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12-03-2009, 20:14
Hi all

just a quick question.. Does anyone know of any stones to help with meditation and clairvoyance. I did a crystal ally card reading for myself awhile ago now and it came up with lapis lazui but now i am not so sure...

any suggestions??



12-03-2009, 20:27
Lapis is excellent for clairvoyance.

For meditation - they can all be good, depending on what you are looking for. Clear crystal, amethyst and aquamarine are good for detachment, clarity and spiritual elevation; if your meditation aims at opening the heart centre, try green or pink stones. Lapis will bring depth and vision. If you want to reinforce your grounding, try red, brown or black stones, like black tourmaline or red jasper. If you want to centre yourself, feel your own personal power and become more cheerful, try orange and yellow stones - citrine is wonderful, as is carnelian.

25-03-2009, 10:53
Lapis is excellent for opening the third eye. It is very pointed in the sense that it will help you get to the point of the matter, but not necessarily know what to do when you get there.

If you are just starting out working with stones and crystals, I highly recommend amethyst. It is incredibly gentle but full of strength. I have an amethyst pendant I have worked with for nearly ten years now. I use it specifically to feel safe while doing psychic work. (or just going about my daily life, since I don't really turn my psychicness on and off!)