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19-09-2008, 03:23
Can someone please explain to me what the magician means for a man's feeliing about woman?? I took this to mean that he thought she was tricky and maybe a little dishonest, but he also found this to be intriguing and mysterious...

19-09-2008, 03:32
I think of the Magician card is a feeling of mastery of the tools she has. Someone who can take care of themselves, someone not to mess with, someone who is respected, someone who can take care of business and get the job done. In a reading the other cards would have an impact on the overall meaning.

19-09-2008, 03:43
Just an idea.

If the woman in question has a child, it could refer to this child and how in the man's mind the child is pretty much part of the equation in his feelings for her...

I am just saying it as it happned in one of my readings for my auntie last summer:)

19-09-2008, 03:48
I read it as feeling superior. He may not notice it himself. Being so confident with himself, he can be very charming. Perhaps it is more about himself than the woman. Meanings can change, feelings can change... I took that question from the stand point of "How a man feels around a woman" not how he sees her.

If the Magician is how he sees her, perhaps he feels she is capable... which can be intimidating to some men. She is on her mission whatever it may be. One may decide to proceed towards a Magician with caution because they are capable of anything... both good and bad. There is mystery and allure. She can be tricky if she wants to.

19-09-2008, 04:53
Maybe he feels that she is intelligent, independent, and not clingy. Able to take on matters herself rather than need a man to do them for her.


19-09-2008, 06:42
Well, you're asking about the man's feelings so this wouldn't mean he sees her as the Magician. It would be that he's the Magician looking at her, in my opinion. Therefore, you're basically asking "How would the Magician see this woman?"

Considering that that's the question, I think he'd be seeing her in light of what type of person she is and how he can best use his Magician's tools and flim flam skills to impress her in order to achieve whatever it is he wants to achieve from her or his relationship to her. Does he want a sexual relationship with her? Then he'd be sizing her up and considering how he could achieve that. Does he want money from her? Then he'd be considering and sizing up how he could use his skills to get her to give him money. Does he want a lasting relationship with her that might include marriage? Then he'd be figuring out how he could impress her that, even though he's got these flim flam, illusionary skills to impress the public, he's really serious about her and about having a lasting relationship with her.

19-09-2008, 07:16
Was the question how he feels TOWARD her, or what he thinks OF her?

If he feels the Magician toward her, I personally would read it as he wants things to happen with her, he's not going to just sit back with inaction and just "see what happens", he wants to pursue her.

19-09-2008, 08:28
I actually think he may feel inadequate around her. He can make whatever he wants to happen...happen around her, but he has to understand and embrace that. He doesn't yet realize he has all this control under his power.

I think he is attracted to her, though, and she makes him feel virile and alive...he just needs to understand that he can "have" her if he wants her, and he doesn't quite get that yet.

19-09-2008, 10:49
If I were a man and the woman was like the Magician I would be more than a little intimidated! The Magician is such a dynamic personality, totally in control, powerful, and alluring.

If I felt like the Magician towards her I would see her as someone I could manipulate, although that sounds negative it doesn't neccessarily have to be. Or I felt like the relationship was within my power to control or I feel secure in it.

20-09-2008, 01:09

Perfect one-word description.

Also - appears and disappears, unpredictable. Tricky as heck:)

20-09-2008, 02:56
I would suggest that the man's feelings for the woman are very powerful, perhaps almost all-consuming, and he would be willing to do anything to be with her, even if it meant moving heaven and earth. He knows what he wants and he's going to go for it.

Of course the risk of this is, as balenciaga and minrice pointed out, manipulation. While not guaranteed to happen, it might be something to be watchful of.

23-09-2008, 22:21
The Magician is "the" active card. I'd say he wants to take action ... or get action.

23-09-2008, 23:40
WOW! This is all great info. TO clear up some questions about the stated position and such. I used The incredible/ expandable love spread from the spread forum and position 2 is stated as how he/she feels about you (the querent). So, I dont know if this means that HE is he Magician or she is?? I know some people point out that this could be the case.
this the spread and all the positions.
** This starts as a 5 card spread if the querent only wants to ask about one person. The cards are layed out in a line. Reading from left to Right:
Card #1 = General Situation between you and your object of desire.
Card #2 = How he/she feels about you.
Card #3 = How you feel about him/her.
Card #4 = Obstacles to a relationship with this person.
Card #5 = Outcome/Advice (answer to "Is this person for me?")

24-09-2008, 05:45
Well, you're asking about the man's feelings so this wouldn't mean he sees her as the Magician. It would be that he's the Magician looking at her, in my opinion. Therefore, you're basically asking "How would the Magician see this woman?"I read the question incorrectly and I now agree that this is the way to look at the reading.