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23-08-2008, 05:32
A purposeful, although mollases speed of transit for a lot of people, with the Sun and Pluto trine in Virgo and Sagittarius/Capricorn. (Sagittarius and Virgo don't get along, usually to the detriment of the Virgos sanity and the (self)destruction of Sagittarius self-control) Virgo's hard working ethic, sometimes negated by other factors, has a procedurial process of dealing with each layer of any situation. Sagittarius, usually athletic, wants to move, move, move. While not one to be stuck in place, once there though, will heat the fire and boil everything out of the water like a volcano under the ocean.

mercury and venus have merged into one consistant force of behaviour, denying anyone their placed medals of anything for now, olympics come to mind for this, after long training processes, the outcome results in new records being met.

Mars moving into balanced libra indicates a real communication oriented, justice oriented, centralized procedure of legal, militant, and corporate minded people in regards how we as people are to see our lives at this conjuncture, libra's wind carries leaves into the sky as autumn yellows and browns light up our lives. Winter comes soon enough, enjoy a windbreaker autumn before a heavy-coat is needed for the mindset of snow-removal your front porch sets into your subconcious, it has with me (damn snowshovel dreams).

23-08-2008, 06:04
Hi there, green-as-grass newbie - anything I should know as a new student? :D

- I will be following your posts!

26-08-2008, 06:32
a multi-planetary retrograde including Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto has been predominant throughout all of July and August, and with August; at a very slow rate of speed. Pluto and Jupiter will return direct early september, this is a good time to copy the electronic data and then try to repair the electronics themselves, since electonics assets are being targeted by this retrograde. Pushing hard to fix the problems will be the desired way, although the productive method will be more tuned with the sun in virgo, one thing at a time.