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if you just read the free report, that is only part of the whole chart....there is so much more.
from others about my home that I have given astro.com info to, if I had to rate the site based on my friend's feedback, I would estimate these charts at about 60% accurate, but that is just me.

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Hi Aoife,

Did you get the interpretation for the adult or for the young person? The adult ones tend to be a bit grim. I have had the short report from the site and so have a couple of my friends. It did make one of my friends look quite diferent from whom she really is.

My understanding is that if you saw an astrologer in person s/he would talk with you about your whole life and learn things that you cannot tell a computer, and qualify his report accordingly.

Also, the charts only show you where the energies lie. What you do with your life, and external occurrences, change things and that's really important to remember.

The kind of reading you see on Astrodienst, whilst very interesting in some ways, usually does not take into account gender, age and cultural differences, all of which have a critical role in interpretations

Finally, I've had a couple of computer generated reports and they have all had a different slant. The interpretation very much depends on the person who puts together the report. They are all a bit formulaic.

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Moongold is right, astro is just a computer-generated overall interpertation of a chart, and it's not that good anyway, in my opinion.

For example, a friend of mine has a cardinal grand cross, but it's ignored there. One of my sons has a four-planet stellium in the third house, but that's ignored, too.

And it'll give you negative interpertations if any planet is in the twelth, sixth, eight, or house, at the same time ignoring a typically positive aspect.

Most people who are successful are far more likely to have "difficult" charts. Astrology isn't predestination, just general tendencies...

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I agree with much that is said above - computer generated charts, without human interpretation are to be treated with a great deal of care and indeed scepticism.

I too do not believe in predestination, the chart shows potentials and it also important to allow for development and growth. Saturn aspects may be major challenges to the the young - but they can give stability, strength and determination to the adult. Those that have confronted the challenges and integrted them into 'who the are' will see these aspects as a source of strength - not a sentence of doom.

The so-called harder aspects, such as squares, indicateprovide the drivers to our lives - the things that makes us get up and take action - and therefore achieve something. Remember that achievement requires effort - someone with no drive will not achieve!

If you don't mind, can I suggest you post your daughter's details (date of birth , time and place) and allow the folks here to give you their views - I'm sure you'll get a more positive and informed view.

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Thanks Aoife,

OK folks - let's see what we can come up with. I hope we can get several people to atttempt an interpretation - this will probably give a more rounded view overall.

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The chart has a Taurus Ascendant, Capricorn MC, Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini. The overall element balance shows very strong Fire and the other three elements relatively weak. If the Ascendant and MC are included (both Earth) then the weakness lies in Air and Water, there is some, but not much compensation for these in the Trinities of Relationships and Endings.

This suggests an active, assertive person, who may act before she thinks things through because she wants to make something of an impact on the world. She is likely to be dedicated, a bit of a go getter and self motivated. One of the risks of such an imbalance is that of ‘burn out’ through over action, another risk is becoming overly self centred.

She will project to the world as a more down to Earth type, interested in material comfort and liking to live the good life if she gets the chance – a bit of an ‘Empress’ type, she will also project the earthy side of Venus, her ruling planet and with Saturn ruling the MC it is likely in her adult years (especially after her Saturn return) that she will be able to harness the practicality and structure of Earth to the assertiveness of Fire to make steady career progress.

With a stellium of planets in Sagittarius she also has a dominance of planets in mutable signs – she is adaptable to changing circumstances. She is relatively weak on cardinal signs, so she may find it more difficult than most people who have a Fire dominance to initiate things, she is likely to be able to see things through once they are started though.

Her Moon is in Gemini, like all people with Moons in Air signs she probably needs to communicate her thoughts and ideas in order to really feel them – even if this is in the form of keeping a diary rather than discussing her feelings with others. Air sign Moons tend to think first and then react, so this may well tend to offset the weakness of Fire dominance – action first.

She is on the Extrovert side and is outward or socially oriented rather than inwardly oriented. She probably picks up her values and ideals from friends, family and peer groups – that is she aquires them through her interactions with others.

The shape of the chart shows a concentration of planets in Houses 6 to 9. The Moon (2nd) and Jupiter (12th) stand out form this. If Jupiter is ignored the chart forms something of a ‘bucket’ shape with the handle being formed by the Moon. This will make the Moon and the Second House an important focus throughout her life. Strictly speaking, Jupiter is a little too close for a true bucket shape but I would still take the Moon and the Second to be of significant importance over time, especially with the oppositions to seventh House Sun and eighth House Saturn.

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Thanks for the feedback - on the intellectual side, her sole Air placement is the Moon and the Moon is not logical or rational - its reactive, emotional and unconscious. It might be more 'mental' in Gemini than the other signs but it is not into the logic of maths. I would guess that she can really empathise with characters in fiction, or in film/TV, she can write well, especially about her thoughts and perceptions, she can communicate her feelings through Art and Music - these latter do seem to fit with her Moon placement. Keep up the maths support - later in life she will appreciate it, even if she doesn't make much use of it - but at the moment I guess it doesn't click with her take on the world.

You mention 'crime and debauchery' and I guess the prime reasons why this came up are references to the Pluto/Mars conjunction in Scorpio, The Mars/Neptune sextile and the Venus/Neptune Conjunction and the Venus/Pluto sextile. Neptune and Pluto tend to get a bad press on some of these sites.

Neptune represents hopes, aspirations and dreams - the urge to merge with something greater than oneself - Venus/Neptune contacts can therefore represent romantic love, beautiful music a love of dreaming. I would guess that this contact is what gives your daughter her musical ability. The contact is in the ninth House which relates to self growth through education and travel. If she is gifted in music art and English you might find her taking these subject areas in higher education. This aspect is quite a strong one in her chart but it suggests, primarily, gentleness.

The Venus/Pluto contact is a sextile - again a harmonious contact and more likely than anything here to represent the power of love. The downside, if there is one is that she might be prone to jealousy and she might find it difficult to let go, when relationships die.

The Mars/Neptune contact is again a harmonious one and is more likely to mean putting her ideals into practice and fighting for the underdog - you might find that she becomes a campaigner for animal rights or for disadvantage children or for the victims of violence. Service and help to others here is a means of self expansion, she just has to be careful of seeing herself as the only person who can save them from suffering.

The Mars/Pluto conjunction gives real determination - a desire to fight to the death (metaphorically and some times literally) for something. This is also the signature of the survivor - one who will survive against the odds. It also gives a determination to win - if she plays games I bet she plays to win and hates losing. Dance and Music are good releases for the power of this conjunction. The only word of caution is to point out that there is a great deal of buried power in this contact - if it is frustrated in coming out then (and really only then) might you get undesirable effects.

One other thing - Mars and Pluto in Scorpio may well indicate intense and deep psychic powers - in the sixth House this may show up in service to others - has she shown any signs of psychic or mediumistic ability?

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I just wanted to jump in here and add that I saw alot of pyschic ability and potential in this chart, too. The Scorpio in Pluto in the sixth house is rather dominant, and Sagittarius is cusping her eight house, implying open-mindedness,and Pisces on the twelth cusp, another indication.

I got an overall picture of an outgoing, talkative, intense person. Adventurous, independent, tolerant, and passionate. The Jupiter here, especially in the twelth house, usually implies some who is very lucky.

I'm not suprised she keeps a diary of her moods and all, with Gemini cusping the second, Cancer cusping the third. She probably is good at speaking in front of large groups, and comments about everything.

Nothing here really seems to me to indicate lack of intelligence at all. One thing is, she'll want a career that's active and unusual. The job will have to be creative and versatile. This might seem odd, but Ceres does conjunct her MC, suggesting a career as a clothing designer, a professional chef, or a professional psychic.

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