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18-03-2009, 02:28
Early copies of The Astrological Journal (UK) wern't the glossy publications of today, but they were filled with facinating & interesting tid-bits - many of which were readers letters.

Back then, in the 60's & 70's there was an emphasis on drawing up a horoscope by hand - and having a clear understanding of the calculations.

This letter sent in by Joseph R. Frederici in The Astrological Journal. Winter 1976 shows a method of calculating the Local Meantime which clearly explains the pure simplicity of what it really is.

Here's an excerpt from the letter (by Joseph R. Frederici):

....What students find in text-books is a kind of recipe which, if correctly executed, will finally yeild the desired result. But it remains doubtful whether beginners are led to truly understand the physical, astronomical meaning of what they are doing. Yet the whole subject is extremely simple, and it is incerdible that it should be made so complicated by current texts..

The whole issue rests on the following: the local mean time is measured by the arc of the equator comprised between the meridian and the Mean sun....... (i.e. The right ascension of the meridian is the 'local mean time' .)

I've scanned the letter for those who may be interested.


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