View Full Version : Quick links missing

20-01-2009, 22:29
I was trying out Google Chrome. For some reason, using that as a browser, the links at the top of the page are quite different - Quick links isn't there at all. Which means I have to trawl to the bottom of the page and use the drop down menu to get at my subscriptions. I know I am AWFULLY lazy - but it is irritating.... It isn't like that in firefox, or Opera, or iE..... It has Search, then new posts, then mark forums read....

Is it something I can change ?

21-01-2009, 17:52
I'd guess that's caused by how the browser is interpreting the page's code. Changing your browser is probably the real solution, unfortunately.

22-01-2009, 00:34
That's OK - I didn't like Chrome anyway as it turned out, so back to firefox.

How WEIRD though !