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This is a wonderful blog on this Solar Eclipse and the New Moon from Lynda Hill :)

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Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. Erich Fromm

We are all cells in the same body of humanity. Peace Pilgrim

The creator, Awonawilona, thought himself into being. Zuni Indian Saying

"Exovo omnia." Everything from an egg. William Harvey

Monday's new Moon in Aquarius is an annular solar eclipse. Partial phases of the eclipse are visible primarily from southern Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and Indonesia. For more information click here. A solar eclipse is a concentration of energy and signifies a time of both death and birth - the death of something old and outworn and the birth of something new. It is said about eclipses that the effects last as many years as the eclipse lasts. This eclipse is 3 hours and 46 minutes, meaning it is laying down seeds that take us past 2012.

This solar eclipse has a very Aquarian energy with Jupiter, the Moon, the Sun, the Moon's north node, Chiron and Neptune all in that sign. Jupiter's contribution, especially, will magnify it's effects enormously. The Sabian Symbol for this solar eclipse is Aquarius 7: A Child Born Out of an Eggshell. This degree signals the birth of an entirely new, creative and original impulse and it ushers in the urge to individuate and to give birth to our creative and spiritual ideas. It seems that Jupiter has a big hand at our backs; pushing us forward. The Sabian Symbol for Jupiter is Aquarius 5: A Council of Ancestors Has Been Called to Guide a Man.

First the degree of the solar eclipse: A Child Born Out of an Eggshell from my book 360 Degrees of Wisdom: Charting Your Destiny With the Sabian Symbols:
This Symbol signifies innovative ways of doing things, with new directions and new solutions. You need to find a unique approach that will give you the ability to follow unusual and original paths leading to a new emergence. There's the possibility of unleashing rebellious energy, so make sure that this beginning doesn't start off with any precocious or "spoilt" attitudes. It is important to provide nourishing environments in order to grow and learn, and nourishment must be provided to last through the course of the development. There can be an uneasy or unsure feeling about the viability of your situation. Many ideas or projects die because they don't have enough initial capital or support or dedication to last the distance. It may be something out of the ordinary or slightly odd. Don't let this scare you; try to recognize the potential rewards and see what you can learn from it. This Symbol can also show prejudice or fear of things that are different. There may be the need to be more consciously tolerant towards people or situations no matter their origins or backgrounds. This can also represent the gestation of an idea, process or project that's outside your direct influence.

Keywords: Transmutation. Children. The birth of a new creative original impulse. Incubated ideas coming to fruition. Genetic engineering. In vitro fertilization. People beyond their time. Mutations. Seeking the unusual. The unexpected birth. The desire to have children. The nurturing egg. Emerging in a unique way. The matrix and the casket. The struggle to break free. Genetic engineering. Indigo children. Children that seem unrelated to their parents. Adoption.

The Caution: Being different only to follow fashion. Afraid of new ideas. Lack of support. Spoilt and naive attitudes. Rebellion. Uneasiness. Prejudice and racial stereotypes. Refusing to believe even what the eyes can see.
So, it seems we're set to give birth to our lives, our selves, our relationships, our creations, etc, in a brand new way. Old ways by themselves won't cut it; we have to find that spark, that germ, that seed, that new beginning that's residing in us.

We do, though, have many gifts from the past, from the old ways, as Jupiter is behind this eclipse sitting on Aquarius 5: A Council of Ancestors Has Been Called to Guide a Man. This degree speaks of inner knowledge, instruction, direct roots to deep sources of energy, karmic connections with the past, the place one comes from, ancient wisdom vs. "old fogies", parents and grandparents, family and family lineage, proving bloodlines, committees, boards and councils, memories of those who've gone before, the Akashic Records.

Jupiter brings expansion and abundance and growth. It can, if we're not careful, bring overindulgence and waste. If our waistlines are expanding, what is it that we're wasting in our lives?

Venus, the planet of relationships and relating, money and beauty and the feminine principle, has just had a few tussles with Uranus and Saturn (the new guard versions the old guard), and there's a lot of relationships going through change. In fact, many relationships have to grow and adapt or die. Those that are true and fruitful will go into the future with a greater sense of connectedness, commitment and freedom for each individual while those that confine, demand or manipulate will very likely die on the vine.

Further on this relationship theme, the Sabian Symbol for Venus is Pisces 24: An Inhabited Island. This degree speaks of living with and getting along with others. Who shares your space? Do you allow each other to live in peace? Do you encroach on each other's space? Are you jammed in together, having to compromise every step of the way? Do you live alone and wish you had company? Do you have to always consider other people's needs above your own? How do you compromise?

Soon after the eclipse Venus moves onto Pisces 25: The Purging of the Priesthood. This degree and the one after it, Pisces 26: A New Moon Reveals That it's Time for People to Go Ahead With Their Different Projects signifies a lot of relationship breakups. If you don't have common goals and there's not a good level of respect and a good sense of boundaries in your relationships, you'll find things revealed that show it's time to move on into more rewarding, more respectful and more sharing ones with people who really care for and appreciate you. However, as mentioned, strong relationships will go to new levels of strength and commitment.

Further to the relationship issues mentioned, we have the Moon's north node at Aquarius 10: A Man Who Had For a Time Become the Embodiment of an Ideal is Made to Realize That as a Person He is Not That Ideal. This is about adjustments of expectations, adjustments back to reality, and the ability to look at one's self and others without blinkers or rose colored glasses. Sometimes we learn about the truth of someone and we find that we like them even more as we see their vulnerabilities and their inner beauty. Sometimes we find we've been handed something different than what we thought, perhaps there's a lot of lies - even the truth can hurt and cut.
Either way, disillusionment can be big at the moment. Disillusionment can help us to move onto more sincere, real, trusting, sharing and enjoyable relationships - especially after we've processed what 'illusions' we'd been holding about ourselves or others.

One way I interpret Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is as 'the stories we tell ourselves'. We need to concentrate on beauty, joy and wonder as we go into this new time in our lives. However, Chiron may have some stories that need reassessing or rephrasing. This is because the Sabian Symbol is Aquarius 21: A Woman Disappointed and Disillusioned Leading a Seemingly Empty Life. There's that word 'disillusioned' again. What are your illusions? What can you do to change them into reality? As we're giving birth to a whole new creative and original impulse through this solar eclipse, we perhaps need to focus on what we can create now, what we can give birth to.

Neptune, the planet of illusions, creativity, mystery and foggy perceptions is on a very interesting degree - Aquarius 24: A Man Turning His Back on His Passions Teaches From His Experiences. This degree speaks largely about turning your back on those things that aren't working. To know when to stop pushing, fighting and succumbing to disappointment. This degree is about conquering one's base nature, changing through maturing realizations, learning lessons sometimes the hard way. You can find that it's time to let go of things (or people) that once mattered.

Pluto, and the Dark Moon Lilith have big messages for us. It's on Capricorn 3: The Human Soul, in It's Eagerness For New Experiences, Seeks Embodiment. There we have it; this is the theme reflected in the Child Born of the Eggshell. We are being asked to give birth to ourselves again, to be prepared to step out into a new reality, to accept our god given rights and to assert ourselves and our creativity in the clear light of a brand new day.
Photo: I took the picture above in Southern Illinois about 4 years ago while I was researching the childhood of Elsie Wheeler, the spiritualist medium who gave birth to the Sabian Symbols.

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