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19-02-2009, 12:17
I can't figure this out, I've cleared my cookies but still can't log out or view forum links. They cleared, I had to re enter my pw
My log out message is

Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /includes/functions.php on line 3615

Unable to add cookies, header already sent.
File: /home/tarot/public_html/includes/init.php
Line: 27

My error message for the links say that I'm not logged on or don't have permission to access the page
but I am logged on, tried to do it again on the page but nothing happened :)

Is there something else I should do besides clear my cookies? I've cleaned everything out that I could think of. It's probably been about 2 weeks since I last logged out
What in the heck did I do?


20-02-2009, 09:45
Problem solved mysteriously :)
I can now log out and view forum links but I am still being told I need to log on to see them

ah well, no worries, I guess I'm good

20-02-2009, 12:38
Well, I spoke too soon
I am still having problems logging off

20-02-2009, 13:41
Hi SMV, I've received that same error once, when I was trying to login at a time the forum was especially busy. I had no problems logging in the second time though, so I had thought it was a temporary forum bug.

I'll look into it further to see if I can find out why you might be experiencing it.

~ Solandia

20-02-2009, 13:51

Sorry, just struck me funny...

I've always just logged into those types of pages, even if I was already logged in for regular viewing. I don't log out either since no one else uses this pc.

Maybe just try logging in without trying to log out...

21-02-2009, 00:49
Hi Solandia!
In my login box it says this: "Private Messages: 65534 Unread, Total 82." In actuality, i had only one unread message. :D

Blessings of Peace;

ETA: It's back to normal again...:D

21-02-2009, 10:22
Thanks Solandia!
I've been trying for a few days now to log out, figured it was my cookies, I hadn't deleted them in quite a while, (hubby can NEVER remember his passwords) so I went ahead did it and it didn't help so I thought maybe I was just hung up somewhere in cyberspace.
I wonder if it could be because I hadn't logged out in so long it's just sort of stuck?
Normally I leave the forum up all the time and just minimze IE and close the laptop, lately when I bring it back up I get a big delay when I hit new posts, I have to click on top (on nothing) to get my little hand to turn into an hour glass (I hope I made sense) this has been going on a couple of months.
It could be my computer, but it only happens with AT.
I guess the forum just doesn't want to let me go :joke:

Thanks! :laugh: I can finally view the forum links by logging on while I'm already logged on
and I'm really starting to get sick of the word LOG :laugh:

23-02-2009, 13:05
Hi Moongypsy, look at this thread (http://tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=111549).

I have had 65 thousand messages for WEEKS. I am so popular !!!

Not..... :D

23-02-2009, 22:58
Saturday I was able to log out, and cookies cleared. I clicked to "go to forum index" only to discover I wasn't signed out, I was still logged on.

It's not a big deal and it's not hurting anything, but I figured I'd make a note just in case someone else has these issues.

07-03-2009, 03:39
Having trouble logging out. I guess I'll just bring a sleeping bag and sleep here. :laugh: