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22-10-2008, 00:57
My friend and her roommate have been having terrible dreams in which they are frequently attacked. They would like to clear the negative energy or spirit that is in their room. She looked at incense and dreamcatchers but didn't find anything that drew her. What do you suggest?

22-10-2008, 02:02
I would suggest they try to imagine a white light surrounding them before they retire for the night. inside this white light they should see themselves being protected, and nothing evil will be able to penetrate this white light to get to them.

as for crystals, I'm not really up on all my crystals and herbs to know which are great for protection like this, but there are many threads regarding this very topic. I have just read by googling 'crystals for protection' that bloodstone is a good protector, as well as the following:

smoky quartz
black tourmaline which is supposedly excellent to use as protector while you are asleep.
amethyst is another good crystal for protection.

you can either keep one of these or many of these stones near your bed, or under your pillow or wear it as jewelry.

as for the herbs--again, via good ol' google, agrimony (which I've never heard of before) is supposedly a great protective herb. as is angelica. this i had heard of before, but had forgotten till i found it again on google. you can plant these herbs in pots or around your home for the protection, or I imagine just having them near you as a dried herb will work too.

another herb I had always heard of using to help ward off evil and prevent nightmares was anise. now, i cannot recall what it tastes like, but i think it is similar to black licorice, which i never could stand. this herb is also great for relieving stomach cramps, (esp. menstrual) and toothaces. basil is yet another herb that does the same as anise--and THAT I can stomach much better! we have a basil plant in our home, and keep it all year long. you can generally find these plants, roots and all in your grocery store, in the vegetable section. buy it, and plant it in a pot, and keep it in a sunny window. easy to grow and very tasty too! it'll also help with bringing you wealth! :)

good luck to them, and I hope they soon find some relief.

22-10-2008, 06:05
For incense to clear space & raise the vibration there are many options. Smudging with sage works very well in most cases to clear space. For raising positive energy frankincense, myrrh & rose all work great.
There are many ways to cleanse, clear & bless a space using the all the five elements.
For fire you can use incense, sage, etc.
For earth you can use sea salt or stones placed in the area such as mentioned in the post above.
For air you can drum, ring bells, sing, chant, etc. with intention.
For water you can use salt-water or vibrational essences sprayed in the room, or clean the room with specially made solutions for such a task.
For spirit you can use prayer, intention, Reiki, magick, etc.
There are also people who do space clearing for a living that you can hire.
Just some more ideas for you.

14-12-2008, 14:25
I absolutely advise smudging with sage.
Also, for nightmares, it helps to make sure you do not eat before you sleep. That might not be the cause, perhaps, but if you eat before you sleep it might make you more susceptible to the negative energies in your dreams.
Salt is very purifying, definitely, and I'm big into stones and crystals, so I would recommend Tourmalined/Tourmalated/Tourmalinated Quartz (I've seen it spelled all three ways). It's Black Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal, and helps to trap negative energies and change them into positive ones, multiplying the positive energies that are already present. Good luck!

The crowned one
14-12-2008, 14:35
Coat Angelica flowers in sugar and eat them if you are not pregnant (they are really tasty.) Burn the roots in the room.

This is Romanian folklore ( My father-in-law is Romanian) and you will bring down the protection of Angels on you. Harvest must be done with a pure heart (I translate this to good intentions) Helps with the flu too!

14-12-2008, 14:35
I also suggest smudging with sage. That works very well. Another thing to try is get a spray bottle and mix up some salt water. Use distilled water and sea salt. Then just spray throughout the room.

I'm a massage therapist and I use a spray bottle filled with distilled water and a couple of drops of clove(one drop) and petigrain (an orange scent and use 3 to 4 drops). These are both good cleansing, circulating essential oils. And if I get a client who has really heavy emotions or spirits I spritz the whole room quite liberally.

Any three of these things work wonders for me. Of course all the stones that others have suggested are great too. The black tourmaline, hematite, or tiger's eye are all three protective and repelling stones.

22-01-2010, 13:39
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22-01-2010, 14:14
Room mate meetings with objectives and note taking can help the girls to relax and open up. There may be some anxiety there about how to handle conflict. Negative flows/energies/spirits FEED on pent up negativity!! However, if the girls get along fine then there may be an issue with too much positive flow and activity. In both cases a nice clear quartz, tiger's eye, and hematite should help the flow. The other suggestions offered earlier are also EXCELLENT.

The introduction of the elements may help as well. Plants have most of those and the sun provides fire energy.

As for imagining a white light; I found that creating a physical ring of light may help. Turn on small night lights or tea lights in each of the Four Corners. Keep them on for three days or so until each is able to relax at night.

Smudging with rosemary, sage, and citrus in tea is an excellent way to smudge and induce the healing needed to overcome energy imbalances. I'll put rosemary in some chamomile tea for a relaxing cleansing effect.

22-01-2010, 14:18
Coat Angelica flowers in sugar and eat them if you are not pregnant (they are really tasty.) Burn the roots in the room.

This is Romanian folklore ( My father-in-law is Romanian) and you will bring down the protection of Angels on you. Harvest must be done with a pure heart (I translate this to good intentions) Helps with the flu too!

THIS SOUNDS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1