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Lady Skye
29-01-2003, 11:54
I see lots of "Lemurian seed" crystals on the internet. I understand that they are known to be found lying in the sand by themselves...like a free spirit and not connected to a cluster in amongst other crystals...from the time/place of Lemuria. I purchased a few crystals that look like what everyone is describing.

The thing I don't understand is how do you actually know it's a Lemurian seed crystal and not just a crystal that has been chipped off a cluster in a crystal mine? I've also seen crystal balls that are considered to be from Lemuria. How does one authenticate a crystal ball being Lemurian and other single crystals being authentic Lemurian? I don't know if I worded that very well but can anyone help me understand this.


18-02-2003, 16:07
An excellent question...LET THE BUYER BEWARE...unfortunately there are many who are out to make $$$ at the expense of the truth...and the Lemurians were very trendy a few years ago...there are some ways I know of which can absulotely athenticate the mineral properties of stones...thereby identifying them...but you usually need to contact a major university...museum... or gem amd mineral society to find someone with the proper scientific equipment...often hard to find or do...and very costly...there is one I know of in NY if anyones really interested...there are some experts in metaphysical stones I've dealt with over the years who would have some available and be knowledgable enough and trustworthy enough...

but if you already have some or know of some you want to purchase...you might try using a pendelum and asking the crystal...there are people I know who do just that with good results...but unless you're sure of your ability to use a pendelum effectively...mighty untrustworthy...

there are also ways to ask yes and no questions using body muscle testing...while holding the stones...probably would work with a photo if you're sensitive...

my own experience with lemurian crystals was about 3 years ago...their energy is very soft...feminine and gently flowing like slow water...easily recoginized if you have had lots of experience with other quartzes...and they were incredibly expensive...I liked them very much...worked with them for about 3 weeks...but recognized I didn't need them...I knew their lessons...but I read and downloaded their records...I have friends who own some and use them...what's your interest in them?...

27-06-2003, 00:30
I'd be interested in more people's experiences with lemurian crystals. I'm thinking they may work well in telepathic or astral communications.

27-06-2003, 03:09
At a recent rock n' gem show I was summoned by a lovely, 8-inch double terminated crystal. As soon as I picked it up, I got mental images of a hilltop & of resting just below the surface in sand. I wasn't planning on buying that day - uh huh, you know the rest.

When I asked the clerk what kind of crystal it was, he said it was a lemurian & gave me a FAQ sheet - that pretty much is the same as what you've already discussed on this topic. The mental image would seem to confirm that it's lemurian, since it was unanticpated & until then I hadn't heard of the term.

I've cleansed it & will leave it on my home altar for a moon phase, which is my custom when introducing a new piece. I have a feeling it will work well with my crystal ball.