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12-09-2008, 19:08
I'm intrigued, so many people buy lots and lots of different minerals and crystals, collecte them, use them on their altars etc but does anyone have any interesting tales to tell of how they have interacted with the crystals/minerals in their possession?

ie, a long time ago, on a whim, I bought a beautiful, polished quartz point from Ebay. No idea why, it just felt nice and I was still searching for what I needed to make me Me! When it arrived I found to my delight that there was a formation inside the beautiful clear quartz which closely resembles a feather.

Birds have since become a strong influence in my life and only when I recently started to use the crystal in healing work did I notice (again) the feather inside and make the connection between the crystal and my healing helpers.

I've bought other crystals in the past but they don't have the same resonance with me so I wonder what, those of you who have large collections, find with yours?

13-09-2008, 01:09
I took a short course on reading rocks. Any rock really. It is truly amazing there are faces and strange shapes just everywhere.

You pick up a rock and look at it, really look at it and you start to see things. From this of course you can divine what it means. This lady had pictures she had painted of all the things she had seen in various rocks. She was so enthusiastic about it all. I never got to that point yet I just like to look and see what I can find. Somehow when you see something you don't want to put the rock back down again. So you could say I have a collection of pebbles. LOL.

I always think of that Bibilical passage.. don't know where it is right now.. "All the rocks will cry out". If you want me to find it I will.

Just like the feather you found connects with your love of birds. It was really a forerunner for you of what one of your love interests would be.
It is saying, "See, I am even in a crystal ".

13-09-2008, 01:30
Luke 19:40 I think (Wonder what I trained as when I was young!!) ;)

Yes, the crystal came to me loooong before the feathered friends came to help.

It just makes me wonder, when people buy crystals, what they are buying? Is it a metaphysical property they have read about? Is it because it looks great? Is it because they have a 'wierd' experience when they handle it? What?

With me it was a compulsion to buy that one crystal (of course, now I know why). Only ever purchased that one and a big slab of Labradorite, other than that, the little polished ones have come to me of their own accord.

13-09-2008, 01:44
I got a lot of my crystals as gifts (much love to Horace and Morticia Monroe!).

I look up their properties and carry them accordingly.

When a good friend and I werent' speaking for almost 6 months, I slept with a morganite and rutilated quartz. (We have since reconciled ;) ).

When I was having problems with a landlord, I slept with my citrine.

One day, I was on the bus and this man sat down next to me. His energy was repulsive and I remembered that I had a snowflake obsidian in my purse, which I removed and held in my hand. I felt a lot better and he got off the bus a few stops later. :D

I usually keep a crystal in the bags with each of my tarot and oracle decks:

NOVT (the deck I lost): ametrine, malachite, crystal quartz
Deviant Moon: snowflake obsidian
World Spirit: bronzite
Egyptian Pyramid Oracle: carnelian
Everyday Oracle: carnelian
Crystal Oracle: rose quartz

I still have some decks that are waiting for a crystal assignment. LOL


13-09-2008, 01:53
It just makes me wonder, when people buy crystals, what they are buying? Is it a metaphysical property they have read about? Is it because it looks great? Is it because they have a 'wierd' experience when they handle it? What?
Been adding to my collection for many years...when I go crystal shopping...(and sometimes with crystals you don't even know that's what you're shopping for...they just kind of appear in the strangest places!)
I'm usually doing 2 of the above...I have a certain thing I want a crystal for and I've researched all the crystals that have that metaphysical property attributed to it and I have decided to look for a certain crystal.
But when I find those crystals I pick according to what feels right.
So I almost never buy anything unless I can actually handle it..but that's just me... very touchy, feely that way I am.
Other times I am not looking for anything, I let it come to me...and my best most intense crystal experiences have come to me that way...my moldovite, my ocean jasper sphere, my infinite...my phantom quartz...and just lately a beautiful moss agate pendant.
I could go on, but most of my collection I can remember where each came from and they have their own special character...and don't over look the little guys...my gosh, some of my tiniest stones have the most presence.

What do I use crystals for?...I use them for healing...making elixers...wearing or carrying to bring in certain feeling...events...protection...abundance...ect. into my life.
I place them on alters I set up at different times.
I keep them with my tarot cards, and have a large bowl of special stones dedicated to my tarot reading when I work.
Sometimes when I feel a person I am reading could benefit from the energy of a certain stone I will have them hold it during their reading.
I have certain medicine bags made up for certain things...my woman stones, bags for certain illneses, a bag for visits to my crazy family.
A travel bag we keep in the car...
And just the comfort of having such beautiful things around...mostly I enjoy them. :) and the sense of peace they bring to my home.
Over time they create an enviroment of sacred space like we talked about in another thread.
No home IMO should be without a few good crystals.

morticia monroe
13-09-2008, 03:24
I've always loved pretty rocks. :) Kidspeak, I know, but that's how long I've been loving them.

I find my stones all over the place,,,,,,,ebay, shops, etc. And obviously on the ground. I don't have to handle stones before purchasing, I've never had a problem resonating with a stone. I HAVE had some that were just special right away. A fist-sized piece of rose quartz that throws an emotional balm around me the moment I'm near it, a piece of tiger iron (thanks, thorhammer!) that has the amazing ability to make me feel both adventurous and completely secure at the same time, a beautiful piece of bullseye malachite, and a piece of petrified wood with variations and color differences that makes it most unusual and beautiful (thanks, AJ!).

The most unusual stone experience for me doesn't come as a single stone, but what happens when I stand before my stones and simply let the feelings hit me,,,it's hard to explain but I feel like I'm getting a strong dose of something positive, vitamins for the body and soul. As I gaze at all of them, I feel compelled to pick up a certain few, really admire, handle, and put them back. And every so often, a particular stone seems to want to spend the day with the family and I put it out in an open place in the living room for awhile or carry them with me when I leave the house.

It seems that no matter how I'm feeling at first, I always walk away feeling calm, and feeling like I've just done something tht was really good for me.

13-09-2008, 23:23
I guess my most remarkable story is shattering a piece of fluorite during finals week. I managed to pass everything, so the poor little stone didn't give up it's nice shape in vain.

I like keeping them around, I feel like when I carry them with a particular purpose, their energy strengthens my own resolve. Rocks re my personal coach, I guess. XD

14-09-2008, 00:05
It just makes me wonder, when people buy crystals, what they are buying? Is it a metaphysical property they have read about? Is it because it looks great? Is it because they have a 'wierd' experience when they handle it? What?

All of the above! Some just seem to grab at me, for unknown reasons. At the time I think it is just because I like the way it looks, but I am really learning it is because I either need to work with it now or sometime in the future, so keep it handy. Some I purchase for their metaphysical quality. That would be when I go into a store, or online, to find specific stones. Others might be a mixture of looking great and what they stand for, to put on an altar or by my bed. Some are for meditation, scrying, healing. I especially like it when I have a choice to pick through, so I can hold them and find which ones seems to be reaching out the most to me!

And some are yet to be bought! :D The search continues, but I will know when I see it. That oooo factor comes into play, where you can't keep your eyes off of it, or you carry it around the store for an hour while looking at other things. Sort of like pets. The rock picks you, not the other way around!!!!

14-09-2008, 00:44
I have loved rocks and stones and crystals... gems all of that since I was a child. There is something peaceful and powerful in them. They draw me in... they calm me when I need it. They bolster my hope when I am drained. I love holding them or just looking at them! (I have to thank Horace too because she gifted me some beautiful ones and ones I have never seen before - thank you Horace!!)

I have a bunch in my car. I placed them in there one day because I had a horrible commute in the morning. I would get in the car about 5:30AM and it would be a battle that lasted about an hour. I put them in there to calm me and center me when my nerves were at an all time HIGH! There was a motorist who was haunting me for a week or so.... the minute I put in the stones he didn't see me anymore. :D I saw him but I wasn't on his radar. :laugh: Go figure! They protect me. I have not had any bother me since they have been in the car.

I have my husband carry certain ones with him to bolster his confidence and keep him safe.

I have a stone in my daughter's backpack.

I have a bunch in my pocketbook...a citrine in my wallet and I have been putting in a stone or two in my tarot bags. :)

I even got my sister to carry them and my mother. :D

We have a secret language - my stones and I. :heart: