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29-01-2003, 14:09
I had never been interested in spheres until recently, when they began appearing at the local shops at very good prices. I have small quartz, amethyst, and labradorite spheres. What kinds of stone spheres do everyone else have? And what do you use them for?

-- Kyrielle

30-01-2003, 03:25
I`ve got an obsidian sphere with a rainbow `eye` it`s gorgeous, my husband bought it as a Yule present. I`m learning to scry with it (not very successfully yet). I have used it to absorb negativity during spellcasting as well.

Love and light

Crystalmynx xx

30-01-2003, 04:24
What do you consider a good price for a small sphere..at my local store they have maybe a 1 inch round one..for $7.50..it could be a little bigger..is that a good pricve?

31-01-2003, 03:50
Prices generally depend on the source of the stone. That could mean both the geological source (Brazilian stones are cheap right now due to Brazilian economy) or the shop's supplier (some suppliers sell cheaper than others, and the store should pass the savings to you).

It also depends on the stone itself. My one-inch rutilated quartz sphere was $7.00, but the same size anyolite (ruby-zoisite) sphere was $11.00.

$7.50 sounds like a pretty decent price for a one-inch sphere to me.

-- Kyrielle

Lady Skye
31-01-2003, 13:31
I have four crystal spheres in sizes from 2" to 4". I also have a 4" fluorite sphere which I just got. On a daily basis I will chose one to hold on and off throughout the day to attune my energy with its. Each sphere has its own special energy. (I also do this with all my other crystals in the house). I have started scrying with my spheres. I have found that my largest ball is somewhat frosty in the middle with some clear areas. I find this one easier to gaze into as the other realy clear ones I have tend to reflect other objects in the room making it a bit harder for crystal ball gazing. Spheres also clear negative energy all around a room because of their shape.


16-03-2003, 22:59
I have Tiger Eye, Aventurine and Golden Calcite Sphere about 1cm diameter.