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17-03-2009, 16:52
Does anyone else love rock crystal as much as I do? It is a crystal that I have been wanting for a really long time. In an item of jewellery, so it could be with me all the time. Well, not long ago at all I saw a truly beautiful antique necklace made from clear quartz, it was just breathtaking…but it wasn’t to be as it went to ebay for auctioning and the price became a little outrageous (if only I’d seen it a few days earlier!)

Anyway I hope somebody can help me out with a question: I am interested in a particular necklace and it is sold as “Austrian Rock Crystal” I did some research and it is the name which is given to Swarovski – which of course crystal glass. But again as the price was pretty high – a contacted the lady who is selling and she told me it is rock (quartz) crystal indeed. Just judging by the pictures it defiantly does not look as aourora borealis beads (which are sometimes price up really, really high) or anything –lol- is it possible to judge clear quartz just by the pictures alone? What do u think? Any advice?

Thank you to all in advance

17-03-2009, 18:02
Austrian crystal is lead crystal. It is man made, as opposed to rock (quartz) crystal which forms in the earth.
It does have some of the same properties but is not really used in healing etc.
Swarovski crystal is the same as lead and Austrian crystal. Those crystals you hang in a window are usually Austrian (lead) crystal, as well as bowls, vases etc.

Hope this helps.

Briar Rose
18-03-2009, 06:51
I know they are beautiful, clear and breathtaking, but they are made with lead. There are clear quartz Crystals that re VERY clear.

This reminds me of the Vaseline glass beads I made into earrings and necklaces. I got rid of all of them because of the Uranium. It was hard to part with them. I kept them in a plastic bag outside my house for over a year until I could get rid of them.

Now I just found a kewl looking lamp I put some of the Vaseline glass beads on. I have to take them off now. Very hard to make myself do that.

The color is intense and so beautiful. Bright bright green.