View Full Version : How to unsubscribe from a thread?

24-11-2008, 12:03
How do I unsubscribe to a thread so that when I go in my CP they no longer show (looking to remove threads that have been inactive for some time).

I found this in a search:


but I can't find the drop-down menu that is being discussed?


24-11-2008, 12:49
I'm not a moderator, but I had the same question a while back.

You have to go into the User CP. Then you can access your Subscriptions by using the drop down menu on the right side of the screen with the title 'Forum Jump'

Once you see the screen with your watched Threads list, just put a check in the Notifications square/box and scroll down to the bottom to choose to Delete. (Yes, it confused me as well because I was like, I don't want to get notified.)

25-11-2008, 04:05
Look on the front/Main Index page of the Forum. Along the upper right, under the Private Message box, are the clickable words:

Quick Links.

Click that a drop-down menu will appear, choose:
Watched Threads, it is near the bottom of the list, can't be precise because being a mod, mine is slightly different.

Once clicked, it will open a page showing your watched threads with a tick box at the end of each. Tick the ones you don't want to be notified about, scroll down to the bottom.

There is another drop-down menu, the one showing is 'Move to Folder', but open that menu and there are several options, including 'No email notification', 'Delete subscription' and 'Daily email notification'.

If this still isn't clear, please post and I'll try again.