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27-11-2008, 00:00
Will someone please point me to the part where I have to be to alter my settings to see new posts that are over an hour old?

Thank you


27-11-2008, 00:26
Hi FireFrost, you can't set it to a past time, but to see new posts since you were last here, or the fresh ones when you finish reading the current new posts, just click on the words NEW POSTS right below the AT header.

Reading forums this way is WAY quicker than pulling each section individually.

Another setting I like in our User CP is to show 50 posts per thread rather than the default which I think is about 20. It a mental thing I guess but doing that reduces the number of pages brought back when you click on new posts :) And catching up becomes more doable mentally.

You can also change that eye killer purple background to white in your user cp if you so desire.

27-11-2008, 04:12
Thanks, AJ. I do click on that button but sometimes there are pages of posts and others there are just ones from the last hour. I've now got three pages there and posts over the last three hours. Strangely, I seem to lose a lot during the morning.

Oh, and I've always had my settings on 50 posts per page.

I keep the purple. Last time I altered that, I lost the top menu bar!

Come to think, must try that again...

Thanks! :)

27-11-2008, 06:49
there is some kind of cut off time if you've been reading a long time without switching pages. Is that what you mean?
Sometimes I'm reading threads and then get sidetracked elsewhere on the web and when I come back my next page goes to new posts since my last activity.

I wouldn't even be here if I had to have the forum in purple. Ouch, kiyiyi my eyes :)

27-11-2008, 08:01
Must be the cut off time.

I kinda like the purple, and I use the top menu bar that you don't get with the normal view.

Thanks, AJ, much appreciated :)

27-11-2008, 09:03
There must indeed; I think it's like when you dial 1571..... Every now and then I will rush into the house having heard the phone - and when I dial, I get "You have no new calls to return" - I was once so mad that I called BT and they pointed out (with perfect but INFURIATING truth) that they clear the decks once a day, and I was just unlucky....