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17-09-2008, 02:39
At the weekend I went to a workshop on how to make your own magical incenses.

Now I have dabbled with incense before, just picking what dried herbs I like (going by how i feel at the time and just randomly put herbs together) but I learnt soooo much from this workshop. The process, how to put things in which order etc. It was amazing! And now I'm totally inspired to make hundreds of incenses and use them in my working hehe.

So.. just to be nosey. Who else here makes their own magical incenses?

17-09-2008, 03:06
Well...I have started (but not finished as of yet) a software program that
has a lot of "magicial" recipes for making your own incense. It also has a lot
of other information on how to do it and good places to buy your supplies.

One of these days, I will finish it...I have a lot of software programs I am
creating right now...A LOT! :bugeyed: on many different subjects.

I have a business web site where I sell a lot of my software products that I
have created (for years)

...but this one ~ "How To Make Your Own Incense" ~ I am thinking of giving it
away free on AT. But of course, I will have to check the "rules" first to see if I
can give it away here...not sure on that yet.

Your post makes me want to go back and finish my little program!
Well...it is not so little...has tons of info for sure.
Maybe when Mercury goes Retrograde on Sept. 24th...(just around the corner)...I will do it then...maybe...:D

17-09-2008, 18:59
I have made my own incense for years now. I started out with the recipes from Scott Cunningham's The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews, which is a great resource for a beginner in incense making (though imho a certain background with herbs & magical correspondences is required). Then I discovered "Messages to Heaven" by Susanne Fischer-Rizzi, the German standard sourcebook for both ritual and therapeutic use of incense and this has really lifted my incense making skills to a new level!

I find that an incense made with intention is much more powerful than a bought one.

18-09-2008, 02:14
How interesting, I'll have to check this out - is it available in English, I hope? I had thought of going into business for myself in past years doing this, & also making intention-infused potpourris, which I have yet to see done anywhere. I bought a LOT of essential oils etc., but it never got off the ground, alas...

18-09-2008, 04:18
I make my own, but usually just herbs and resins in a loose mix, nothing formed. I have books on making all types, but I seem to always use the loose mixes.

18-09-2008, 04:23
It's my understanding that they are best! ;)

18-09-2008, 23:47
I've been making incense for years now and love love love making it. I just taught a class on herbs oils and incense at a local shop and we had a blast. A real great incense to make isípasteí incense with oils, honey and such. If you want I can post the method up here...it's great for ritual use and divination

19-09-2008, 01:07
Yes, please post. Not only do I enjoy making, burning and smelling incense, I also enjoy READING about incense. :D

19-09-2008, 01:56
Youíll need:

Essential Oils
Mortar and Pestle
VERY small mixing bowl (Iíve got a small silver dish about 2 in across for this, but I have used a shot glass and it works.)
Small plate
Measuring spoons

For this Iíll make an Amber, Sandalwood, Rose paste. . .

Fist off Iíll measure out about a quarter teaspoon of honey and put it in the bottom of the bowl. To that I would add about 5-10 drops rose oil depending on the strength of the oil (If youíre using a rose absolute then one drop will be more then enoughÖ) and mix it into the honey and set it aside. Then in the mortar and pestle I would grind up my sandalwood into a powder and then add that to the bowl and the same with the amber. Then I mix it up (I use my fingers for this. Itís fun and you smell REAL good when youíre done.) till itís a got the feel of cookie dough. You may find you need to add more powder if itís too loose or more honey if itís to dry. Take the ball of incense and put it on the plate. Then I break off little pieces and roll them around on the plate till they are little balls of incense. I lovingly call them rabbit turds because thatís about the size they come out to be for me. Then I leave them out on your plate for a few hours before putting them in a little box that I lined with wax paper. They are still going to be kinda sticky but that will go away after a while. (Mine never last that longÖlol) Make notes on how much of each thing you used so that you know how to make it again or correct it if you think one sent overpowered another one.

They burn real nice and last a good while because the honey slows down the burning of the powders. The honey also can give it a slight sweet smell, not one you will real notice but different honeys will give different levels of sweetness. The more refined the less sweet for some reason so if you are looking to make a cedar, sage then use just pure table honey and you wonít have any real sweet smell to it.

19-09-2008, 01:57
Hi Starlightexp,
I have a question for you. I purchased 200 unscented incense sticks and would like to have them scented. How can I do that?

I've been making incense for years now and love love love making it. I just taught a class on herbs oils and incense at a local shop and we had a blast. A real great incense to make isípasteí incense with oils, honey and such. If you want I can post the method up here...it's great for ritual use and divination

19-09-2008, 03:18
It's not that hard of a project, just takes a bit of time.

Find yourself a jar tall enough to stick your unscented sticks in (but donít put the sticks in yet) Glass works best here. I know some people say that you can use a coffee can or the like, but some oils can cause a chemical reaction with the metal. Do your best to find a tall THIN jar that way you need to make less perfume mixture. I've had good luck with test tubes that I got at a local learning center shop. I also tend to use only essential oils and they can be expensive so the less mixture the better. Make a mark on the outside of the jar to show where the bottom of your stick would come to.

Mix your blend of oils either essential or fragrance oils till you got a scent you like. Dilute the oil in alcohol; 1/3 oil 2/3 alcohol. Denatured alcohol can be inexpensive, you can also use any alcohol thatís over 40% proof. Me I use Everclear. It's pretty cheep. Then pour the perfume mixture into the empty jar and put the lid on . . . and wait

Itís best to leave this sit for as long as you can stand the wait. The rule of thumb in the perfume world is that it take 30 days for the blend of oils and alcohol to reach maturity. (For me this is the hardest part because I hate waiting.) You donít HAVE to wait, but you get a more balanced blend if you do.

When youíre all set and the mixture is ready, put your sticks in and them soak a full 24 hours. Take them out and let them dry another 24 hours. Iíve used a window screen with larger holes in it for big batches I was making for my coven, and Iíve also used a flower arranging frog for when Iím doing only a dozen or so sticks for myself. You can save the rest of the perfume mixture for more sticks so keep the jar lidded and you're good to go.

After thatÖburn them up.

You also could role them in the paste mixture that I posted about above and have a very nice rolled incense.

Sorry if this got a little longÖ..have fun :o)

19-09-2008, 03:22
What's a fun thing to do is Iíve been making up a sent for each of the 22 majors and have them all in a nice little test tube row so that when I want I can make a small batch of Fool incense or Hanged Man. They last for years in the test tube and can even be worn as a perfume.