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24-09-2008, 01:43
Wondering if anyone knows where I can order lavender to put in my tarot bags and boxes to keep everything smelling lovely.

Does anyone else keep any type of herb or crystal with their decks?

24-09-2008, 03:04
there are a lot of lavender farms in the NW, here is one that is just across the river from me.

You should see Squim for the festival ;)

24-09-2008, 04:22
Try Sunshine Lavender Farm in NC:


I normally keep crystals with each tarot and oracle deck except for my Gaian Tarot, which came with a little pouch of "blessing" herbs (lavender, sage, sweetgrass, and cedar) that I keep with that particular deck.


24-09-2008, 05:52
I've actually sewn up a tarot bag with a lineing in it so that I can keep lavender and sage arond my cards at all times. It's pretty easy and I put a little snap on them so I can empty them out and refill with fresh herbs from time to time.

24-09-2008, 20:32
I like to have Lavender on the table in a small vase.
I grow it in the garden for this purpose.
I keep everything in a little treasure box and in them I also keep crystals and fragrant candles, lotus flower actually, they smell divine! The Ancient Egyptians used this flower for healing purposes, quite apt, me thinks!!
They make everything smell lovely, it even impregnates the cards in time.

24-09-2008, 20:53
i keep insense in my tarot bag/box and helps me connect to them during a meditation as its the same smell

27-09-2008, 08:02
I keep a citrine crystal in my bag with my cards. It is one of two crystals that don't need cleansing. Most crystals need sunlight or moonlight or a saltwater bath to cleanse them every once in a while but not citrine. It helps absorb any negative energy or simply any residual energy from your last reading.:thumbsup:

05-10-2008, 23:40
You can also use..fresh mint leaves..or inscence..Basilica to clean them and Sanctuary to balance them and you out at the same time..

November's Dawn
16-09-2014, 18:05
I'm just curious, Lavander as a herb cannot damage cards? Smell is intense so I'm afraid cards will suck those smells and oils and will change their appearance.