View Full Version : Being repelled by a crystal or viceversa (+ Id Pls?)

06-01-2009, 06:06
Greetings. There’s a tendency to ramble so I apologize beforehand. I’m very new to active crystal work. Though I’ve had them in my company unconsciously for some time. I’ve only started clearing my crystals in November.

I purchased a mixed lot of crystals a few weeks ago and received a very nice assortment of “imperfect” tumbled stones. (lots with cracks, gashes, odd shapes, gritty pits, and unevenly polished ends - but still loved) I’ve managed to ID most of them but there have been a few are still giving me trouble on that front. This is one such stone.

When I first unpacked it, it drew my eye and hand immediately. I felt very mild vibrations and then proceeded to cleanse, clean, and clear - no programming. Perhaps, it might have been too rough since I saw some fissures stem within from two existing cracks. (Method – a thin stream of running water + single spritz and polish with a spray made of white sage.)
I still felt very drawn after this first cleaning and I apologized to the crystal if I’d hurt it. (Simply saying , “I’m sorry if I have harmed you – please be well.” )However, what happened next felt disturbing somehow. I felt a pulse in my hand while holding it, which progressed into a pulling feeling in my chest over my heart . The feeling moved just over my stomach and I felt pains very similar to those of a bad case of gas with dizziness. I put the crystal down after the sensation started making me feel as if I would pass out.
The feeling went away.
I later picked it up again and the chest pains and gaslike pains started again. Logically speaking I’m crazy for thinking so, but tt was almost as if it was “screaming” for me to let it go. I let the little one sit and take some sun and moonlight for a few days in my eastern window for a few hours at a time and when I picked it up today just touching the surface, I started feeling the sick feeling again. For now, it’s living in my backyard in a covered plant pot full of soil until I can properly “set it free”.
This has NEVER happened to me before. Every other crystal I’ve handled has left me feeling calm to some degree – and while this is by far the strongest reaction I’ve ever gotten, I’m not sure if it’s a good one.

I’m puzzled also because I still have no idea what it really is and it wasn’t until AFTER cc&c that it did this. Maybe its lesson is “how to let go”?

It’s small (about the size of a US 25 cent piece) and translucent and from one side banded in cream and white that seems just under the surface. The other side is milky. The top point is clear and the bottom point(s) are white with bits of tan and a streak of brown. My first thought was that this was a bit of moonstone. Second thought was that it was selenite. At this point I really have no clue.

Pic here : http://i39.*******.com/20sx53a.png || http://tinyurl.com/8u4b2p (mirror)

Thank you all for your help and for reading.

06-01-2009, 07:56
I've had strong reactions to crystals, too; usually it's positive and affirming, but sometimes it's repellent, though rarely do I feel physically sick because of it, just very uncomfortable (smoky quartz and labradorite do this to me).

I think you've done well to put it in some soil for now. You could also try putting it in a quartz geode or on a large piece of selenite. If the feeling gets a bit less intense, you might be able to meditate with the stone later and ask it what it needs.

As to its ID, I really do rely on holding the stone many times :laugh: but that looks like an agate to me. Tho your hypothesis of moonstone could also be correct . . . just less likely. You're more likely to get an agate than a moonstone in a "mixed lot" such as you bought.

Best of luck with your "little one"!

\m/ Kat