View Full Version : Crystal Shop, Port Dalhousie, Ontario

03-10-2008, 23:36
We recently went to a cute crystal shop, not large but very nicely done.
It had some really nice things I could easily have bought and am going back.
We did buy one jewellery gift for a birthday.

It is Gifts of the Earth, St. Catherines, Ontario but it is in Port Dalhousie.
Their website is not so great but thought maybe anyone in Southern Ontario might be interested.

Interestingly enough the shop is across the court, within a shopping center of sorts, where resides Anna Olson Bakery. She is a Chef on the Food Network. We had a treat as it was early. This time we are going back for lunch at the little tables kind of in the mall. Rustic I call it. It also has all the gourmet jam, mustards, vinegars, etc.


The crystal place is at www.giftsoftheearth.ca

I do not have any connection with them so this is not an advertisement, rather a nice destination to go to. I also heard there is a restaurant there that is famous for seafood so will have to check that out.

morticia monroe
05-10-2008, 22:10
That sounds like a great place, Mem!

Placing a bakery next to a crystal shop is a deadly combination for me. They'd never get me outta there,,,,,