send you the chart or I can attempt to post it here...

please let me know...thanks
frannie :heart:

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Thanks Sravana. I googled and read but it is very different. I have a moderate knowledge of western astrology but this is really of no help. I casted my vedic chart - that was easy I found a site but I want to understand what the aspects mean to me personally....

vedic e-list.... off to go google. :D Thanks!

05-08-2008, 22:50
Hey franniee,

Well, I know Vedic Astrology (well, whatever I've self-taught myself), and I'd be glad to help you out with interpreting your Vedic Chart, as well as, teach you the basics as well.

Let me know if you'd be interested

Love and Blessings

06-08-2008, 01:37
Thanks Sweet!

I actually resized the chart in photoshop - hopefully this will work. :D

Tell me whatever else you need.

oooooooo I am so excited!!! And my ayurvedic program will be ready for me later this week. So everything is a go.

Thank you so much!!!!!

10-08-2008, 04:15
Hey franniee,

Check your pm :)

20-08-2008, 09:25
OK his is as far as we have gotten. :D Thanks to my Sweet teacher ;)

In tropical astrology (the kind we're more used to), people tend to stress upon the Sun-Sign of the individual. However, in vedic astrology, we focus mainly upon the Ascendant (Rising sign or Lagna) of the horoscope.

In your chart, your Ascendant is Pisces, whose symbol represents two fish swimming in opposite direction, which is known to represent contradictory ambitions and ideals. It may also indicate two marriages, because Mercury, the ruler of the 7th house (Virgo), is a dual planet (however, in present scenario, marriage could also equal a super super long term relationship that seemed like a marriage). You love to teach and you seem to do well when you learn things on your own through your own personal research and efforts, and are work wonderful with children, able to teach them easily in a fun and playful manner. You also have a way to win over enemies passively, but at the same time many people tend to take advantage of you because you tend to be naturally benign towards others around you. You have a natural ability for all things intuitive and psychic but it develops later in life, however your mind is incredibly fertile and creative giving you a flair for writing and poetry, and also inclines you towards deep study of all things esoteric and metaphysical.

You can be very enthusiastic, but not always wisely so. You like to influence others, but tend to be easily influenced yourself and tend to be vulnerable or impressionable (although this can come in handy, as it shows great amount of empath qualities, which would work well for your reading tarot). Your friendly and communicative nature helps you relate to a variety of people from all kinds of backgrounds, but there might be tendencies to become dependent or make others dependent upon yourself.

A part of you is easily moved by feelings, but it is important that you create boundaries of detachment to understand when those feelings are genuine and when they aren't, as you can easily be moved by sympathy and pity, and when frustrated with life, there is a tendency for developing self-pity. You tend to be attached to the past for good or ill and perhaps tendancy to be susceptible to missionary type influences and like demonstrations of faith. Perhaps you like to have neat and organized rituals and ceremonies.

There seems to be times when you lack a sense of confidence about yourself or perhaps have too many "impractical" ideas about yourself, though you wish to acheive a great deal in life. Perhaps this comes out of a need for special acknowledgement or approval that stems from childhood. Hence it's important to learn how to channel your imagination productively and learn to incorporate discrimination when needed, for once you do this, you can reflect the creative joy of your soul.

Now since Pisces is your Ascendant, that means the ruling planet of your chart is Jupiter (the traditional ruler of Pisces. Neptune isn't mentioned as in Vedic astrology, we only use the classical planets).

In your chart, Jupiter is in the 11th house and in the sign of Capricorn. In this case, Jupiter appears to be weak, due to the fact that it's in it's sign of debility, and in a 'Saturn-ruled' sign and house as well. A remedial measure to strengthen Jupiter within your chart would be to wear crystals like Yellow Topaz. It can be worn around your neck as a pendant or as a ring on your right index finger (preferably gold). This should be worn on a thursday when the moon is waxing at sunrise. It would also be beneficial if you wear bright colors like yellow orange etc, and avoid dark colors as much as possible.

Jupiter energy is also increased through optimism and learning to have more faith with yourself. It would be powerful for you if you perform meditative rituals of chanting positive and empowering affirmations for yourself, and make it a point to do at least one self-less good deed during the week.

Most of this is spot on. I married late so the two marriages thing is out. Whew!!! :D I do love to wear black so that is posing an issue. :laugh:

What is up next? Dear teacher.