View Full Version : For Practising Astrologers Only Please

15-11-2008, 07:21
I had a note from Bernadette Brady this morning. She's doing a survey on attitudes towards astrology in the 21st century, and it looks pretty interesting.

If you would like to participate, please go here:


It'll take you maybe five or ten minutes, and she will send you a copy of your own graph when she gets the chance to (maybe a couple of weeks).

16-11-2008, 03:20

Thanks for this link. I filled in the questionnaire, though I must admit that several of the questions required me to choose between statements that I disagreed with to some extent, and didn't present me with options that I did agree with.

That's one of the issues with any questionnaire based on closed answers but I'd take forever on an open answer questionnaire on astrology :)

16-11-2008, 16:10
I filled it in a while ago - and she sent my 'answers' in a report back - pretty awesome..
interesting -and I agree with Minderwiz some I just had to 'let go' ..


16-11-2008, 20:08
Same here - I was glad for the comment box at the end of the survey, and did make use of it to that effect - it'll be interesting to see what the graph looks like.