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01-12-2008, 18:09
In astrology the eighth house , is a karak or inidicator of sea journey and hidden objects injuries by blasts, fire injury as well wter injuries. In Indian calender ,Moon enterd scorpio on 27 of November , its sign of debliation and we had the most heinous crimes against humanity take place.The terrorist used the sea as their passage and killed so many innocent people and damaged the Taj Oberio hotels and created havoc.I am using this opportuniy for the readers to look, into the signs of astorlogy and understand the the planetary conditions. Notice that as per hindu calender it was no moon day on 27 november with Moon in Scorpio.No Moon day in tantra is considered a good time to do all the inauspicious deeds.
May god bless the departed souls and give protect the ones left behind.

01-12-2008, 18:42
The 8th House is also the House of Death :(

The new moon on the 27th was not only in the Hindu calendar, Magician, but in the Western ephemerides, the moon was already in Sagittarius, which is its sign of exaltation. This sounds like a good thing, but exaltations tend to exaggerate - and they can exaggerate the bad as well as the good. It would be interesting to see what that Moon aspected. I think we would probably see sure indications of the terrorist act both in the Western and Vedic charts.

May all those who died in this horrible act pass into the light in peace. My thoughts have been with Mumbai and India these past few days.

A question to you - Vedic astrology is very much depended upon in India in daily life, for practical and mundane predictions and elections - in way that has been mostly lost in the West (though there is a strong movement to revive traditional astrology). Did any astrologer see this coming and try to warn the community at large, the police or the government?

02-12-2008, 18:22
In Western astrology, the Moon is exalted in Taurus, not Sag. Is it different in Vedic astrology?

It's in fall (debility) in Scorpio, as well as via combusta for the first fifteen degrees of the sign :(

And sadly, we saw way too much of the bad this time around.