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11-01-2003, 18:25
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To take your first question - no planets in a House does not indicate that the House is unimportant - but it is likely to be more easy to analyse. Take the ruler of the sign on the cusp and look at the interactions it makes with other planets through aspects. Also there will be some link between the House that the ruler is in and the House it rules. So if you have an empty tenth House ruled by Mercury in the fourth, there will be some link between career and family or home - such as working from home or being in the family business. If Mercury makes good aspects to other planets then you may well find that career issues are easily dealt with.

Minderwiz, Isthmus or anyone who might know,

This query is related in a peripheral way to the Capricorn thread but I thought I would separate it.

I have no planets in the 2nd, 4th and 7th Houses and no planets on the cusps of any of those houses either. I understand your explanation as given above, and assume that the sign on the cusp of the empty houses has a major influence. I imagine also that planets moving through the houses might have some effect on the concerns of any one house.

In my case Aquarius is the sign on the cusp of my second house so Aquarian attributes would have influenced my sense of identity, the way I regard material possessions and all those other 2nd House concerns. Could there be be some conflict between Cap. influence and Aquarian influences? My life experience seems to support this notion.

It is a little confusing to know what belongs where. Taurus is also the ruler of the 2nd House. How does one work out the relative effects of these various influences? Is where art, intuition and personal experience come in? I imagine so.

One last question. Forgive me if it is terribly obvious but what does INTERCEPT mean? Is intercept when you have an aspect?

The books seem to attribute great power to intercepts.

Thanks for your time. This is actually a really challenging aspect of the learning.

By the way, I got two quite interesting books today: Foundations of personality by Karen Hanaker Zondag which looks at horoscope interpretation in a Jungian framework and The 12th House by the same author, which is self evident and very illuminating.


11-01-2003, 20:31
Hi Moongold,

Reading your post I got the impression that you wanted to start a new thread with it and I guess that you pressed the wrong button.

Certainly it does start a new idea that is significantly different from the previous posts in the thread and is one which would be more likely to draw attention in a new thread

Hope you don't mind the move

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To answer your very good query.

There are only ten fully recognised planets - though of course some Astrologers will use Chiron or one or two of the Asteroids. Therefore everyone will have at least two Houses with no planets and most will have three or more - remember that Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun so will often be in the same sign, Venus is never more than about 47 degrees so again is often in the sam sign as Mercury.

If you have an empty house how do you read it? Really the same way as you read any House. The most important planet is the ruler of the House and that is the planet ruling the sign on the House cusp. In your case the Second House is in Aquarius and the ruler is either Saturn (traditional) or Uranus (Modern) or you may well use both to give more insights.

Taking Uranus, what sort of approach to the material possessions does Uranus bring - one which is independant, revolutionary, free thinking, likely to suddent change, humanitarian, etc. The way in which you use your talents and resources is likely to be unique, 'odd', designed to help others in a humanitarian way. Obviously this could be extended somewhat but you get the idea.

Where in your chart is Uranus? In your case it is in the sixth House in Gemini and retrograde. You may well use your talents to serve others, possibly using communication, mental activity - a role that requires much thinking - writing or computers (Uranus rules computers and in Gemini using these for communication would be ideal). The sixth House governs employment, service, ill health - so you are most likely to earn your resources from being employed possibly as a computer technician, or using computers in a health service organisation or to look for new treatments for illnesses. The range is wide but again you get the idea. Employment, communication and something different are the key ideas here.

What aspects are there to Uranus - oppositions to Sun and Mercury, sextile to Neptune, Square to MC. The need to express yourself in a different or revolutionary way may get in conflict with your ability to communicate to others or may even hinder the way in which you express your creativity. You might find something of a problem (not necessarily major) earning your resources because of these oppositions - for example you might find it difficult to be consistent in your creative expression or you might find it difficult to accept change that comes from outside.

Again this is only scratching the surface a little but the idea is there. Incidently both Sun and Mercury are in the twelfth House which also rules institutions including hospitals - if your talents takes you into health service employment you might find it difficult to express your talents freely in an institutional setting - that wouldn't particularly be a good move for you.

For any House this is the way it is done. Planets in the House only come in to play after the ruler and its chart postion have been considered.

Looking at interceptions - you have Taurus intercepted in your fifth House. The House begins in Aries (6 degrees 26 minutes) and ends in Gemini (the sixth House begins at 5 degrees 9 minutes). So the whole of Taurus is in the fifth. The further North (or South in the southern hemisphere) you live the more likely this will happen if you use a house system such as Placidus or Koch. It will never happen at all if you use equal house systems. So it is a product of the house system and the latitude at which you live. I used Placidus for the cusps mentioned above.

Should it be treated as something very important. This is clearly debatable - if it is the result of the House system then you could argue that from a sign and planetary perspective the answer is no. However it clearly does require more attention in interpretation and reading. For you the ruler of the fifth is Mars - which would suggest that you are assertive with your children (if any) you take the lead in romantic relationships and you enjoy energetic games involving a significant degree of competition and you play to win. However with Taurus intercepted, Venus will play a role - this will soften the Martian approach, beauty, the good life, sensual pleasure (not just of a sexual kind) will become important - Again look at the positions of Mars (primary ruler) and Venus to get some more detail out of how you go about fifth House activities. With two planets, their aspects and links to other Houses you will get an awful lot about you and the fifth.

Hope this helps

11-01-2003, 21:47

Thanks. It helps a lot.