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29-09-2008, 23:17

Could you please tell me what stones are good/best for protection against psychic/energy vampires? I already have Hematite, Turquoise, and Dalmatian Jasper. Would any of those be good for that purpose?

Thank you!

The crowned one
30-09-2008, 00:39
It is best to avaid them untill you are well grounded and physically very healthy. When around them and not prepared to deal with them turn inward and meditate or repete a mantra in your head.

According to Judith Orloff These items make you more open to emotional vampires:

Not enough sleep
Poor diet
Lack of exercise
No spiritual replenishment
Excessive work
Emotional stress
Substance abuse
Intuitive empathy on overdrive

Any of the heavy stones: fluorites, moldavite or meteorites.(for grounding and protection)

Some oils that work are lavander and white angelica.

Energy Vampires can be helped, but you must help yourself first. Be aware of them and be protected from them.

ISBN:0609610104 try this book out.

30-09-2008, 00:48
Hi Darla,
I have found Jet to be an excellent protective stone. It is very light weight so it doesn't drag you down.

30-09-2008, 03:32
I got me a piece of obsidian/Apache's tear it's good for warding off psychic attacks.

I don't know how the stone will work for you but I find it works very nicely for me,

As an added bonus it is also a good luck charm and VERY protective

Shadow xx

PS it is a very fast working stone and may overwhelm some so be careful when working with it

30-09-2008, 08:09
Thank you all, I will look into the ones you recommended. Is it better to wear just one stone or can I wear two different ones? I never know if they would sort of "clash". What about the ones I already have? I have read that Hematite and Turquoise are both protective stones but it didn't say protective of what.

@The crowned one
Thank you for the info. Not all but a lot of the items currently apply to me. It's not always possible to avoid these people. Would it be good to also wear an empowering stone? Which one would you recommend?

I would be grateful for every bit of advice and experience anyone can gove me. :)

30-09-2008, 14:39
Hi Darla! Black tourmaline is good for psychic energy vampires. Wear it in jewelry or carry a piece in your pocket. Also, wear or carry tigers eye. The tourmaline will protect and ground you. The tigers eye will protect your solar plexus, which is where your strength comes from. Try lying on your back when you're resting and put a tumbled tigers eye on your solar plexus (it's right above your navel) for 20 minutes. Play some calm music during that time. I know how you feel. I have had people in my life that drained me like a vampire by being so negative with their conversation and when they were done, they told me how much better they felt! I actually vomited on more than one ocassion, when I got home and was nervous for days, since I'm so sensitive! I hope things get better for you. Good luck! Lea

30-09-2008, 15:15
Darla, Yes, it is o.k. to wear or carry more than one type of stone. They each have their own healing abilities and crystal quartz will amplify any stone's powers. Hematite or any black stone, will ground you, which will keep your mind from getting too cluttered. Dalmation jasper will ground you and will protect your spiritual self. Turquoise or any blue stone will protect your throat chakra, by helping you to speak when need be, or holding back, also, and when it is sore. Lea

30-09-2008, 18:35
I wonder if anyone has any advice on spiritual replenishment.
One point when I was open my chakras would bounce all over place.
I had my mars energy screwed over by mono and chronic fatigue when i was younger.

The only protection I really have is i'm pretty mirrored right now which sort of pisses alot of people off from time to time.

Galactic Center is going to dump huge energy through pluto on Oct 7th and we are going to be in a sea of crap and whatever well i seem to be drawing from seems spotty and iffy at best.

02-10-2008, 05:53
Thank you, Lea! Could I also wear two stones that serve opposite purposes? Like, one that empowers me and one that protects me?

02-10-2008, 08:04
HI folks.

I am just throwing this out here as I do not know if it works or not for psychic vampires, but how about wearing a large piece of onyx, jet, or obsidian? My objective is that it reflects back--even black glass would work.

A curious thing happened years ago when I was working in an office. A young fellow came into the office and stood over my desk and he glanced at a very large oval onyx bracelet I was wearing. It was just a very, very large single cabochon. He saw himself and instantly dodged his image (moved off to the side). What was that? Did he think I was capturing his soul or something?--I just noticed and didn't say anything as I wore the bracelet because I liked it, not because I was trying to "do" anything.

Now I always wear onyx and jet jewelry since I have grown to like onyx and I used to collect Victorian jet jewelry (and I think that jet is "comforting")--and they are very reflective. I have read that onyx is considered protective, absorbs energy, and all that, but I think its reflective qualities (any black stone or glass) are something to consider.

Just thought I'd mention it.

02-10-2008, 10:55
To add to the Tiger's eye...

I had bought a large piece for a replacement of carrying around a relatively small piece and I love it I only remove it when in or on water as to not damage the chain which holds it.

The story behind me obtaining my piece... I had a crystal healing done and felt great after, then my friends had me spying on a family member of theirs and wouldn't leave me alone all day until I told them what they wanted to know. so the next time I visited the local psychic shop near my house for another reading I saw it and bought it on the spot. My friends think that it's stupid to buy all of this stuff but I find that it helps alot I enjoy my piece and am glad I bought it.

I feel so much happier when it is with me. I am also a big tiger's eye lover

shadow xx

02-10-2008, 16:24
Darla, you're welcome! Yes, you can wear opposite type stones at the same time. They each work individually with their own energies, You could wear rings and bracelets on each hand with the opposite energies approprite for each one (left for receptive and right for projective). Water (pink, purple, or blue stones), and Earth (green, brown, black, or grey) on your left and Air (white, clear, or yelow), and Fire (orange and red) on your right. But, really a stone can be worn anywhere or any combination of them if you want. I do it both ways, depending on how I feel or if I like the stones together. 53rdspirit, yes, dark stones with their energies, their reflective surfaces, and because jewelry is attractive (it catches your eye), and also, some people are afraid of the color black, as it makes them think of dark forces (stones and crystals never give off harmful energies, only protective ones). These reasons cause people to stare or look away. Plus, your onyx was a large piece. It worked good to shield you. That guy, may or may not have been a negative person, depending on what he thought of or felt from your jewelry.

04-10-2008, 07:27
Thanks again! I totally forgot that I have a tiger exe bracelet as well. :)