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10-11-2008, 10:53
I stopped in a little store today totally by chance. Liked the name of the place and pulled in. There in a showcase was an opal skull. I knew immediatly why I felt pulled to stop there. I had to have the skull. The clerk had no idea where it came from. Does anybody know anything about them? Where they come from or the meaning of them?

All Is One
10-11-2008, 11:19
I have a skull that looks like that and is larger than an inch, but not a whole lot. It's carved from some sort of bone. A friend dressed it in green deer hide and fashioned a leather fool's cap for him and a thong to wear him around your neck.

I'm so jealous that you have one of stone, whether it's matrix, or white opal, either one.

It looks very well carved.

Nice find, DancinBear!!!

10-11-2008, 11:32
As far as the matrix thing goes, there is the classic opal stone on the top of her/his head. I think the rest of it is carved out of the stone that it was found in.

It really is cool!

10-11-2008, 12:41
I have a clear quartz one that looks like it is carved just like that one...it's about one and a half inches side to side and two and one fourth front to back....I use it for scrying. I don't know where they come from or the meaning of them...mine has good positive energy and feels good when you hold it. I would love to know more about them too.

All Is One
10-11-2008, 12:48
Found a website that calls it's carved stone skulls "Nebula Stone Crystal Skulls."

They said this about their skulls:

"They are considered by some as a vehicle for harmonic convergence," which can amplify and focus psychic abilities. "People are able to gaze into the eyes of the crystal skull and see these scenes to either read the past with great clarity or predict the future." Thought of as super computers of past civilizations that have stored all of the lost knowledge of the Mayans or Atlantians. "

Nebula Stone Crystal Skulls (http://www.nebulastone.com/Nebula_Stone_Skulls.htm)

They are incredibly expensive and I only saw shiny black and gold ones...a few others, but nothing like the one you have, as far as the stone is concerned.

10-11-2008, 21:59
I think it is nice but cannot quite see it. What color opal is is ?

10-11-2008, 23:35
very cool, dancinbear. Apollonia has skulls and has done readings with them as well. I want one myself, and had even dreamt of buying one, but haven't yet found exactly the one like I saw in my dream. anyway, maybe if you PM Apollonia, she can tell you more about the skulls, and how she does her readings---it may be a new avenue of divination for you! :)

11-11-2008, 00:28
Good idea Celticnoodle. I saw one but was not drawn to buying it so didn't. It has certainly got me checking them out though.
Fascinating really as a subject.

11-11-2008, 00:31
yes, it is, memries. fascinating i mean. i never thought i'd be drawn to skulls, myself! :laugh: however, after my dream, and then a reading later on by Apollonia, I have since changed my mind. I'm just waiting to find the 'right' one, as I know it's out there for me!

Briar Rose
15-11-2008, 07:09
I have an opal skull that looks to be the same size and color as yours.

My friend from an art gallery sent it to me. I will ask him who the artist is the next time I talk to him. Remind me too, okay?

For me, the meaning of having a skull means that we are more than flesh and bones. We have a spirit.

Briar Rose
07-12-2008, 01:03
I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this. My artist friend in Texas says he forgot the name of the artist that carves the little opal skull fettishes. But he did tell me that the artist goes to central Mexico to get the rough cut opal, and the artist lives in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Once I get my camera connected back to the computer I'll take a picture of it. It looks just like yours.