View Full Version : PM box on right side

Briar Rose
24-02-2009, 03:51
On the right hand side of the screen were it reads:

Welcome, HeavensVault
you last visited: 15 hours ago at 21:41
Private Messages: 65535 unread

What the heck is that???? I don't have any unread messages, and I don't think I ever recieved 65 thousand of them!!!!

What is that about?

24-02-2009, 03:55
I think this thread shows how to fix it

Briar Rose
24-02-2009, 05:01
Thank you AJ. Clearing any sent messages clears that up in an instant.
Thank you.

24-02-2009, 05:41
being the shy retiring wallflower that I am, I've never had that message :)