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14-12-2008, 02:10
OK, I know that in order to get a detailed horoscope, I need to know my time of birth. But...what happens if I don't know it? My parent's haven't got a clue either, and since they don't know I'm pagan, and don't approve of astrology or tarot or anything like that, I can't go snooping around for it. I know it was sometime in the afternoon, though.

14-12-2008, 03:00
There's a huge difference between daytime births and night-time births, for one thing.

Also, the Ascendant (degree rising on the horizon) moves one degree for every four minutes of time. And the Moon moves about one degree every two hours. You might find an astrologer who could rectify your chart to at least the correct rising sign by events that have happened in your life.

You'd still get a fairly decent read, but it is important to try and get the rising sign at least. Other than that, you'd still get some things out of it, but others would be by guess and by gosh.

14-12-2008, 04:59
hi celticdruidess

why not ring the hospital you were born at ? they may have a record

14-12-2008, 05:32
Your birth certificate should have the time on it...

14-12-2008, 06:57
Birth certificates in England do not show the time of birth. Whilst the hospital may have records (assuming that you were not a home birth) it's unlikely that you will be able to access these without giving a reason - though it might well be worth a try.

There are some techniques that could be tried, and you will find a couple in previous threads. However a good starting point is to try and narrow it down with your parents. They might not have taken note of the time but some judicious questioning might establish a point between say, lunch and tea/dinner. That might give you a reasonable approximation to use as the basis for one of the rectification techniques.

Other relatives might also be able to help, possibly because they remember visiting just after or just before the birth or your parents told them the birth time (they might not remember now but that's not to say they never knew!). There's obviously a real possibility that your parents may start quizzing you on your interest but you can pass it off by saying that some of your friends had their horoscopes done for fun and they were asking you what your time of birth was.

14-12-2008, 09:19
or, if you do think your birth certificate will have it, you can always tell your parents, you are applying for a passport. you would need a copy of the birth certificate for that. if they ask you why you want a passport, just tell them you want it for a 2nd piece of photo identification. not necessarily that you want to travel abroad--or maybe you do want to travel abroad, or even go on a cruise, (you need the passport for most cruise tours also).

2ndly, I agree with Minderwiz. you can ask general questions of your parents, such as how long was your mom in labor for? did she have to go to the hospital in the middle of the night, or was it during the day, etc. lastly, if your folks had a baby book for you or if they sent out birth announcements, it may be listed there.

lastly, if not on the birth certificate, maybe on a town register--as some places here in the U.S. do require the birth to be registered, and sometimes will mark the time. not all birth certificates have the time. my husbands did not. then, again, you can also check notices put into the town paper too.

so, first off, why not just ask your folks what time of day were you born? if they ask why, just say you were wondering about it just out of pure interest.

there is another long drawn out way I believe you can use to try & determine how to figure out an approximation of time for your birth--but I think this is something that will take awhile. It would involve checking out the different times for the entire 24 hour day of your birth and follow it closely to see which one seems to describe yourself best. it may not be accurate, but about the best you can get if all else fails. good luck!

14-12-2008, 14:24
The best solution is to set up a chart for midday of your day of birth. Then you can read the transits to your natal planets with good accuracy.

14-12-2008, 15:28
Thanks for all the help, everyone! With a bit of conniving on my part, I was able to convince my mum I needed it for something my friend was doing (how she fell for that, I have no idea....) but although it's not an exact time, she reckons it was about 3:30 pm.

14-12-2008, 22:56
Great, That should be OK. When you have cast your chart, look at the Ascendant. The Ascendant moves a degree every 4 minutes, so if your Ascendant is in the first or last 3 degrees then your true Ascendant may lie in the adjacent time (allowing an error of 12 minutes either way on your mum's estimate.

If this is the situation, then you can take the Ascendant sign that feels 'right' (and hence the appropriate timing). However, remember that there are other important factors in your char to consider, so this is best done over a period of time and following a good analysis of your chart.

There are also a number of methods for rectifying your chart but none of these can establish the true time of birth. What they do is establish a time which works best for predictions, given your life to date. The best of these methods are based on using past events in your life to 'calibrate' your chart.

Best of luck with any future work that you do on your chart.

01-02-2009, 10:19
I recently contacted government birth certificate services with the same question. Unfortunately I was born in 1960 and was a home birth, so the info I received in reply was of no use to me. If you were born from 1984 onwards, read the last sentence. This applies to the UK.

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your enquiry.

On birth certificates it is possible to see when a multiple birth occurred as the time is stated in column 1 'Date and place of birth'. Unfortunately time at birth does not feature on singleton birth certificates. However, it may be possible to obtain this information:

When a birth is registered, a Register Office receives a computerised sheet directly from the hospital. This sheet has time at birth noted on at all entries and their computer system is updated accordingly. This only applies to births occurring from 1991 onwards. The computerised sheets are then deposited at the corresponding Health Authority. It may be possible to contact the local Health Authority but they store this information for a period of 10 years (this timescale may vary dependant on Health Authority).
A fee is charged for this service.

Another possible avenue to contact is the Hospital Trust (where the birth
occurred) and ask for the Child Health Section. Here they have time at birth for all children from 1984 onwards.


Judith Roberts
GRO Contact Centre

04-02-2009, 22:54
in reality, only 5 percent of the population will ever know their exact time of birth, then you are also relying on competent hospital staff as well

you are not on the outer from not having an exact birth time. whilst the psychological focus of personal astrology can certainly dazzle you with its brilliance, you can also do this with an inaccurate exact time and communication with whom's chart you are studying.

The placements of the sun and the moon, plus the planets and asteroids, if you want to delve that deeply, will always be in a sign and you can get a really amazing picture on that alone.

04-02-2009, 23:49
Lucky for me my mom was really into astrology when I was born, so I know the exact time: 10:04 am. It's on my original birth certificate, but years later I got a copy from the state or city ( don't remember which) and it wasn't really a copy of the actual birth cert. It was now some city/state form and the time was not on it. How annoying...

05-02-2009, 00:26
true story - I had been working in astrology for a long time and despite what I was giving out, and since I had a very toxic relationship with my maternal - I always doubted my birthdate.

I am a cancer sun, but people who have met me and relate to astrology, have said - you are? apart from having kids, I am the least cancerian type you would ever meet, oh and that caring for others thing - but anyway

I have always been pegged as a Gemini - quite valid as I have a 1 degree sun in cancer, so it is heavily influenced by the cusp of gemini - or a capricorn - I can take that as I have a capricorn moon. Occassionally, I get - oh, you're too confident, you MUST be a leo! That's also fine as the day of birth gives me a leo sun progression.

One thing I have NEVER been pegged as is an aquarian rise - which is what I have with my birth details.

So, with ALL of that external feedback coming to me in my astro sphere, and also having a pro astrologer peer, also tell me that my moon is actually out of bounds and an 'aquarius' moon - I was OK, time must be wrong!

I paid the money for official records and despite the maternal mayhem, there was only five minutes difference and I am STILL an aquarius rise!

It's a science, but like all science, not exact.

Nothing elitist in an exact birth time because even with it, on all levels, you still grow into you sun :) which is the same, no matter what time you are born.

*edited as my typos are wicked the later the day progresses