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12-10-2008, 18:51
how does one predict pregnancy? is there a way to use a synastry charts to predict if two people will have a child together?

12-10-2008, 19:53
The natal chart itself will give a strong indication of whether a woman will have children and also, possibly the number. Predicting when this will happen requires the use of further techniques, such as directions, solar and lunar returns and transits and, of course, also depends on the necessary conditions being in place.

Synastry will indicate compatibility and thus might well yield additional information but a simple consideration of the partner's natal chart should provide the necessary information about his potential for children.

It's also possible to ask a horary question along the lines of 'will I become pregnant this year (or other time period)?' Though this also would be best supported by a consideration of the natal chart.

Horary charts could also be used to help in a decision such as one relating to IVF or other fertility treatments. So it's possible that a natal chart shows little potential for children, if left to nature alone, but modern medical techniques might well change this situation.

12-10-2008, 22:44
Would you elaborate Minderwiz? What in the natal chart would indicate pregnancy? Thank you :heart:

13-10-2008, 04:29
dont know how easy it is to forecast a pregnancy but ive read when the moon is in the same position as your birth its a fertile time

the 5th house is a general indicator of your children, your attitude what you want to pass to them/teach them, what they might be like

personally speaking i have saturn in capricorn in it

i had my kid late in life (35) and just the one and she was supposed to be born mid january a cappy but was 2 weeks late and became a wacky aquarian - aquarius is part of the 5th house too

at the time of birth i had alot of transits in the 5th

13-10-2008, 06:44
Would you elaborate Minderwiz? What in the natal chart would indicate pregnancy? Thank you :heart:

I deliberately didn't give examples because I have no chart to look at, which means that I can only make very broad generalisations in a post. Such generalisations can be dangerous, if they are interpreted as being specific to a particular person or chart.

However, in general terms star-lover is on the right lines. The sign on the cusp of the fifth house, its ruler by condition and aspects any planets in the fifth and aspects to them and any other sign in the fifth and its ruler will all be important. The seventh, its sign on the cusp its ruler, and aspects will give information about the partner.

Some signs and some planets are considered fertile others are considered barren the remainder are mixed. A fertile planet in a fertile sign in the fifth would be a strong indicator of fecundity - the ability to conceive. Barren planets or barren signs would be evidence of low fecundity. Some traditional astrologers, such as Lilly, would consider all planet and sign combinations for a balance of fecundity. He would perhaps stress the fifth house planets/signs more than the others but his judgment would be on the overall balance.

Such analysis gives some indication of the fertility of one person. If we are considering pregnancy with a particular partner, then ideally the partner's fertility also needs to be considered, using similar analysis. Otherwise we have to fall back on the seventh and ruler of the seventh, etc.

If you can give me some specifics then I can give some better directed comments. If you don't want to make the details public then you can PM them if you wish.

16-10-2008, 09:36
How exactly can you tell the number of children you will have?