View Full Version : neutralizing strong scent in a book?

30-10-2008, 02:24
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I purchased a used book that has an odd odor to it. I have severe allergies, so I have no idea if this smell is some type of herb from the person's house or what. (I can't frequent many metaphysical shops/therapy centers because of this.) Does anyone know what I could use to help de-scent a book without ruining the pages, or sending myself to bed with a horrible headache?

I really appreciate any suggestions you might have!

04-11-2008, 13:42
With general things, coffee or charcoal soak up bad smells. That's more a space deodorizer but it might work for a book too.

Anam Cara
04-11-2008, 13:53
My hubby has that same sensitivity,
and is pretty much unable to go into
a metaphysical store with me...
which is sometimes okay!! (he's not
there to say "no" at the checkout!! ;))

I have several old books - most air out
eventually, in a dry climate, but i had
one VERY stubborn book that I had to
give the Kitty Litter treatment!!!

Take a large plastic bag (this is a perfect
way to use those wasteful large department
store bags!)...a bag big enough to hold the book
AND an open bag of super-absorbent kitty
litter. My book was a large book, so i poured
half the bag of kitty litter into another paper bag.
So, inside the plastic bag i had the book sandwiched
by two bags of kitty litter (one the bag it came in,
the other a paper bag) I closed up the plastic bag
with a rubber band, and stored it on an upper shelf
of our bookshelves.

It was nearly odor-free in a few days.
You can still smell it a bit, but nothing like before,
and my husband was able to read the book in his lap
without smelling it, which was the true test!

Good luck!