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26-01-2009, 14:23
Shattuckite has been one of my favorite stones for a while. Since it is a favorite, I'd like to compare notes with others and maybe learn more about it.

I have noticed that descriptions of its healing and metaphysical properties vary depending on the source, covering everything from protection while channeling, to general pain/illness relief, to being a stone of reconciliation, to working at the level of dna and cells to clear past trauma, and there are other qualities attributed to it as well.

My own personal experience had to do with pain relief from back pain/numbness and sciatica, as well as an increase in joy and contentment.

I am wondering what other experiences people have had with shattuckite or a combination of shattuckite and ajoite. Does anyone else find this stone to be a favorite? I have to admit that I love copper-silicates in general.

This a thread for all things shattuckite related.

diane drizzy
23-02-2009, 01:02
I'm embarassed to even write this, but-
I recently purchased a small piece of shattuckite/ajolite. Living with chronic osteoarthritis pain, I figured why not? Reading that placing stones near or on the painful site is effective, so I did so on my knee, put my feet up and watched some junk food for the head on tv. About 10 minutes later I felt-giddy! This word does not even exist in my vocabulary!! I don't do giddy. My knee felt tingly and the pain had lessened. But giddy?!
I've experienced some calmness with other stones and crystals, even some energy.
I have the original book on Faeries by Brian Froud and I got the Aquarian Tarot when it first came out, so I am a product of my time. Let's just say I've experienced various forms of "giddy" in my life-as I hide my shattuckite away in my tie-dyed socks.

03-03-2009, 10:48
I have shattuckite. I like it but haven't barely use it.

03-03-2009, 15:43
I did post here, Im sure I did..

03-03-2009, 15:44
Try again,
I love this stone -
it is a beautiful blue and of course a minor ore of copper. I think it radiates spiritual energy and enhances skills such as prayer and manifesting.
It helps me feel Versatile, tenacious, diligent and persistent.
it resonates to me with the symbol of the hand...

01-04-2009, 10:34
I especially love the mediumship qualities of this wonderful stone. :)