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14-01-2003, 22:13
On Saturday, 18th the Full Moon occurs in Cancer (at 10:48 GMT).

Cancer is the sign of the Moon's rulership, which makes this lunation rather special. The Sun, is of course, in Capricorn - Full Moon's occur when the Moon is in opposition to the Sun. This highlights the material/outer world contrast with the spiritual/inner world - Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign and Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign.

This is a time for looking inwards and at our past and taking stock of our physical and emotional needs - to take a reality check on our lives.

This is more so this month as Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn. Retrograde Mercury is always seen as a time not to do things in case we misunderstand or miscommunicate. However retrograde planets have their main effects at an internal level and Mercury is seen as the bringer of messages from the unconscious to the conscious mind. Now is the time to listen to what messages the unsconscious sends us.

Venus and Mars will have both left Scorpio by the time of the Full Moon and have separated from their conjunction. Both will be more expansive and sociable in Sagittarius.

Jupiter and Saturn are both in the retrograde part of their cycles. Saturn in Gemini and Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter's trine to Venus at the Full Moon brings a benefic influence to this month and it also trines Pluto in Sagittarius, Jupiter's sign of rulership.

Jupiter is also in opposition to Neptune - which tends to indicate that big ideas, grand fantasies, and a real tendency for self deception on a large scale are still difficulties to beware of, especially at the end of January when the Sun and Neptune are conjunct.

Also be rather careful in the first few days following the Full Moon, Mars is square to Uranus in Aquarius. Uranus is linked to sudden actions and Mars to assertion. Uranus/Mars is the signature of accidents - you have been warned LOL

21-01-2003, 13:11
the Saturn/Merucy retrogrades in Gemini and Capricorn respectivaly is unique since teh ruling planet of each sign is in the other. Capricorn the goat can bypass most situation through persistance and cleverness. Twin Geminis can sort new informatino out with ease and utilize teh information at breakneck speeds. The extended stay of these planets in these signs is actually a good thing, it is forcing us to realize what is happening around us, to pick up the information and utilize it as soon as possible as reasnably as possible. As mercury goes direct teh after affect of the retrograde will probably cause more problems then teh retrograde itself especially since the days which the trasition from retrograde to stationary to direct take place when the Sun trasnsits to Aquarius and the moon is in virgo, rulled by mercury. Jupiter retrograde in Leo gives an extra boost of energy for those with prominant Leo placments (and for those without leo placments, take heed, the energies may not be as visable but Jupiter is always a heavy hitter) basically, leadership skills need honed and may disable projective actions before they even start.

Saturn went retrograde at 29degrees gemini, this is the degree where the Great Seal of teh United States, the visual representation of the country as well as all states and offices thereof, has its Sun Degree. Basically, the image of america is being tested and reevaluated, this also includes the seal of the president, as that office is under scrutiny and observation for its actions. although the general apperance is negative, this transition is needed for this country to develop before we start any long-term projects within teh US or without.