View Full Version : Stone lockets??

30-01-2009, 13:02
I don't know what to call them, but wondering if anyone knows where to get "lockets" for stones.

30-01-2009, 15:11
I'm not familiar with a product like that. I have seen people use wire wrap, small glass "apothecary-style" bottles, cast pewter dragon claws, etc to hold a variety of shapes.

Dancing Bear
30-01-2009, 18:54
I know of an australian Company that sells a silver cage that you can hold crystals in it.. you can change them when you feel you either need a combination or a different crystal.. They also sell on ebay as well
they are called Earthmade..I 100% recommend this company, I have been dealing on a wholesale basis with them for over 2 years.. and their products are high quality at low prices. they post overseas.

They actually have one for sale on ebay right now..


HERE (http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Cage-pendant-sterling-silver-mixed-gemstones-inside-WOW_W0QQitemZ300289000935QQihZ020QQcategoryZ47367Q QtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1742.m153.l1262)

30-01-2009, 23:38
Lovely! Thanks for the links to pics!

ETA: A search on Fire Mountain Gems turned up 15 items (3 basic styles)
aka bead keepers (these may be much smaller)

31-01-2009, 00:05
Thanks everyone, I am going to those sites to check them out right now. Do you know if these hold herbs, it sounds like they are all opened "lockets"

31-01-2009, 00:11
They are all open "scrollwork" style. But you might be able to wrap a bit of organza or cheesecloth around the herbs/dried petals. Just be sure of the size before you buy.

31-01-2009, 00:17
Thats a great idea! I'd like to purchase a lot of them.

Dancing Bear
01-02-2009, 06:31
Lets us know how you go, :D

01-02-2009, 07:35
wow, I would like one of these

it was a bit big ... is there any smaller sizes, anyone know?

01-02-2009, 08:09
Fire Mountain Gems is a jewelry-making supplies company in the USA. It might make shipping a bit pricy for you, but you can try. Are there any shops near you that sell beads and findings for jewelry? Perhaps one of them could place the order for you when they are restocking.

02-02-2009, 01:47
Quilters who use thimbles like a thimble locket or cage. The cage is pretty good sized. So don't forget stitchery sights.
these are very nice

05-02-2009, 13:29
they are not cheap :/