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19-01-2003, 19:30
Which stone is the best one to use for back pains?

I do have a few stones: amethyst, tiger's eye, labradorite, tourmaline and rock crystal. But as far as I know, none if these is specifically for back pains.

20-01-2003, 07:35
three stones are very good for your back: rock cristal, rutiled quartz and we call it sunstone but it english it probably has a different name...

rock cristal and rutiled quartz is good to strengten your back and sunstone good for the pain, it's even good for a hernia...

with love,


20-01-2003, 08:49
In the UK it's known as rutilated quartz - a clear quartz with golden strands running through it.

20-01-2003, 08:59
Yes, rutilated quartz is a good healing crystal. And Rostie, it is known as Sunstone in english.

Petrified wood is good for the back as well.

Have you been using reiki on your back?

20-01-2003, 09:04
Originally posted by Phoenix
Have you been using reiki on your back? Yes, I have, even from a distance (because it's a bit difficult to put my hands on my own back... ;) ). I usually find that I don't get a result until the day after and it was better this morning, until I hurt it again... :(

20-01-2003, 19:26
no with sunstone=(Na,Ca)[(Al,Si)2Si2O8] i mean a totally different stone than rutiled quartz!!!

i've looked it up in my gemguide and it also has a different name: aventurine-feldspar/feldspath or oligoclass (or something, don't know the right spelling) from the feldspargroup, it's totally different than the normal aventurine wich is green and from the quartzgroup: it's an orange, redbrownish stone with golden refections in it, twinklings of gold, sometimes even some reflections of rainbowcolors...


(i also found (in my gemstone handbook) that nefrite and obsidian are good stones for your back...)

my boyfriend has also problems with his back and uses rockcristal and sunstone and it helpes him so i hope for you too tarotlady!!!

i've been wrong: sunstone, rock cristal and rutiled quartz are all for strengthening.
for the pain there are several stones: rock cristal, hematite, magnetite and chrysocolla.

i have a page in dutch tarotlady wich is very good about healthproblems and stones and a picture so you can see how they look like:

with love,

20-01-2003, 19:50
Originally posted by rostie
i have a page in dutch tarotlady wich is very good about healthproblems and stones and a picture so you can see how they look like:
http://home.tiscali.nl/~vonhebel/I already have that one in my favourites ;). Good to hear it's a good one! I've seen so many different lists of which stones to use for which illnesses, I don't know anymore which one to trust...

20-01-2003, 20:09
Originally posted by tarotlady
I already have that one in my favourites ;). Good to hear it's a good one! I've seen so many different lists of which stones to use for which illnesses, I don't know anymore which one to trust...

i know it's confussing...but what i certainly know by expierience is that sunstone is very good for your back, just like rock cristal and rutiled quartz
and that magnetite is very good against the pain...i have a piece myself from that stone and it's a very strong stone...you don't may wear this one a whole day, just a few hours a day...a couple of 5

i myself use rutiled quartz for my back and rock cristal, my boyfriend rock cristal and sunstone...so we already have tried them out ;)

magnetite i use against migraine and it helps wonderfully...but i know it helps against all form of pain, also backpain...

maybe just go to a shop with stones and look at them, your intuition/unconsious will know the one(s) you need ;)

26-01-2003, 07:07
On another tangent, if it's the kind of back pain that is helped by massage, you can sometimes find quartz wands especially designed to be used as massage tools. Or roll a sphere around on your back to massage it. You can program the tool or sphere to help, too -- but be sure to clear it well and often.

-- Kyrielle

26-01-2003, 11:30
I went shopping today and I bought a sunstone, a magnetite and a small rock crystal (easier to carry with me than the big one I already have). And a small leather bag to carry them with me. ;)

Thanks everyone for the advice!

18-02-2003, 16:57
Depending on what type of back problems you are experiencing...selenite is excellent...so is kyanite...and tourmaline...these all have striations running along their length...these are energy movers...and they quickly remove energy blocks...selenite establishes and supports spinal allignment and kyanite alligns on all levels...it never needs clearing and will clear and energize other stones placed upon it...tourmaline, all colors is a master healer...black tormaline in quartz is also good...rutilated quartz can also work...especially if the rutile all run in the same direction...moves energy very quickly but it's electrical and might be too much/hot for some pain...

a selenite wand can be pointed at your back... about 3-5 inches away... (by someone else) and run first from above your head down your spine...then from the base of your spine to above your head...do it a few times each way slowly...be sure to ground and put grounding stones at your feet and hold some in your hands...hematite...smokey quartz...black tourmaline...your preference...if you don't ground all the body levels they separate and the healing may not be effective...

you can lay on the floor...face up... (again well grounded) and lay the stones on you as you relax and lightly meditate...the kyanite or selenite or tormaline is good at the heart chakra... all can be used with clear and smokey quartz...breath this energy into you there at the heart chakra and see/ feel it penatrate into your pain and dissolve it...transforming it into light (white/clear is always good because it contains the full spectrum of colors) which fills the void left from dissolving the pain... feel better...

17-03-2003, 00:33
Doctor will be the best for your back pain? It is better to seek a doctor..

17-03-2003, 00:37
Not always... Doctors will often just subscribe pain killers, which don't cure the back pain.
My back pain is long gone by now, with the help of reiki, stones, exercises, and without the help of a doctor... ;)

17-03-2003, 02:11
Oh! Amazing -.-!! What Crystals and Gems you used is the best for cure of back pain? And is the meaning of Reiki? I cant really understand...

17-03-2003, 02:17
I used the rock crystal, the rutilated quartz and the sunstone that rostie recommended.

If you want to know more about reiki, try a search in the Spirituality forum. There have been numerous threads about it in the past.