View Full Version : Herbs along with Tarot

15-01-2009, 05:13
I'll try this one again.

Does anyone use herbs along with their tarot cards?

I use a blend of lavender, white sage, mugwort, eyebright, and in one case rose and frankensense, to store with my decks.

I also smudge with a sage and sweetgrass blend.

Once in awhile, when I'm getting down and meditative, I sip mugwort tea, to help increase my awareness.

How about you, any special herbs that go along with your tarot stuff?

15-01-2009, 15:04
I'm a sandalwood, myrrh and patchouli junkie --but I don't drink them, just place a little with my cards sometimes. I am fond of some additional lemon, neroli or citrus scents when reading.

Mugwort tea? eeewww. I grow mugwort and can't imagine drinking it if it tastes anything like it smells, but then I can't palate many straight herbal teas --even though I love growing, smelling, working with, and being around them all.