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12-01-2003, 10:40
Hi. I know the basics but really haven't done that much with astrology in the past 15 years. Can anybody suggest about five really good intermediate astrology books? Even specialized books would be great (intercepted houses, lunations, etc.)


12-01-2003, 21:24
There's a massive library out there but you might try:

General : Alan Oken's Complete Astrology, Chart Interpretation, Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements - Stephen Arroyo.

Houses: The House Book, Stephanie Camilleri and/or House, Temples in the Sky Deborah Houlding and/or Houses of the Horoscope - Alan Oken

Predictive Work: Planets in Transit - Rob Hand, Predictive Astrology - Christine Shaw, The Art of Predictive Astrology - Carol Rushman

Synastry: The Astrology of Human Relationships, Sakoian & Acker

If you are interested in medical astrology or traditional astrology I can indicate books in those areas.

Also read a good magazine, like the Mountain Astrologer.

The above are by no means exclusive, or the best, they are simply books that I've found useful and I'm continually reading more - I have a massive 'to read' list still to work through.

Try and establish a plan for your reading - don't be a Gemini and flit from topic to topic - be a Capricorn and work to a plan.

12-01-2003, 22:15
look into "the New Way to Learn Astrology" by Basil Ferrington. It's an actual study book with a quiz at the end of the chapter.
Anything by Noel Tyl. You might have to find these in used book stores. He did a twelve book series. Each book addressing a particular part of astrology......
*LOL* minder...I'm a Cap with slightly Gemini-like study habits....

12-01-2003, 23:27
Hi, and thanks. I have quite a few astrology books, but was curious about new ones, or at least which of the lot is 'hot.' Most of your titles were not on my shelf! I do have the Arroyo book, actually a few more, too.

I'll look for the titles you listed, Minderwiz. And, I'll start re-reading what I already have!


While we all find our own particular 'voice' in books as teachers, Tyl is not mine. Years ago I had all those books and sold them. I even went to a Tyl workshop and found it interesting all and, but it just didn't 'grab me.' But thanks. I do appreciate your input.

13-01-2003, 02:17

I have only one book by Noel Tyl - his book on Solar Arcs. I must admit it put me off him almost completely. Not because of the Astrology so much as the 'look at the amazingly wonderful things I have done and the number of women who I have married or partnered and then for some curious reason have dropped out of my life' style of writing.

I believe that he can be very helpful through his website but he's one of the few Astrology authors who I cannot empathise with.

13-01-2003, 13:51
Originally posted by Minderwiz

I have only one book by Noel Tyl - his book on Solar Arcs. I must admit it put me off him almost completely. Not because of the Astrology so much as the 'look at the amazingly wonderful things I have done and the number of women who I have married or partnered and then for some curious reason have dropped out of my life' style of writing.

eew....I have not come across anything like this, skimmed through a bunch, but I have only two books of his on my shelf.
I can relate to you attitude towards Tyl.
I once dropped a psyc. class because of the teachers style, just rubbed me the wrong way.....

isthmus nekoi
14-01-2003, 08:37
I'll second the Hand and Rushman books. I've only skimmed through the Rushman book, but the writing is very clear. Hand's book is like a handy reference. It's quite the hefty volume too. Also, I believe Rob Hand offers transit reports over at astrodienst (where I think most ppl here get their natal charts).

Another prominent member of astrodienst is Liz Greene. She's the mod of a discussion group on Yahoo, I think it's called Psychological Astrology or something like that. There are a few gems to be found there, but it requires patient wading through numerous posts. Also, like a lot of Jungian discussion groups, discussion on 'touchy' topics are vulnerable to dissolve into psychobabble, (accusations of 'projecting' etc), and don't really address the issue at hand. I'd liken it to shopping in a second hand shop; you might find something incredible you'd never find anywhere else, but be prepared to go through a lot of other stuff you might not care for.

14-01-2003, 13:35
Thanks for all the input. Oops...I have a Liz Greene title right on my shelf, a very old one indeed..."Saturn: New Look at an Old Devil." I probably have 20-30 astrology books but have lost touch with everything as most of what I have is what I picked off the shelf myself from my local metaphysical bookstore. Actually, I traded in a LARGE qty of books and used the credit to buy quite a few astrology books (that landed on the shelf before I moved last time...)

Here are some of the titles (I have no idea if the books are "good" quality Astrology.)

Tracy Marks - "Planetary Aspects"
Arroyo -
"Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements"
"Astrology, Karma, and Transformation"
"Relationships and Life Cycles"
Lundsted - "Transits
Jan Spiller - "Astrology for the Soul"
Wright - "Astrology in Ation: How Astrology Works in Practice"
May - "The Planets and Human Behavior"
Sasportas - "Twelve Houses"
Rudhyar "The Astrological Houses"
Bruno/Louse Huber - "Moon Node Astrology"
Richard Stauss - "Life Challenge Astrology"
Sophie Mason - "Forecasting with New, Full and Quarter Moons"

and probably the first one I'll read from this list...

"Essentials of Intermediate Astrology" edited by Hand.

It's been a while since I really worked more seriously with astrology and reading the posts in this group have made me think I am missing something.

If any of the above books are gems, or dogs, let me know, okay?

And if you think of others (seeing lists has a way of doing that!) please add more titles.

I forgot to mention I have a number of Cosmobiology books, too, something I always wanted to learn more about.

14-01-2003, 19:50
You've got a very good collection there Ophiel and they're well worth a reread. There's not a bad author amongst them - indeed they're all top notch.

I have a number of the titles but would buy any of the ones I don't have without much debate (except for which bank to rob to finance the purchases)

15-01-2003, 00:23
Minderwiz...I haven't read most of these books. I had mentioned I bought them with a huge store credit, then moved. I haven't done much with astrology since.

I think the only one I mostly read was the Arroyo book on Karma and transformation. I tend to like more spiritually oriented material.

IF you don't hear from me for three years, it's because I am busy reading. I read other topics and have a HUGE pile of unread books. I just don't know where to start. I do want to read the Brady book you mentioned. It will have to be a special order as it's not on the bookstore shelf.

Thanks again.

15-01-2003, 01:29
I'd mainly start with what you've got and leave the Brady book for the time being - put it on your wanted list but don't buy.

Then sort through your pile and go with the best introductory book that you've got - just to get an overview. Then read the books relating to houses (Sasportas is a classic) and forecasting (I tried to get the Sophie Mason book last year but it was out of print) and then onto the Karma books.

Don't buy anything else till you've read what you've got unless you need an introduction book, in which case go for Arroyo's Chart Interpretation Handbook.

When you've finished them let me know what you want to sell LOL

15-01-2003, 04:37
Minderwiz...can you tell I'm a Sag sun? I mean, all the books I buy. And that I'm more interested in the philosophy than the practice? The philosophy of the Sag. And that I run out and buy books shouldn't surprise you, with my Aries Moon! And that I won't sell my books, with my Scorpio rising. If I sold some of my old books, I wouldn't have to walk sideways in my apartment, between stacks of books. LOL.

Um...before I read your message about not buying even one more book, and knowing that I am not a beginner having to start from the first square (I Do know that Aries is a fixed water sign!) while out this afternoon, I saw one book that to my untrained eye, looked pretty good, and was wondering what you think, if you are even familiar with it. It's called "The Art of Predictive Astrology" by Carol Rushman. It had some good overviews, me thinks. I do have that Arroyo book on chart interpretation and will skim through it. I've read it before and know MOST of what's in there. It will be my refresher. (I also have a book on chart interpretation by Tracy Marks that is decent, too...I'll skim that as well.) I didn't list all the astrology books I have, just the ones I thought might indicative of my buying habits. I have some astro-cookbook-style books I occasional use (not often though), the Hand "Horoscope Symbols," Debbie Kempton-Smith's "Secret From a Stargazer's Workbook," etc.

Can you tell I still have some gift money left over, burning a hole in my pocket?

Thanks again for all your patience.

15-01-2003, 05:36
I have both the Carol Rushman book and the Tracy Marks book - My Mercury in Scorpio compels me to collect and READ as many Astrology books as I can. My Overdraft in Bank Account tells me that this is not necessarily something I can sustain LOL

Both are good and well worth a place in any collection.

15-01-2003, 05:54
Great. Then I know what I must do...order the Rushman book and read one I have here before it arrives! Thank you again. I forget exactly how far from the sun Mercury "can" be, a sign or two? That means you are a fall/winter birth yourself! Great time of the year, ain't it?

16-01-2003, 04:51
Just as an update, I jumped into Arroyo's Chart Interpretation book last night, and had forgotten what a wonderful book it is, with all the discussions about the nature of the elements. THAT fascinates me, finding the element influences in the world around me through the people I encounter. I'll probably get into Arroyo's "Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements" next, and after a second look at the Rushman book, I think I'll tackle that afterwards. It looks like exactly what I need to read right now.

Thanks again for all your guidance.

16-01-2003, 08:17

That's a good selection - let us know how you get on

18-01-2003, 12:32
I am reading every night and morning, the Arroyo books. I'm enjoying the Chart Interpretations text, and that is leading me into his Elements and Karma/Transformation books. He sites particular chapters that I am finding quite remarkable. It has been some years since I've read astrology books. I've ordered the Carol Rushman book and have been sitting with a damaged copy at the bookstore, reading sections in the coffee shop when I go there. My copy will be here probably some time next week. I really like this book and from what I've been reading in both Arroyo and Rushman, I can see I never gave astrology a fair chance in trying to unravel some of the more complicated issues. Rushman is a decent writer.

I also found a used copy of the Oken "Complete Astrology" book you mentioned, and that looks more basic, but very thorough also. I see some sections I want to read already.

Perhaps in a short while, I'll be in a better position to hold a semi-intelligent conversation in this group, though I must admit I can follow what's going on, but don't have any insights to share.

No doubt you know about this, but just in case you do not...I've subscribed to the free service with this site and get an occasional link to a famous person's natal chart, sometimes an event chart. There are some astrological discussions about the charts, too. I have some Lois Rodden books, charts of well known people, and find this material quite good for studying. With the encouragement from this group, I'm sure it (the charts at this site) will have new meaning.


You can access quite a few charts from the links on the right side of the screen. I thnk Lois is trying to sell her compilations of accurate birth data.

Perhaps this message is more suitable as a PM...