View Full Version : "unconfirmed private message receipt" not showin up

20-01-2009, 14:41
Hello...:heart:tech people!

When I send a pm to Mellifluous, it shows up in my "sent" pms...but it
will NOT show up in my "unconfirmed private message receipts" list...
(even after asking me if I wanted a confirmed receipt when she reads my pm)

I have sent her 3 pms because I thought it didn't go through becasue it didn't
show up on this list:bugeyed: ...she probably thinks I am stocking her now:eek:

...I am not...

I tried a test pm and it showed on this list okay...so not sure what the problem is...

I have cleared cookies...closed the browser, etc. so it is NOT that...

Can you please check it out?
thank you...

21-01-2009, 17:56
Hi tarotlyn, does this only occur when you PM Mellifluous, or when you PM other people as well?

22-01-2009, 14:49
...:heart:Hi! solandia...sorry for the delay...just saw your post...

I was able to pm myself and it recorded in the list and I just now pm'd
HeavensVault (as a test) and her pm showed up in my receipt list...but it did
not when pm'ing Mellifluous.

Maybe it is more to do with her settings than mine:bugeyed:?

:heart:Thank you for helping...and I will keep an eye on this and let you know if
I experience any other similar situations with other member's pms.
Blessings on Solandia's house!
:):heart:tarotlyn (Lyn)

23-01-2009, 05:35

I just sent two pms and they both have recorded and are showing up in my
"unconfirmed private message receipts" list.

For some reason, my pms Mellifluous just don't show up??!!:bugeyed:

Thanks for listening...have a great day!