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Another wonderful Sabian Symbol overview from Lynda Hill.

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Sabian Symbols - August 30/31 2008 - 2nd New Moon

Life’s a dance, you learn as you go, sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow. Don’t worry bout what you don’t know, life’s a dance…. you learn as you go. Katie Schrimsher

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels.
Faith Whittlesey

I don’t try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself. Mikhail Baryshnikov

Will you, won’t you Will you, won’t you Will you join the dance? Lewis Carroll

August's second new Moon falls on 30th August in the United States and on the 31st of August in Australia. The Sabian Symbol for this new Moon is Virgo 8: A Girl Takes Her First Dancing Instruction.

This degree speaks of the need to know when to lead and when to follow, along with being open to the lessons that life brings. It's a wonderful degree of freshness and newness combined with pleasure and romance. The Virgo factor asks for accomplishment, order, practicality and attention to detail. This new Moon contains the promise of a period of swift learning, particularly if you're open to what life is instructing you.

From my book The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle:
‘A Girl Takes Her First Dancing Instruction’ is a Symbol of youth, innocence and naiveté. The ‘Young Girl’ needs to show respect and reverence for the “teacher”, as this person may hold the key to her future, in some way. The ‘Girl’ must listen to her ‘Instructor’ or teacher; otherwise she may miss the rewards and opportunities available in the lesson she’s taking. She also has to listen to and become one with the music.

Along with the need to accept ‘Instruction’, she must learn the steps and the “rules”. How well she gets along with the “teacher” will add to how well the lessons succeed.

Oracle: You may find yourself in a situation that is brand new to you and you need to “learn the ropes”. You have the potential to do well, but initially you may be unsure of what to do or how to act (or react), or what “steps” to take. Even though you may know a lot about many things, in regard to the situation facing you, you may not have had much experience.

There may be a lot to take in, absorb and learn at the moment but one day you’ll probably look back and see that it was actually easy, like learning to ride a bike. After the steps to the “dance” have been learnt, you will be able to display more maturity and grace. Eventually, people can stop telling you how to perform. However, no matter how much we know, we go on learning throughout our entire life. For now you have to listen, respond and learn – that is, unless you are the "teacher".

Pay attention to what is being taught and what, indeed, can be learnt, and you will continue to learn and go far in life. Music and ‘Dance’ can lift your life; indeed they can transform it.

The Caution: Difficulty understanding lessons. Continually returning to the beginning. Not trusting the teacher or instruction. Having to learn things against one’s desires. Believing that one knows everything already. Fears of being seen as a beginner or clumsy. Having two left feet. Not paying attention to life’s lessons. Naivety.

As we're learning these steps, we come to an interesting impasse - Saturn is on Virgo 12: The Bride With Her Veil Snatched Away*.
Saturn on this degree shows the possibility of being torn between revealing your true self, desires, commitments, sense of identity or purpose in a relationship and wanting to bolt away, no matter how firm the obligations, responsibilities and commitments. There's a desire for self disclosure, for self attainment, for an understanding of or striving for a position, a relationship, a sense of calling.

This degree has a deep spiritual significance: from the Gospel of Philip, one of the Gnostic Gospels
"If anyone becomes a child of the bridal chamber, he will receive the light... He who will receive that light will not be seen, nor can he be detained. And none shall be able to torment a person like this, even while he dwells in the world. And again when he leaves the world, he has already received the truth in the images. The world has become the Aeon (eternal realm), for the Aeon is fullness for him. This is the way it is: it is revealed to him alone, not hidden in the darkness and the night, but hidden in a perfect day and a holy light."

Saturn, being a rather hard "get it right the first time" taskmaster, can contain the charge of not feeling like one can express their feelings, thoughts, emotions for want of abandonment, homelessness, even ridicule. Saturn on this degree could cause one to feel 'stuck', unable to move, unable to commit to staying, perhaps unable to commit to leaving.

Of course, life doesn't have to be hard, there are always much lighter sides to these things and the possibility of great rewards from revealing one's self, being happy with one's ability to communicate and relate, being a wonderful soul mate, deciding you want to commit more and more to someone or to the idea of relationship. What 'veils' can you strip away that stop you from fulling relating?

Saturn's job is to make us sit up and take notice and when notice is not taken, all heck can break lose. But as they say it's always for the better.
Combine the New Moon on the girl taking her dancing lesson and Saturn on the bride's veil snatched away and there's a very interesting challenge to relationships. Do we move in rhythm with one-another or do we step on each other's toes? Is there an imbalance at work?

Isn't life meant to be easy? Well, this is a Virgo new Moon and the rewards to be found are in application, organisation and work. Having a million things to do while trying to juggle your life and relationships and having everything done on time can be quite a test.

The Sabian Symbol for Venus at this new Moon and the Moon of the recent lunar eclipse are both butterfly degrees. The eclipse degree (two weeks ago) was Aquarius 26: A Butterfly With the Right Wing More Perfectly Formed, and the Venus in this new Moon is Libra 1: A Butterfly Preserved and Made Perfect With a Dart Through It.

The feeling of 'stuckedness' comes on stronger still with Venus on Libra 1. Being a cardinal degree, it holds quite a lot of power. Add the fact that it's Venus in Libra (Venus ruling Libra) - both planet and sign speak of relationships.

Well I've been where you're hanging, I think I can see how you're pinned:
When you're not feeling holy, your loneliness says that you've sinned. Leonard Cohen

One appreciates the beauty of the butterfly with the dart, but not being able to move, spread one's wings, do what one wants, to be merely a reflection of other's ideals is to miss life, to sit and wait.

There is an amazing promise of movement, though. It has to come, right? Mercury is on Libra 3: The Dawning of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed.

This degree brings big changes with it all the way from a change of heart to a complete change of circumstance.
Perhaps a new perspective is all that's really needed? Mercury on the everything changed degree reveals definite changes. Are you ready to go with the changes? Are the changes more in your mind than in reality? Perhaps this is the beginning of a whole new way of being in the world as you change your mind, direction, heart, tempo, ambitions or whatever.

The Sabian Symbol for Mars at this new Moon is an interesting one in the light of the previous Symbols. Mars is on Libra 8: A Blazing Fireplace in a Deserted Home.

Whether you're out having life's dancing lessons, finding yourself in some focus group, seeking yourself in the history of your genealogy, tracing your steps over past relationships to find clues to new ones or figuring out strategies for your future or away from home, there always needs to be a warm, welcoming place for you to come home to. The 'fireplace' needs to 'blaze' in order to keep the place comfortable and loving for you.

If your heart is longing for relationship, this new Moon holds some very interesting keys. Perhaps the issue of who leads and who follows is major. Do you drop control enough to allow someone to take their turn, to sometimes show you the way? Are you 'at home' or are you in the process of 'tearing off the veil?' If you're nailed to a situation, how can you make it work for you?
* The Bridge With Her Veil Snatched Away is the degree of Madonna's Moon.

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