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26-01-2003, 17:28
Here's a website where you can calculate your Arabic parts, if you are into that sort of thing...


26-01-2003, 21:04

Thanks for the link - Arabian Parts are not widely used, apart from the Part of Fortune but I find them very interesting.

It is quite possible to argue that the Arabian Parts are neither Arabian nor Parts and indeed there seems to be a reasonable consensus amongst Astrologers that this is the case. Keeping to the term ‘Parts’ for the moment, these existed long before the Arabs wrote about them – they originated in the work of Babylonian, Egyptian and Greek Astrologers. The ninth century Arab astrologer, Abu Ma’shar reported learning ninety seven parts from the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians and the first century book by Dorotheus discusses several of these Parts or ‘Lots’

Tony Louis claims that the reason why they are called ‘Arabian’ is that the Arab astrologers went overboard with them and had things such as the Parts of barley, beans, onions, lentils, rice, sesame, sugar, dates, honey, wine, salted things, pungent foods, sweet medicines, dismissal, resignation, lost animals, torture, decapitation, clouds, floods, sultans, secrets and urgent wishes.

The ‘Parts’ element of the title is also most likely a misnomer, Kevin Burk and Tony Louis amongst others have pointed to the traditional title of ‘Pars’ as in ‘Pars Fortuna’ and the Greek term translated as ‘Lots’ neither of which imply any meaning of ‘Part’ (as in part of something). Lind Weber in his badly written but quite fascinating book ‘The Arabian Parts Decoded’ takes the word ‘Lot’ in its older meaning of fate or luck

This site is really worth a look, but don't get carried away with them. There's also a good site by Rob Hand which looks at Fortuna and one or two others, and does a little explanation and analysis.


27-01-2003, 00:18
Minderwiz....I put this here IF people are interested in such configurations.

Perhaps I should send my posts right to you so you can properly explain everything to everyone?

There really isn't much discussion in this group. It all goes back to you. Don't get me wrong, you seem to know quite a bit about astrology. Perhaps because our group is based in a Tarot group, not many others with vast astrological experience post here.

I think you do a fine job here, Minderwiz, but perhaps you could sit back a bit more and let others talk also? Of course, this is only my opinion, and I always have the option of avoiding the group. I hate to do that because you do have so much good stuff to add.

I am looking for discussions, not lectures.

27-01-2003, 02:23

I appreciate from your PM that you weren't being confrontational over this post so no offence taken

The site looked very good but once there I couldn't get the main three links to work and as these dealt with the explanations I felt I'd post something on those lines here.

If anyone has more success with the links on the site please let me know, coz Arabian Parts are on my final examination paper

Incidentally Ophiel, do you use Arabian Parts in your own chart readings? I tend to use the Part of Fortune sparingly but I must admit I don't use the others at all (unless they're on my exam paper LOL)