View Full Version : Why do I have to keep signing in? Any ideas?

15-09-2008, 07:16
Hi, I have to keep signing in everytime I try to refresh the page.
Any ideas why that would just start happening?
I haven't changed cookies, etc.


15-09-2008, 08:24
I have no idea but when you sign in is there something you can press like remember me? Or keep me signed in on this computer.

Im automatically signed in so i never have to sign in unless im using somebody else's computer. x

16-09-2008, 12:15
Hi karen, that's usually a cookie issue, and deleting the forum cookies should fix it. Instructions to remove them in IE are here..


~ Solandia

16-09-2008, 21:52
What do I do in FireFox? I used to stay logged in all the time and now I have to log back in every ten minutes or so?????? argh

17-09-2008, 00:44
I'm having the opposite issue. I log out. I get the screen that says all cookies are cleared, but then next time I go to an AT url, I'm signed in without having to sign in. This has been happening about the past 4 days or so. Didn't used to be like that.

17-09-2008, 08:59
My sign in is quirky, too. I have my username and password saved for AT, and sometimes that function works, other times, I have to type it all in manually. There is no rhyme or reason when it will work--or not.

This has been happening for maybe a week or so.