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26-01-2009, 18:51
Which crystals are best for pendulums.

I was looking at Sodalite, Unakite and Smokey Quartz

I am looking for something for psyhic development, open my 3rd eye and something to help me contact my spirit guides, so what do all you experts reccomend??


27-01-2009, 07:11
Amethyst would be good for your third eye and quartz crystal for spiritual connections.

27-01-2009, 15:18
ok well this sparks a question for me what about for the development of clairvoyance

27-01-2009, 15:35
I have a pendulum that is made of lapis lazuli and moonstone- both are fantastic for divination. The moonstone helps to open up to inner vision and the lapis helps with discerning the truth. The combination is spectacular.

BTW, you can always use a pendant suspended on a chain if you can't find an actual pendulum in the gem of your choice.

Dancing Bear
27-01-2009, 20:43
Which crystals are best for pendulums.

I was looking at Sodalite, Unakite and Smokey Quartz

I am looking for something for psyhic development, open my 3rd eye and something to help me contact my spirit guides, so what do all you experts reccomend??


YOU know Sophie.. I use to sell pendulums at the tarot parties i did..
and I had many varieties.. And I know you want to open the 3rd eye etc...
But I think any pendulum will do this anyway, regardless of stone. its just the way the Pendulum works.
I noticed the one pendulum that seemed to work for everyone.. was Rose quartz..
Only certain people did the amethyst, carnelian, clear quartz etc etc.. work..

I think the best thing to do is find a place that has a variety, and go check them all out.. Dangling pendulum over your palm, ask "may i use you"...
if the pendulum goes accross the palm this is NO (thumb to little finger).. if it goes from up and down (tops of finger down to palm this is YES)
Buy the one with the strongest pull, and that responds instantly.

Going around in circles either clockwise or anticlockwise it is deciding..
if you get this for an answer for another question..other than "may i use you"..
it is saying it doesnt want to answer and you are not meant to know.

Even though crystals have meanings and can help in certain areas.. With a Pendulum... no matter what crystal you use, they all will help open up your psychic abilities.

I use an old chipped crystal of no real catagory to put it into.. it has white, greens, a bit of clear , a bit of smokey in it.. dangling on some leather. I used a Waxed cotton to bind this to the stone.. using a shell to tie the end off that you hold onto.
I use it for spirit connection, i use it for psychic matters, and I have tested it with other people, asking them not to ask a question out loud, just think it..
With me holding the pendulum, the crystal instantly responds correctly.. as they ask question the answer is already known to them (not me)..we have also experimented and asked it to find guides for the client.. It has done so with complete accuracy as they again were already known by the querent and not by myself.. I have experimented with the pendulum intensely for over a year.. and used them for many more.. and still use them regularly.. the Pendulum is a brilliant tool for all sorts of tasks. I made a Cloth Ouija and use the pendulum with this now..with amazing results..

good Luck with your search..
I hope you enjoy the journey with the Pendulum.

I cant find a picture of my pendulum.. when i get time i will take one and post one up..

DB xxx

28-01-2009, 01:25
Dancing Bear,
I just love your pendulum cloth. How did you make it. I would love to own one.

Dancing Bear
28-01-2009, 18:04
I drew the design on paper first.. then ran it through the sewing machine (no cotton)
I selected a nice crushed velveteen and backed it with a a black cotton material.
I then placed design on the velvet.. by sprinkling a light film of corn flour or baby powder onto design brushed it into every hole..
carefully peeled it off.. underneath is the outline of your design in powder onto the velvet..
I then used Gold Scribble, from a craft store..to traced the outline of design..
Since the photo, I have filled in the dragon, with some lovely greens, reds and golds..
It does take time and patience and a steady hand.. slowly but surely it is well worth it.
It takes me about 3-4 weeks to do a good pendulum cloth..

Finding a good Font is always fun, depending on your theme in your design.. I used the Gothic lettering, seeing i designed a dragon..
the d looks a little odd for those not use to the style.. but i am use to it and love it.

there are some lovely designs on the web ..you can get some great ideas from, altering them to suite your own style.. and a load of different lettering styles out there.. the Pendulum cloth I based it on a Ouija board I once saw.. as it has all that i need when using the pendulum..

Good Luck.. Pm me me if you need any more info :D

29-01-2009, 01:41
Thanks for all the directions. Maybe I will give it a try. I'm not that handy with a sewing machine and not good at drawing either. I will try though.

29-01-2009, 01:56
It's not as luxurious as cloth, but have you seen those craft kits for kids where the sheet is black and you have a set of stencils to scratch off and reveal the rainbow colors underneath?

I've been thinking about getting some other stencils and setting up my own patterns- then having it laminated at my local OfficeMax to keep the rest of the stuff from flaking off.

03-02-2009, 03:33
I use Amethyst mainly, Or my Rose Quartz one. I also have one with Amethyst and Rose Quartz which i love.


03-02-2009, 15:57
My pendulums work differently. I have a tiger eye one and just got an amethyst one.

I really recommend handling the pendulum before buying it. I've had some not work at all, and only these two that work currently.

I ask it to show me "No" which leads to a back and forth motion. I ask for "Yes" which gives me a circle. That is how it's always been for me. I begin every session by first "Show me yes." and then "Show me no." Which I think warms it up enough.

I think as long as you are able to see a difference, that's good enough.

05-02-2009, 04:44
i think crystals are a bit like buying a new tarot deck, check out a few and choose the one that draws you the most. Generally though I think quartz is a really good all round crystal for psychic and clairvoyant work.